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Software defined radio (SDR)

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SDR – Mac Ham Radio

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Hi Howard Thank you for the reply. One significant consideration with most RTL SDR kits is that the antenna ports on them are usually very miniature SMA F , and you will need an adaptor to connect any other antenna to them; this can be solved by a specialist ham radio store, or careful browsing in your local Maplin, etc. RTL radios are tiny, cheap, and really simple, but perform surprisingly well. They are also incredibly versatile. Although some cover a smaller range of frequencies, most should be reasonably sensitive from VLF of around kHz right up to microwave of around 1.

Conventional communications receivers with similar capabilities are far more expensive and bulky. The groundwork was then continued by Antti Palosaari and Osmocom in , since when many systems have been put to use as proper SDR.


Different tuner chips offer slightly different frequency ranges, but each accepts similar commands and thus can be controlled similarly. But in reality you do not need a wide choice, just one or two good products, which are available for OS X. But as Xcode is free from the App Store , and the apps are free, this is actually a good deal.

My own experience with trying to get this installed differs from most. Despite following the instructions to the letter, it failed to compile and install here using the current MacPorts, which reported inscrutable errors.

How to install GQRX on Mac OS X

This is one of the problems with system such as MacPorts: when they work they are magic, but when they fail they are almost impossible to debug. Maybe on another day it would have worked fine. Gqrx is overall a huge package, as MacPorts decides that you need all sorts of dependent products, and here it was happy to consume around 8 GB of disk space by the time it decided it could not build: this is because Gqrx is based on GNU Radio, which itself is expansive to say the least.

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However even that did not quite work as advertised. From within Xcode you will then need to agree to the licence agreement, and download and install the command line tools. If you think you may have done the latter already, check that you have, as without them the rest will fail miserably. Then take a trip to MacPorts , from which you should download and install the standard installer for your version of OS X.

I then used MacPorts, although my successful command sequence was slightly different from that given here : sudo port install rtl-sdr fftwsingle liquid-dsp wxWidgets What I want: Software that can be hooked up to a radio scanner, that will record anything that hits a certain treshold e.

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  • I think I can make it from scratch with a DAW, but somehow that seems like a bit of overkill when all I want is something simple. It has a user adjustable VOX threshold. If so, could you share your set-up and experience.