How to tell the difference between fake mac makeup and real

I received a fake tube of Benefit mascara, and thought it seemed different, but didn't really notice it was fake until I went to wear it. It left a mess around my eyes, and never fully dried. I then tried to put the top of the real mascara onto the fake, and it didn't fit! The stickers on the bottom of the tube were different, too. It was so disappointing.

The best way to also tell fake Benefit mascara when you open it, the rim will be the same color as the tube. The real benefit mascara rim is just plain black. And also the fake one has a really bad smell. Like it burns your nose really bad.

Eyeshadow pot, top view

It's really hard to tell with Benefit products though so I don't blame you. Also the fake benefit mascara the tube is more purple metallic it's supposed to be pure silver metallic. Feb 10 AM. Thanks for the PSA. I bought a fake Stila brush and the bristles were awful. Hope you get a refund! Feb 10 PM. It's so sad that all these companies are desperate to make a fast buck that they would risk getting their customers sick with all these horrible chemicals. It's so aggravating. And because I sell all authentic items it's really unfair when I receive a fake one.

Not cool. Thanks, they're working with me! I bought two Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks and I'm pretty sure that are fake but I'm not exactly too sure. It sucks because these were going to be my first Anastasia lipsticks. Anyway I just figured it is safer to buy full price from somewhere I trust like the company's website or Sephora or Ulta. Feb 11 PM.

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All you gotta do is smell them. If they smell funky to you then most likely it is fake.

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I'm so glad you made this!! Feb 12 PM. And they are getting real good they even make the same scent now. So be careful! Feb 13 AM. That persons page is no longer in use. It was deleted. I tagged you She's now "maxxx I only just learned that there was such a thing as fake mac makeup Feb 14 AM.

Glad I can help : Feb 18 PM. How tacky! Thanks for this!!! Feb 20 PM. Thank you! I'm glad I could help! Feb 22 PM. Post it and I'll take a look Feb 22 PM. If you ladies ever need MAC, come to my page or go to mac cosmetics website! Thank you for bringing awareness to the fake trade!

I hope these people can be blocked from selling!! Feb 26 AM. Always wondered how to tell the difference between real and fake. Always wanted to try the "glass" found a good deal hopefully it's not a duplicate. Definitely going to share this xo Mar 04 PM. That's why I'm so scared to buy one on here. If you know of anyone who sells authentic Mac lipstick other than you please tell me who! I'm looking for a super nude shade and also a very light pink nude shade. Or if you have anything unlisted! Mar 05 AM. I made the mistake once of buying a fake contour pallet.

Wish I had seen this before then I didn't see a difference in the pictures. Glad I could help : Mar 06 PM. So mad I got tricked into thinking it was real. I'm glad she helped you and was able to show you the ropes so you could pass on the tips. Very appreciated as I was just looking at Mac lipsticks and didn't even know there was replicas of them.

Mar 06 PM. I bought a MAC lipstick through a user and did the cap trick to find out it was fake. I just want to double check : can I tag you on the post so you can verify that this in fact a fake? Mar 09 PM. Tag me in her listing or if you want make a new listing with pictures and put it not for sale better idea so that way she won't wonder why I'm tagged. And yes all Mac caps are interchangeable. If it didn't fit then it is a dupe Mar 09 PM. I'll delete it as soon as you take a look : Mar 09 PM. Mar 11 PM.

I just got them a few days ago and threw the boxes away but the cap trick was spot on. I don't know what to do now!! Where did you buy them from?! Mar 18 PM. Who's account was it? Just list the name but don't tag them. How can I get a refund? Say it's fake?

REAL vs FAKE: MAC Cosmetics Concealer "NC35" (How To Spot)

How did you do it? I forgot I had liked this and was looking at my likes and was running out of the house but I was quickly able to do the top test and it didn't fit. When I get home I will also look at the lipstick line and the other items you said. I could probably dig the boxes out of the trash as I just got them a few days unless you think what I have is enough. I'm sure all her stuff in her closet is fake - I feel duped and dumb. You have enough to go off of which is completely fake lipsticks. Did she state in her listings they were authentic?

Does she have a username?. I searched that name but a lot of people came up. If you can type her complete username but leave out the that would be helpful. And don't worry it happens to everyone honestly. I'm sure posh will favor your refund Mar 18 PM. That may be her out for getting away with it but idk. And in one listing she says she represents the company so she purchases different types of boxes. This is so sad. That just makes MAC look bad and gives them a bad name. She definitely does not represent MAC and I don't recommend anyone purchasing from her. It just doesn't seem right!!

Glad I can help Mar 18 PM. I too purchased a Ruby Woo and it's exactly like the one in your picture. Ugh so annoyed. Thanks so much for posting this and I'm glad I came back and looked at this again. Mar 31 AM. Apr 05 PM. May 01 AM. May 09 PM. May 27 AM. So many fakes going around. I like the cap trick. Check the name of the product. Some fakes will have a name, but it may not be the name of any genuine MAC items or products. To find out, simply go to www.

3 Ways to Spot a Fake MAC Cosmetics Product - wikiHow

Search for the name of the product. If it does not appear, it may either be a discontinued product or it is fake. Method 2. Rub the pad of your finger on the product. If you are swatching a pressed powder such as eyeshadow or blush, you should press the pad of your finger lightly on the surface of the makeup and rub it in circles a few times. This will lift the product from the casing onto your finger. Notice the consistency of the product. Sometimes fakes are creamier or softer than the genuine products.

If you are swatching lipstick or any other makeup that uses an applicator, rub the product directly onto the skin. For example, run the tip of a lipstick directly onto the surface of the skin to see how the color appears. If you do not want to use your fingers, you can also use a brush. Rub the brush on the product in order to coat the bristles with enough product to transfer it to your skin.

Try a concealer or eyeshadow brush, which can be obtained at any beauty supply store. Swipe your finger on the inside of your arm. Once you have some of the product on your finger, gently swipe it along the inside of your arm, where the skin is soft and hairless. You can also do this on the back of your hand, whichever is easier for you.

The goal is to see how the makeup appears on the skin. Observe the pigmentation of the makeup. The counterfeit MAC products usually have less pigmentation than the genuine ones and will require you to go over the surface of your skin two or more times to be able to clearly see the color on the surface of the skin. Swatching it next to a similar or identical product should allow you to see the discrepancies between the two products. Method 3. Look closely at the pictures.

When looking at an online posting for makeup, observe the pictures closely to see how much detail the seller is providing. If you can clearly see the labels and the product itself, it may safe to purchase. If you are unsure in any way, it may be best to avoid purchasing from that seller. Think about the price. If the deal is too good to be true, then chances are that it is a fake MAC product. Consider purchasing directly from the source.

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This will give you confidence that you will be receiving the genuine product, instead of inadvertently giving in to gimmicky fakes. Report counterfeits directly to MAC. If you accidentally receive fake MAC makeup or notice fake makeup from an unauthorized seller or boutique, contact MAC to report the counterfeits. You can do this by visiting their website at www.

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  • Katy Linsao. I would advise not to trust it. I tried to search it and got redirected several times to various ad sites. Not a good sign. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9. Cecilia Flores. It's hard to tell if it's fake or not if you got it off of Amazon because some brands sell on Amazon. If you still want the brush, go into a MAC store with the brush and ask if it's real or ask if you can compare it to the real brush. For future purposes, it's best to buy beauty products on-site from the company to ensure they're genuine.