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Just add both email accounts to Thunderbird, and then drag-and-drop messages between them. This would even allow you to move emails from an Outlook. Mail, or other email account to a Gmail account. Leave a comment and share any tricks you have! Image Credit: Cairo on Flickr. Your email address will not be published. In Thunderbird portable edition, the route is in Really an informative blog for the manual solutions to import MBOX files. But, there are some users who want a fast and relevant method for this. So, it is recommended to go for an easy and quick third-party solution like Thunderbird Import Wizard to move data in Mozilla account, without losing any data.

You seem to imply that it's possible to export Gmail messages from one Gmail account and then import them into a different Gmail account, which is not possible. Am I the only person this didn't work for??

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  • How to Find Where Mac OS X Mail Stores Your Emails?

I really need to access these files and I just cannot get them open! Got the file into the local users, its appearing in thunderbird but only as a zip icon- no contents? But one issue is i get all the emails from MBOX in a single file. But for Gmail-to-Gmail transfer, I actually prefer to use something like g-transfer.

Using takeout or downloading and. Not worth it in my opinion. Aftr copying it into the local thunderbird folder and restarting, the symbol for the folder appears but contains nothing.

MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer

The mbox file is about 9GB. Any ideas. Thanks for any help Christian. Can i read my Google takeout data without having installed Thunderbird in my system? Suggest ways if is possible? Yes you can still view your Google takeout data without having Thunderbird installed, just look for some freeware Mbox reader or there is a blog Mailboxreader. Can i view my Gmail downloaded data without installing Thunderbird in my system.

The process is very simple:

Suggest ways if it possible? I've exported my mail using Takeout. It seems though the resulting mbox file contains a lot of 'empty' messages. It looks like the same thing happens in the last screenshot in this post. What are those empty messages? You can go either for a manual method, or you can install a tool for it. However, the manual method is sometimes a big hassle because for that you need everything installed and configured at the same time.

Conclusion: If you are facing any sort of trouble in opening MBOX file in Outlook, you can go for any of the method mentioned above. The Kernel provides the trial version of their software so that the customers can try and buy the product. Your email address will not be published.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated. Home Products Offers Contact. Now create a new folder in Thunderbird where you can add the selective emails you want to open in Outlook. This software import multiple MBOX files at once without losing any bit of information. Download its demo version to understand the complete working and import 10 data items of each folder.

Mail for macOS Sierra: Import or export mailboxes

This software helps to migrate. With this tool, users can import. Clark smith yes you can easily Migrate your Apple mail database to Outlook PST format here you need to install both software while you are performing this conversion from manual channel, while migrating your MBOX file to PST you need to remember several thing like in manual process here is a chance of data corruption, data loose or time consuming. Honestly speaking, I have not imported such numbers before but I think you can easily use Total Thunderbird Converter tool.

This tool may easily handle such number of emails. This tool provides the following features : 1.

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Easy to use. Maintain File Structure 3.

Final Word

Hanah Blunt Hello! You need to use a third-party tool for this conversion. For this, you need to search for an appropriate solution for fulfilling your requirements. It mas many unique qualities also. The software easily converts the multiple apple mail data into Outlook PST format.

How to Locate MBOX Files into Mac OSX Mail?

It has a simple GUI interface so anyone can easily operate the software. Both have their pros and cons and what a user choose depends entirely upon his priorities. Our aim here is to highlight both — the manual method to import MBOX file into Outlook, and a simpler more efficient automated method to do the same — and hopefully help users decide which course to take but manual method is very long process and take much time which is causes for data loss. It has the feature to unchange the meta properties while the conversion process.

It supports all the versions of window and microsoft Outlook.

User can use the solution on window operating system and perform the conversion for MAC mail to Window Outlook. Given solution is fully tested on large mailbox and built with many advanced features.