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Setup Pages for Mac to autocorrect spellcheck Spanish

Board index Scrivener Wish List Search. Post Reply. Quote Tue Jul 27, pm Post Hi there. First, I love Scrivener. Well done! It's a remarkably useful application.

Unleash Your Multilingual Mac

As for the request, I write on Philosophy. More often than not, I need to quote authors in different languages. I know that Scrivener allows the user to set the spell-checker to check the spelling in different languages, but as many words are homographs same spelling, though different meanings , the solution is not perfect: the correct spelling could well be correct e. If the word is not in the dictionary, I would like to be able to add the language of the word when Scrivener learns a spell, so it appears e.

Contact KB. Although this is certainly a good and understandable request, I'm afraid I'm limited by the OS X text system with regard to spelling and languages. As you know, both Pages and Word have whole teams working on them, whereas with Scrivener I'm the sole coder. As such, I have to rely on certain built-in aspects of Cocoa and OS X and don't have the resources to create my own. Thus Scrivener's text system is based on the OS X text system which is also used in TextEdit and many other programs, and has to use the system dictionaries and spell-checkers, and relies on the way Apple have set it up to work with different languages.

How to Choose Auto Correct Language Priorities in Mac OS X

There's nothing in the OS X text system to my knowledge that would allow me to make it so that one piece of text can have multiple languages associated with it, as the spelling dictionaries work on a whole document basis. Apple built a completely custom text engine for Pages, rather than use the one provided with OS X. Thanks again and all the best, Keith. The Scrivenato sometimes known as Mr X. Quote Tue Jul 27, pm Post Martin has already been incredibly generous with his time and help, and I wouldn't feel right asking other developers to share secrets with me that set their applications above others.

Besides, the current features for Scriv 2. Thanks, Keith.

macos - How to change the spell check language in Pages 5? - Ask Different

Or for that matter one of the others that are around. I appreciate it might increase the price of Scriv but you would probably increase your installed base. Something only you can judge and it may be that the resrtictions that came with any licensing deal would not be worth the hassle. Quote Tue Jul 27, pm Post Nisus don't have a licensing deal and nor does any other text engine used on the Mac. It's either use what's there, or write your own.

MacBook All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Best, Keith. I'm only able to look up words in an English dictionary though. I have no idea how to install extra dictionaries. Contact AmberV. Control-click a misspelled word, then choose one of the options in the shortcut menu. Use the pop-up menu at the bottom of the Spelling and Grammar window to choose a language for spell checking. You can set up your Mac to check spelling for different languages.

Spell checking must be set to Automatic by Language.

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System Preferences is under the Apple menu at the top-left corner of your computer screen. If you have a dictionary file you want to use, copy it to the Spelling folder in your Library folder.

Master the language features of Pages on the Apple Mac

Make sure the Spelling pop-up menu is set to Automatic by Language, then close the keyboard preferences window. Check spelling You can set Pages to flag spelling errors as you type, and you can check your entire document or selected text for misspellings. Set up spell checking for multiple languages Use the pop-up menu at the bottom of the Spelling and Grammar window to choose a language for spell checking.

Choose Set Up from the Spelling pop-up menu. Do any of the following: Drag the languages in the list into the order you want them checked.

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