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On a side note, I hope I'm not boring anyone with the reviews I churn out. Well anyway, the products on the bright bright spotlight today are my collection of NYX Matte Lipsticks.

If I had to be honest, I wouldn't necessarily classify these lipsticks as Matte because well, they aren't matte at all. The normal MAC Matte ones are even way more matte than these.

MAC Lipstick Collection: Review & Swatches

The formula isn't uncomfortable though. They're not at all drying and they last a decent amount of time especially when I'm not eating so I don't hate them. They're just not as matte as I want my lipsticks to be. So, it's definitely a personal preference thing! If you don't want your lips to feel like the Sahara desert, I can definitely feel that you'll appreciate these lippies!

And oh the shades are lovely too! It's a beautiful mauvey nude that pairs well with the NYX Mauve lip pencil. But it's beautiful and it really is a must have for anyone into those Kylie Jenner Mauve type nudes. I don't really get why they named it like that. It's just a browny peachy nude that doesn't make me look dead so of course I love it! This one is a tad warmer than that one but they're both cool toned browns. It's a cool toned mid tone pink that's super girly!

I don't use this one fully opaque. I like using it as a tint, dabbing just a bit using my fingers. I can wear Diva fully opaque and not worry too much about it. I can't trust myself with creamy dark lipsticks because it will seriously scatter all over my face. They aren't expensive at all and the quality is good! Just don't expect them to be super matte but you can always dab a bit of translucent powder to dry and mattify them a bit.

Whilst the applicator is precise, and the colour-pay off is strong, I've found Huda's bold shades to be slightly streakier than her nudes - which apply like a dream, but it's nothing a few coats and blotting can't fix. If you fancy a wash of colour instead of a boldly pigmented look, try Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment. This is the skincare brand's first foray into colour cosmetics, and they've created four shades of the creamy lip balm to choose from. The sheer formula is exactly as the name would suggest - a buttery balm. The colour pay-off is minimal, but the slight berry wash gives a 'your lips but better' flush, and whilst this means it's easy to swipe on and go, if you're looking for a punchy lipstick, this is not the one.

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Saying that, I enjoyed everything about this, from the sleek packaging to the silky, ultra-comfortable formula. Yes it's suuuper expensive for a lip balm, but this is the creme-de-la-creme of lip balm It's time to retire that old Nivea chapstick. Givenchy like to make things interesting when it comes to their lipstick formulas, and the newest launch is no exception. One half of the bullet is a traditional post-box red lipstick, but the other half is a sheer black tint that cleverly adapts to the pH of your lips, this means the shade alters depending on whoever is wearing it - snazzy, huh?

When I first applied this I wasn't sure - my lip line was an off-black shade, whilst the inner portion of my pout was bright red, a good look for halloween, but not-so appropriate for the office. After a couple of seconds the black tint transformed into a deep red, whilst the punchy colour in the centre of my lips give the illusion of a fuller pout. Yes, it's a little gimmicky, but it works.

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In true Bare Minerals style, their liquid lipsticks seem to have been designed with wearability in mind. The balmy formula makes them easy to tailor to either a wash of colour, or layered up for a stronger, full-colour finish. After releasing over 40 nude lip colours earlier this year, they have now taken on statement shades and this cute pink is one of 20 newbies to hit their lip line up including 10 liquid lipsticks and 10 regular lipsticks.

This is cleverly made for someone like me, who loves the idea of a bright lip but will usually opt for a soft, matte, subtle finish - as opposed to a loud, in-your-face, stamp of colour.


It wears well, but the non-drying formula means you will need to top up after a couple of hours. This isn't the first lip stain from YSL, their glossy stains are well-known and well-loved in the beauty industry. But the new lip line up is very different. Because they're matte! Yep, YSL have channeled their long-lasting lip colour formula into a 18 b.

Must-Have Mac Lipsticks! From Nudes to the Darkest Shades

YSL nailed it. I love everything from the amazing colour pay off to the lasting power, even the applicator is awesome - the flat edge makes light work of perfecting tricky lip lines. L'Oreal Paris have upped their makeup game of late, just last week their new mascara wowed us, and now it's the lip paints An affordable, comfortable, nude matte lip colour - I mean, what's not to love?

MAC Is Launching a Brand-New Powder Lipstick

This is the kind of matte I like. We are not a huge fan of the smell, though. Still, you can look movie glamorous and dangerous in this lipstick shade but try to avoid the kissing part. Many makeup lovers went crazy when Mac decided to make a collaboration with Ariana Grande. This dark plum shade is to die for! Truly, the perfect party shade. Mac Whirl is part of the newer shades but it has already gained popularity. It leaves a beautiful stain on the lips when it starts to fade. One of my personal favorite shades is Mocha.

This is probably one of the safest shades the brand has. Its reddish-brown tone is perfect for any natural look. Women of color can wear this as their nude lippie. For the ultimate party goer, this shade is perfect for you.

My MAC Lipstick Collection - Asian Skin (Filipino)

I love its rich chocolate plum color. This statement Tee from Weenietees is absolutely adorable!

MAC Brave Lipstick Review | The Sunday Girl

Perfect for us lipstick lovers. Picking the perfect lipstick is a serious business every stylish girl cannot overlook. A lipstick is an essential beauty item if not the most important. We had serious fun picking Mac lipsticks for this list so we hope you had fun looking at it, too!