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M-audio Fast Track Pro for Mac Mojave 10.14.3

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New Retina Macbook Pro - USB3.0 Compatible?

I would guess it adjust the drivers specific to the host hardware. Or generic results, except in certain edge cases: and that's what I'd like to know about. Yes and no. Mr Rabbit Mr Rabbit Thanks: this is a useful clarification of the difference between the specificity of the install media and the install itself. Also, the advice about making sure the install is newer than the Mac is practical and useful.

A few questions raised by your answer, though: 1 I wonder if non-retina resources are installed on a retina Mac? I don't own one yet.

Fast Track Pro MAC OS X Mavericks Support.

I think you imply that the code for the new iMac would be embedded in Thats actually how a lot of rumors start, when people dig through and find resources that seem out of place on the current Mac. This doesn't always hold true, sometimes it takes another software update immediately following a new release.

If the sizes are the same, then it's a generic install, if not, it's a specific one : You can ever make a diff diff -rq dirA dirB between the directories to see what change between the 2 installs. Thomas Ayoub Thomas Ayoub 1, 4 4 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. That's a nice idea: thanks!

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But that only tells me about those two machines. The meaning of the driver version 1. All of this suggests sticking with 1. It also suggests that Mbox users will not be allowed to enjoy Mavericks and Pro Tools 10 simultaneously. Users may bear some software upgrade expense, generally, moving from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, and a forced upgrade of Pro Tools will be a welcome addition to that outlay.

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Pro Tools users not ready for Pro Tools 11 plug-in upgrades, etc will want to wait on the Mavericks upgrade. Finally, users of older Digidesign-branded hardware may experience some frustration with abandoned drivers, not updated to Mavericks. It all points to spending more money on both hardware and software, or sticking with OSX Mavericks will be fully qualified in a future release. Compatible to OS This driver requires firmware 1. Updated November 4,