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I think so, after all Windows 7 is the best OS from Microsoft so far. XP continues to dominate the global market with Microsoft already revealed that it sold in excess of million copies of Windows 7.

Linux vs MAC vs Windows

The company is projected to push over million Windows 7 licenses by the end of Vista continues to outperform Windows 7 in North America with a market share of Major versions include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the most recent Windows 10 , which after its release in has become the most popular Windows operating system on desktop PCs. There is also the Windows Server family for server computers and a specialized version of Windows that runs on the Xbox One video game console.

Due to the popularity of smartphones over desktops, Android also comes out as the winner in the overall operating system market. Download Settings Share. Chart type. Share on Social Media. Download started Please be patient - this may take a moment. Description Source More information.

Show sources information As a Premium user you get access to the detailed source references and background information about this statistic. Source Show sources information As a Premium user you get access to the detailed source references and background information about this statistic. Apple iPad sales worldwide , by quarter. Share of mobile operating systems in India Statista Accounts: Access All Statistics. Basic Account. You only have access to basic statistics.

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Linux has a large number of advantages that can benefit everyone, no matter what they use their computer for. One of the most important points is that Linux is open-source.

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  • This means that anyone in the whole world can look through the source code of Linux and any other part of the distribution and find any bugs, security holes, or any other problems within the source code, and either fix it themselves, or give their findings to someone who can fix the problem. This can help individuals and companies with a small or even nonexistent budge create a robust system and network. Second, Linux is classified as Unix-like, so you get the great flexibility and power of Unix with tweaks.

    However, it contains no Unix code, but is a Unix-like replica made of open-source code. Third, there are also many great applications that work on Linux, such as OpenOffice. In fact, Pidgin and GIMP were first made for Linux and were eventually ported to other operating systems like Windows because of their popularity.

    Linux vs Mac vs Windows (unbiased comparison)

    Finally, Linux is also a fairly universal language depending on the distribution , and can have a number of different languages installed and active. Overall, each operating system has its own perks. After doing my own calculations and weighting my own opinions of each, Linux seems to me like the best operating system of choice. Call me a Linux fanboy or whatever you want, but Linux has so many areas that are already having amazing effects on users and others that show major promise, I see Linux eventually getting a major market share, just like how Firefox is starting to topple Internet Explorer.

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    That, in effect, also shows that Microsoft has closed the minds of users with their monopolizing, closed-source Windows to other ideas. Since this is only my opinion in the battle of the operating systems, what do you have to say about the three operating systems?

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    Leave a comment! Tell us your favorite, and why! Note: This blog post has been written with major but short-term inspiration. Therefore, please excuse the lack of pictures, links, and other eye candy for the time being until edited in. Preview: The major wave of battles has just begun with the fundamental software inside computers, the operating systems.

    So, soon to come: The Battle of the Browsers! Proudly filipino.