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Others ask that you press Menu on the Apple Remote to proceed. Log into Boxee.

Beginners Guide for 2.x

Do so using the onscreen keyboard and Boxee should soon start. Once in Boxee you can add networked sources for movies, audio files, and pictures—the Public folder on your Mac, for example—as well as access Internet videos sources such as those I listed above.

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A final note. Boxee is alpha software and its implementation on the Apple TV is imperfect.

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When using Boxee on my Apple TV it quit unexpectedly more than once. Fortunately, removing it is no more difficult than restoring your Apple TV to its factory settings. Be aware that this step will erase anything located on your USB stick. You may need to hit the refresh button for it to show up. With the flash drive plugged into the back of your Apple TV, plug the power cable back in. uses cookies.

As the Apple TV begins to power up it should now be loading from the flash drive. If you do not see this picture when you boot up, and the Apple TV 1 just boots up normally, you likely need to create a new USB drive patchstick using a different USB drive preferably using a different brand. It will look a lot like this:. If you want the tool to automatically download the latest Apple TV OS on its own, don't click the "Choose a DMG" button, but if you have another version of the OS that you've downloaded from somewhere, you can click that button to find the DMG file on your computer.

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I say "attempt" because, according to my own experience and to numerous accounts online, this may not work the first time. Or the second time. Or the third and fourth times. I actually had to try five separate times before the tool successfully created a bootable USB stick; apparently it's possible for some USB drives to simply not work with the tool, and the recommended course of action flip flops between "just try again" and "try a different brand of USB stick.

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If you're anything like me, you've already wasted an entire day by this point. Still, success feels pretty good, doesn't it?

Thinking outside the Apple TV with Boxee

Luckily, it's a relatively straightforward process. Make sure your Apple TV is off you'll have to unplug it, since there is no power button , then insert the USB stick into the port on the back of the device. Plug the Apple TV back in and allow it to boot. If the patchstick is successful, you'll see something like this on your screen:.

Once the Apple TV claims it's finished with the installation, you'll have to reboot the device. The Apple TV will go through its normal boot video and once it gets to the main menu screen, you'll know for sure whether the installation was successful.