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However, you can use the Insert effect with Tremolo loaded in to it. The only problem is that you use up the Insert effect for that layer, instead of using it for a chorus, or some other effect you may want. It also has many of the main modulation destinations most users like to have access to: Pulsewidth amount, LFO and ENV amounts, Filter cutoff, Resonance amount, and others. After I am done, and I playback my track, it will play the track with the changes I made.

The filter cutoff would change over the course of the track, or the resonance amount would increase, for instance.

Разбор синтезатора LuSH 101 [Максим Мачалов]

With LuSH, you must set up the parameters you would like to automate ahead of time. Once I had it setup with five or six different settings the way I wanted, it worked fine.


To add your parameters for automation, click the Options button at the top left, and then click the Parameters tab. You can save your settings into a Parameter map, which can be set as the default. This is convenient, as each time you load up the synth, it will then have those same parameter settings you configured for automation.

In each of the eight Layers there is a separate instance of the synth, each having all the same controls and functions. To get to each Layer, you use the Select buttons at the top of the screen. If you are done setting up the first Layer and want to add another, then you click the Select button at the top of the screen for Layer two. It then switches to that Layer, and you can edit it however you want. This is where you can mix the eight layers of the synth. If the PreComp switch is turned on, the signal is affected by compression first before going to the EQ section.

If it is turned off, then the EQ is first in line, and then it goes to the compressor. At the bottom of each channel strip is the FX send section. These control how much signal goes to each FX Channel strip. With the Reverb and Delay, you can load and save presets of the settings, but not with the Chorus. The Reverb has 16 presets of varying types that you can load in, while the Delay section has 14 presets.

Each layer can be set to a different MIDI channel. If all of the layers are all set to the same channel, they will all be triggered simultaneously from a MIDI keyboard or by your DAW when it plays your track.

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LuSH can easily set up Splits, where you can have one layer triggered by playing in the bottom half of the MIDI keyboard, and a different preset loaded up for the top half. For instance, a nice bass preset could be in the lower end, while a mono lead or pad preset could be triggered by playing the upper section of the keyboard.

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There is an Arpeggiator included for each of the eight Layers. There are also controls for Range, Repeat, Rate, and Shuffle. The Gate controls the note length in the arp pattern. This will change how much legato the notes end up having.

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It affects how much the notes overlap each other, and creates a smoother transition between the notes in the pattern. Two other features I thought were very handy are the Trigger and Toggle modes. These are especially useful if playing live. If you are using Trigger mode, and you hold down one or more keys on your MIDI keyboard, they will be added to the notes of the arpeggiator pattern. When you let go of those keys, they still will play in the sequence. If you play some other keys after that, those previous notes are replaced with the new ones.

Toggle mode functions in a similar way, but it works with one note at time. If you play one note after a sequence has started playing, it adds that note to the sequence. When you play that note again, it is removed from the pattern. It actually has considerably more features than that older hardware synth, and it really is eight synths in one, as I mentioned earlier. I did have some trouble on my older dual-core PC trying to use some of the presets that use a multiple layers, but with many other presets it worked fine.

Some of the other ways that the CPU usage can go up are if Unison is switched on, many voices are used, or if there is a lot modulation going on. You could just keep it that way till your song is completed, and then render it with the Higher quality setting. As I mentioned earler, using the Tremolo effect for the panning would take up that one Insert effect. I designed a nice, simple lead preset using just one oscillator, no Unison, set as Monophonic, and with a few effects thrown in. This synth has a very high quality sound, and you may find as I did that sometimes there is just no need to use its many layers to get an awesome sound from it.

However, it is great to have those extra layers available. It can create some monster presets, as long as you have a modern PC or Mac. D16 Group has done an excellent job combining many useful features into LuSH You will then have access to the Cart to add multiple purchases in a single transaction. Install instructions are included with each download but you can also download instructions here:. Download PDF Instructions.

Multi-Layer patches offer volume, pan, filter and global effects controls for all 8 layers and extra detailed controls such as osc, envelope and wave mix controls for the first 4 layers. Single Layer patches Timbre have almost every available parameter for the layer mapped including insert and global FX, Arp and full envelope and LFO controls. Frequently Asked Questions. I am not paid, or even supported by Native Instruments or the vendors. Downloading and usage of this library is at the users own risk. Payments are non refundable.

There is no support or guarantee offered that these will suit your own application which is why a free version is offered to test with. If you are satisfied with the free version then the paid version offers the same features and includes all factory presets. Users are not authorised to share or distribute the files with anyone else without the consent of Freelance SoundLabs. A lot of work goes into managing this project, hosting the files and writing documentation and I am also an active forum member helping out users.

Please do the right thing; the cost is only a few beers to help me out.