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I've heard of others that are just as bad. For this reason, a good EFI boot manager—either standalone or as part of a boot loader—is a practical necessity for multi-booting on an EFI computer. That's where rEFInd comes into play. I decided to fork the earlier rEFIt project because, although rEFIt is a useful program, it's got several important limitations, such as poor control over the boot loader detection process and an ability to display at most a handful of boot loader entries on its main screen.

I use "EFI" to refer to either version unless the distinction is important. If you're unsure which boot method your computer uses, check the first of the subsections, What's Your Boot Mode. Subsequent sections of this document are on separate pages. Be aware that you probably don't need to read them all; just skip to the sections that interest you:. BCDBoot is little tool that lets you manage the system partition files. In plain english, this command says:. Where the system is installed or the recovery disk? Mine was located at: v:EFIBoot. You could try with that; or try to navigate through the drive manually to see if the directory exists.

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Dual Boot Windows 8.1 ve Mavericks 10.9.1 Rehberi

Hi there. Sorry to bring up a query from this 2 month or so old thread but I I am having problems booting my Windows 8. The problem is that I do not have any FAT32 partition and what i see is exactly as per your picture showing the partitions even though I am not running windows natively and not in virtual machine. Please how do I proceed from there?

A google search led me to your post. Totally worked on a laptop I was helping to fix. Thanks so much!! Something happened to my laptop toshiba satellite , maybe a virus infection, and after last restart the pc is not booting to windows. After the boot logo is shown the screen turns to blank and windows 8 is not loading. I tried to system restore from hidden partition turning on pc by pressing 0 key , but after please wait message is shown… system turns again to blank screen and nothing happens.

Any solution anybody…. It is most probable that the boot sector is damaged. I have the same problem. After the boot logo I observed that windows tries to read from the hdd periodically which not succeeds. After waiting for about 5 minutes windows shows an error message very short and restarts the laptop. You may need a new hard drive and I would suggest to buy an SSD.

U are dead wrong… Multiple people have confirmed this working includin myself.. U should apologize to the op. Also… U have to create the path by assigning the letter in disk part after determining which partition holds the efi boot. Thanks U the Man…. Hey von…thanks for the tut.. Thank you so much! What a blessing your walkthrough was. I deleted the Windows boot manager because there were 2 of them in the bios but that rendered Windows 8. I first ran Refresh in the advanced repair options from booting from a Windows 8.

I installed ubuntu I used ubuntu for a while and then i erased the ubuntu partitions. I follow you instructions and i solved the problem. Pingback: Windows 8. Followed the instructions. Vonnie- Machine was under warranty from square trade. They fixed it by re-installing Windows 8. However, I had Professional and they installed the core version. How can I update this, or do I have to do a re-install of Windows 8 Pro and then update to 8.

Followed instructions exactly and was able to boot.

  • Method 1. Use bootable disk to repair EFI bootloader for Windows 10/8/7.
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  • - Where to install bootloader when installing Ubuntu as secondary OS? - Ask Ubuntu.

This after many failed attempts using alternative methods. And now July it seems your instructions need a bit of an update. When I look at my disk with diskpart I see:. Followed these directions and now when the computer is started it says Boot Device Not Found Please install an operating system on your hard disk Hard Disk 3F0.

It will let me in BIOS and shows nothing as bootable, memory and hard drive tests work and passed. The warranty expired in Feb. I had a Win 7 primary and win 8 secondary partition. I removed the Win 7 and expanding Win 8 using gpart software.

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Nope, that only works if the drive letters remain the same. I even ran attrib and unhid everything. Worked like a charm. I just wrecked my Win8 boot-loader while messing around with a Linux dual boot. I had to search for and read the instructions with my mobile phone. They were very clear and well conveyed.

Thanks again. Thanks a lot. I thought that was risky in case I lost the memory stick. So my Vaio got stuck on boot and it took up to 10 minutes to start. I owe you one, just ask if you need some graphic stuff. I had worked long and hard on fixing a BCD issue when someone decided to see if my laptop was waterproof.

Unfortunately I had to dismantle the thing to pull battery power but after drying it was booting. I tried all the different methods I could find until google led me to your site. Many thanks for giving me a little less stress now I can have my gaming computer back and use it as intended. The laptop return to surfing and searching duties. Much Thanks for an easy to follow process that fixed me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Turns out the OS was pointed to D: for some reason. Following these steps the OS booted fine.

The rEFIt Project

For some reason in Windows it is the standard C:. Ah well. It works. Hi Vonnie I msged you earlier and was wondering, I get failed in the last command. I will go through it again and show you a screenshot, can you help me? Pingback: Windows 8 pro : prijzen — gratis Engelse Windows 8 enterprise downloaden windos8. I had installed win 7 on drive C and win 8. Pingback: One SSD instead of two: simpler or not? The Realm of Eric Buist. Well after spending hours looking a solution to this problem without any luck, I stumbled upon this page.

You sir, are a legend! No idea what you made me do, but it worked. So … thanks, dude. In fact, the whole thing was so remarkably easy and efficient, compared to the recovery tools I had been spending the night on before I stumbled into your tutorial, that I just downloaded an extensive course about command line for dummies such as I. Once again, great job. I can only assume that both GPT records are corrupt. Does anyone have any advice on how to recover the HDD without having to do a clean install?

You should notice us to mark the Windows volume down which is C: in your case. All I get is administrator? Just what I needed. Thank you! Hello well I think I am the only one how could not restart the windows. That means that on c: there is nothing,should a create myself the directory windows or Windows and move there the en-us files??

We did not lose any information. Thanks again for taking the time to write the blog. Que quede C:Windows. Buena observacion, lo provare.

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  5. Muchas gracias. Hey, you are excellent! You really know what you are doing and your explanations are some of the best that I have seen on the net—very clear and simple. I have spent over 6 hours trying to follow solutions provided by others but their instructions were ambiguous at best and difficult to follow and, of course, did not work for me. Your solution was simple and brilliant — happy holidays! Thanks for the write-up. I followed these steps and that fixed it! Simply amazing that MS does not wrap this into their automatic repair routines.

    It worked like a charm… Very happy camper! Cheers my man! I know this is a really old post, but i just want to thank you so much! This guide is the only one I found which fixed my laptop bootloader. Thank you so much worked perfectly! I have a problem with the last cmd line as it fails. Can someone help me out? Thanks a lot for this tutorial. For 5 days, I tried a lot of softwares and Windows recovery disks but none of them fixed the problem. Your tutorial fixed it in 10 minutes. Thanks so much … worked like a charm. Old enough to remember when all was DOS even Basic in high school..

    Well, Rescatux 0. Using Debian Buster 10 instead of Debian Jessie 8 as a base means that more recent hardware will be supported out of the box. So that I can give adrian15 more work Ha Ha Ha! The other nice about this iso is the many ways it can be booted. Super Grub2 Disk which has an hybrid boot that supports ipc, iaefi and amdefi boots is from the same author. So you should not an expect an amd64 only disk and an i only disk but an hybrid one. Have you noticed it? Now Rescatux 0. What more about boot?

    Rescue your Windows & GNU/Linux systems - Rescatux & Super Grub2 Disk

    Yes, there is this liveid thing that adrian15 made up so that some hp laptops that come with live-build installations do not confuse Rescatux boot. It should be make easier the work of Yumi, Rufus, Easy2Boot and similar tools if combined with loopback. Go figure. Look at that! The poor tux penguin has beta 7 all of over his face! This needs to be fixed in the next stable release.

    I remember seeing this same problem in Rescatux 0. This has not been definitively been fixed. What about having a laptop with a semi broken screen? I had to install open-vm-tools-desktop package on my virtualbox instance but I finally managed to make it work with two screens. Guess what?

    Rescatux gets you covered because you can start the monitor settings when monitors are horizontally stretched. The dialogs concerning monitor settings are centered among the two monitors. So that means that I can finally recover my old broken screen laptop.

    I just disable my laptop screen and leave enabled the external screen. By the way this monitor settings dialog is a part of the new Rescatux startup wizard. Rescapp was already a wizard for your rescue tasks but adrian15 managed to add this new wizard for the live cd itself. These new Rescatux startup wizard feature are quite neat so that you can customize your Rescatux session.

    Now Rescatux starts up a VNC server at startup so that you can access it from the network.