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Should we add this category to his character? Henio0 talk , March 13, UTC. A bullet was added under Trivia about Loghain's pronunciation. Seems a little pointless, and also isn't particularly correct. If we added a note for every character who pronounces things differently, there'd be a lot of edits to make.

I'm in favor of removing it, but I'd like a second opinion. Wondering if the Strategy section should be split out into a separate page, similar to Cauthrien strategy? The page is pretty long even without that section. Kelcat talk , October 29, UTC. Page was split, so I deleted the split candidate tag. First of all, wasn't there some kind of consensus reached about using "formerly"? I thought there was. Anyway, Margerard said death doesn't strip him of his titles, but he loses them even if alive. He says this during a party banter with Zevran. That's my bad, I never heard that dialogue between the two.

Although I suspect he loses his titles only if he becomes a Grey Warden, which would make sense, but that's just a possibility. When he's killed however, it's not declared he's stripped of titles same as Rendon Howe for example. I'm squeezing some time out of my day right now so I'd be grateful if someone could find the forum where the consensus was reached.

Primarily this came about as an issue of changing when we choose to date titles from, switching from the latest possible point to the earliest to accommodate more players. Those who've progressed through the story know that the titles are lost if he survives hence the grey warden possibly or become defunct without being removed if he dies. Thank you guys and especially thank you HD3, all I remembered was that it had no place there after the discussion, just couldn't remember the exact content and had no time to look it up.

Now it's clear. There's conflicting information when it comes to the name of Loghain's wife and Anora's mother. It's possible that this is a mistake but it's also possible that she changed her name after being lifted to noble status. Regardless I have no idea how to include this in the article or which name to use in the infobox.

Something else to add to the trivia section, perhaps? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Loghain Mac Tir article. Sorry for the late reply Arcane Hermithood, I am sorry to hear the results, I will try to help you further. Your hard drive isn't the issue friend, especially if it can house so many games. Now if you had anything below 7. Now to the matter of the shortcut, I will try to walk you through it and explain.

Once the little menu pops up, hover over the option "Send to", and click the option in the next little pop up menu "Desktop create shortcut. Right click the shortcut you just made on your desktop, and click "Properties" in the pop up menu.

Cider 3317 (Dragon Age Origins)

You don't have to worry about the fact your game is on the external drive. Hence the target line code, this tells Windows where to send the affinity command to, which will be the DAOrigins. Now with the matter of the game still crashing during the Inventory UI. The game will be able to use more RAM than it can by default. By doing so, the game is ensured better stability, along with the Affinity fix. Both must be utilized in order to deliever max stability for the game.

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They both equally play a part of allowing the best stability possible on modern day computers. Especially those running Windows 10, modern graphics cards, modern multi-core cpus, and ddr memory. Works like a charm. Screenshots appear to be disabled though Action! Win, win if you ask me. Thanks for the help guys :.

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These days everyone says the Reddit is the place to share, I was born in 81' dang it using semi colons and dots and pound signs to make tags and such is a pain in the rear to even understand. It's like a kid came up with the idea of writing jibberish on the wall and turned to his dad and said I see the future Uh huh; okay. You play Reddit I play real life. Last edited by Arcane Hermithood ; 18 Sep, am.

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Platforms to upload your game streams eh? In the end he asked me for a photograph of my receipt and CD keys, and then just said he was forwarding my case to someone else. I still have not been given a working CD key. He did at once stage offer to give me the game on Origin, but the entire reason I was buying a physical copy in the first place was because my internet is too slow to download a full game in any sort of reasonable time. Suppose if that option is acceptable you could give it a try and see if they'll do the same for you. December January This widget could not be displayed.

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