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CSO Magazine. CXO Media. Network World. Retrieved 16 April The Channel Company. CBS Interactive. Retrieved 8 February SC Magazine. This could be anything from pulling the plug on a compromised device or addressing quarantined items. The device details are exceptional: the list includes everything down to the hardware and applications currently installed in addition to the event log.

Group management is similarly straightforward. It was intuitive to add groups, users, and devices to a specific group. It was interesting, and potentially useful, to see users and devices both as options for group membership. In instances where they are problem users, they could be defaulted to a more secure profile, while power users who might be working strictly from inside the network might have a more relaxed policy.

Policy management naturally follows with three major types. System policies control updates and proxy settings. Security policies control everything from antivirus settings to intrusion prevention, device controls, and web protection, with a significant set of other options in between. While each screen was very well-explained, it would be easy to get lost in the details. Not all of features apply to all platforms, so an icon appears to the right of each feature to let you quickly know where a policy item applies.

Some of the exceptional highlights include configurable client encryption, network protection, and password protection. The addition of these three features demonstrate that Symantec is committed to a full system protection plan as opposed to simply trying to block malware.

Centralized password complexity management is especially nice for small businesses that may or may not have Active Directory AD or similar product in place. For ransomware protection, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud brings a few good tools to the table. For one, it has an excellent firewall and browser protection, so you are less likely to have a threat get to the point of execution on your system.

This looks for typical exploit behaviors and can interrupt and shut down anything looking suspicious.

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So, even if some ransomware finds it onto your system and tries to run, it's probably not going to get very far. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud doesn't obviously apply any ransomware specific detection capabilities outside of its core engine, but it does this very well.

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This means nothing fancy like ransomware vaccine, a way to trick ransomware into believing your system is already infected, is included. There is also nothing in the way of file rollback if data gets damaged in an attack. However, as testing shows, Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is still a force with which to be reckoned, and aims at proving that those extras are unnecessary.

My initial testing involved using a known set of malware collected for research purposes. Each was stored in a password-protected ZIP file and was extracted individually. The virus samples, when extracted, were detected immediately. uses cookies.

Out of malware variants, all items were flagged and quarantined. To test protection against harmful websites, a random selection of the newest 10 websites were selected from PhishTank , an open community that reports known and suspected phishing websites. None of the samples made it past extraction from the ZIP file. This is not terribly surprising since each of the samples has a known signature. That being said, the response was decisive and prompt.

Scanning for Viruses with Symantec Endpoint Protection in Mac OS

The executables were promptly flagged as ransomware and removed from disk. KnowBe4's ransomware simulator RanSim was also flagged as a ransomware instance as well. Since it's likely these were picked up via known signatures, I proceeded with a more direct approach by simulating an active attacker.