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Spoiler alert: The drummer is involved in a lot of it. The Weird: Heroes Are Hard to Find Imagine being sixteen years old in , browsing through the new releases at your local record store, and accidentally stumbling upon the oddity that is Heroes Are Hard to Find. Shot by Herbert Worthington better known for his work on the White Album and Rumours with art design by Desmond Strobel, the cover photo is one of the creepiest and most deceptive in rock history.


Sandra Vigon again, remember her? I do remember being there for the shoot and donating my lacy shorts. It was a lot of fun as you can imagine with Mick being Mick and Amy being there too. The first, for Mr.

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Wonderful , is a classic fake-out, cleverly utilizing the physical construction of a gatefold sleeve. He was just weird.

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The guy was just. He was an extremely clever photographer and a great artist. Whatever artwork that is available is quite highly sought after. Terence would come up with the most daft ideas, some of which were just vulgar to the point of being irresponsible and unusable.

But sometimes he came up with extraordinary pictures. The picture of Mick on the double-fold of Mr.

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Wonderful was extraordinary. No one, possibly not even Ibbott himself, knows the exact thinking behind the shot. But Vernon, as good a source for this kind of hypothesizing as anyone, has a strong theory. In the Elizabethan period, they would have their cheeks blushed slightly.

They would wear very silky, fancy gowns and dresses and would carry flowers, probably roses, and be bouncing around in the fields among daffodils and spring flowers. And what you end up getting is Mick Fleetwood. It was the perfect combination: a nearly blank check and the freedom to pursue any radical visual idea. They were exceedingly direct about that.

They left no wiggle room for later reprisals. Then the arduous process began. First, Odgers scouted the city for potential shooting locations. Then he waited. For an excruciatingly long time. And then nothing. At a point, I began to wonder if I was ever going to photograph Fleetwood Mac at all. No more scouting around—I was done with that. I chose the main living room as the location for the shoot.

It was large, had interesting architectural details, and seemed intimate unlike a typical photo studio. Christine and John McVie are planted on the ground; Fleetwood clings to a chair above his head; Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham float around in an eye-popping display of antigravity camera trickery. I simply thought that would be visually arresting. Gravity-defying objects have always been alluring to me. The concept was brilliant for an album like Tusk , which, with its jarring shifts from soft-rock balladry to punk-pop angst, offered a similar sense of displacement.

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Product: 1 compact disc. Order info: CBS Records Genres: Pop Rock. Listing status:. Released: July Average: no ratings.

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Tracks 1. Need your love. Coming home. Rambling pony. The big boat with Eddy Boyd. I believe my time ain't long. The sun is shining. Black magic woman.

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Just the blues with Eddy Boyd. Jigsaw puzzle blues. Looking for somebody. Stop messin' round. Shake your money maker.