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But on the plus side, it was very easy to change it to something that resembled Markdown. There are more hoops to go through, but it feels like the kind of editor I regularly use. The amount of time, in minutes, it took me to move a 2. For sake of comparison, I sent the same file over Bluetooth on what were, again, two computers sitting directly next to one another, and it was actually much slower, only transferring at around 75k per second—meaning that it would take roughly 9 hours to send the file.

Mac Mini G4 RAM and/or HDD Upgrade

I eventually turned it off. Something about using this feels very fragile, and not because of the machine itself, the operating system, or even the interface. It feels fragile because of the internet. But the web browser became a vital part of our digital existence more than two decades ago, and at the time this machine was released, it was pretty much what people did with computers, for good and bad.

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Sometime last fall, the popular music service Spotify, as far as I can tell, apparently stopped working on the PowerPC versions of Mac OS X, despite working for well over a decade in that interface. I tried it myself; the servers seem to not want to talk to it anymore. This is despite the fact that, unlike most things that might get used on a PowerPC-based Mac, there is incentive to ensure that it works—because if it stops working, it may directly cost Spotify business.

Same deal, before that, with Dropbox. At some point, someone made the decision that it cost more money to simply let the servers communicate with old machines than to let those machines keep doing their jobs. Some of it already did long ago. For example, the Leopard interface promotes MobileMe, a predecessor to the widely used iCloud that did not see much in the way of uptake and was taken offline nearly seven years ago. Even the web browser experience itself is being held up by volunteers who have enthusiasm for this software and this project.

If, one day, they lose it, so too will the community. But honestly, I was just hoping to relive my own past a little bit—in the form of a computer that was once the machine I found necessary to get through my day. The Mac Mini G4 is not a sign of our past. It is a sign of our future—a future that will not allow the past to survive on its own terms.

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The Mac Mini, as it appeared at my doorstep. Everything I needed to do to bring this Mac Mini back to life Let me preface this by saying: I got really lucky with this purchase. Consider subscribing to our freaking newsletter. We publish stuff like this twice a week.

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Learn More, Hoser Other factors made the device a little bit cheaper. Good luck finding one of those around. Once I got the right boot command implemented, though, it was smooth sailing. I own a Magic Trackpad 2, and while the device actually worked on PowerPC, it was only treated as a standard one-button mouse. The one thing that was missing that I absolutely hated being without was the ability to scroll.

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That was a pain. One part of my rig that did not require a lot of extra workarounds was the keyboard, which was detected correctly right away. It looks good and not at all a step down! If you load up Safari, no matter the version, and just try to open up a webpage, the odds are extremely good that the page will not work—and if it does, the page will be very broken. The reason for this is very fundamental: Because the browser is based a technology stack that dates to or , it will not support security standards.

YouTube is basically the white whale of the PowerPC. It is the one service that is completely, utterly non-optimized for this format, the one that gives people the most trouble, and conversely the one that people want to work the most. The solutions that will make it work effectively change frequently, with the best ones being external apps that load the videos in a Quicktime-compatible format. So, could you really use this machine to be productive? Me Photoshopping screenshots of some of the apps I used on this thing.

Your time was just wasted by Ernie Smith Ernie Smith is the editor of Tedium, and an active internet snarker. Find me on: Twitter. Subscribe Like what you're reading? After ruling out all the other possiblities, we both agreed it was as I had suspected: a dead hard drive. He recommended that I buy a cheap replacement drive online and just swap it out myself.

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OK — English-speaking Genius earned back some Genius cred with that one. My choices were limited on 2. I was relieved they still had the RPM version.

RAM & SSD Upgrades | Mac mini (G4 - GHz) |

I brought all my goodies into my office and got right to work. Google helped me find a great tutorial on iFixit with easy-to-follow instructions and photos on upgrading any part of my Mac Mini. The whole process took me about 20 minutes the trickiest part was actually reconnecting the AirPort and Bluetooth antennae — those connectors are tiny. The Mac Mini fired up on the first try. That was 32 minutes ago. The install is now finished, and my Mac Mini whose machine name is MacDaddy is now humming along… noticeably faster and happier than ever.

I was going to connect it to the plasma screen in the guest room, so that guests could easily surf the Web and check email, but I think I might use it as a digital jukebox and media player in my office, as well as my primary iTunes system for syncing songs to my iPhone, jailbreaking , and unlocking.