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This is a free feature in service pack 1. It does not provide much control like the other free software but it does the job pretty well. Watch the video we created:. This is similar to work I did a couple years back having multiple 3 phone lines in and figuring ways to flip back and forth between the gateways, as well as ways to bond the pipes together normally a trick reserved for the server eh? Luckily I unisntalled the app and the internet connection was restored. Thanks, this is a nice post. Now I work really happy with Virtual Hotspot. You should be able to connect to that wireless network from your other devices with no problem.

Virtual Router Plus. I found a solution using net32 virtual wi-fi router … I just used the free Connectify to create virtual hotspot for my Windows 7 Starter netbook. If you want to turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot without configuring any… … Go to the Codeplex website and download the Virtual Router installer. The next time you re in a hotel or anywhere else that will only let you connect a single device to the Wi-Fi, use these tricks to connect all the devices you might want.

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Setup Wireless Network without a Wireless Router

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How To: Using your Mac as a NAT router

Glad to hear that worked out for you. With Mojave I can see what connection type my iPhone has 4G indicator anyway. I just forgot to say that I wanna do this through command line or the terminal, is there any way? But I could be wrong of course.

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