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These programs require a certain amount of storage when the RAM on your system is not sufficient enough to carry out an operation. Photoshop or Final Cut Pro work fine when the workload of the scratch disk is divided. It arises because you have simultaneously opened a large number of photos in Photoshop or you are processing a large number of layers, which leads to the fact that there is not enough place on a scratch disk.

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Maybe you really have filled up the work disk. First, you need to check it and even if you can see quite a lot of space there, you might notice that on the scratch disk it is still not enough. The primary reason for witnessing an error like this is because Photoshop records every step of editing and thereby creates a temporary file, that is needed to record the intermediate results performed in the program. You can free the space of a local disk and extend its productivity by limiting the number of history steps.

The number of pixels can influence the space for saving, that is changing according to the corresponding operation.

Techie Layman Explanation of How to Clear Scratch Disk in Photoshop

The capacity of history states in Photoshop runs up to thousand. In addition, you can specify the number of states that will be stored in the History palette.

Defining Scratch Disk

To do this, follow these simple steps:. You invite a large number of temp files if you force the Photoshop app to close down in middle of some project or an editing session. Although Photoshop will function with a single scratch disk on the system partition, you can improve performance by setting the scratch disk to be the fastest drive in your system.

Other useful guidelines for setting scratch disks are to avoid using the same drive where your operating system is installed, avoid using a drive where the files you edit are stored, and don't use network or removable drives for a scratch disk. Note: If your computer has a fast solid state disk drive SSD , you should use the SSD as your scratch disk, even if it is your system drive. If Photoshop is shut down improperly or crashes in the middle of an editing session, this can leave fairly large temporary files behind on your scratch disk.

These are safe to delete. If you're getting an error message that the scratch disk is full, it usually means you need to clear some space on whatever drive is defined as the scratch disk in Photoshop Preferences, or add additional drives for Photoshop to use as scratch space. It is also possible to get the "scratch disk is full" error, even if the scratch disk drive has free space.

How to Clear Your Scratch Disk and Photoshop Cache on Mac

This is because Photoshop requires contiguous, unfragmented free space on the scratch disk drive. If you are getting the "scratch disk is full" error message and your scratch disk drive does show a good amount of free space, you may need to run a disk defragmentation utility. If you are getting a "scratch disk full" error when attempting to crop an image, it's likely that you inadvertently have size and resolution values entered in the options bar for the crop tool, or you entered values in the wrong units.

For instance, entering dimensions of x when your units are set to inches instead of pixels is going to create a huge file that could trigger the scratch disk full message. The solution is to press clear in the options bar after selecting the crop tool but before dragging a crop selection. Source What is the Photoshop Scratch Disk?

Clear Scratch Disk When It Gets Full on a Mac

This error is officially supposed to crop up because you are out of disk space for whichever disk you use for caching as a scratch disk; can be configured in photoshop's performance settings. In this case running photoshop as an administrator was a workaround for this problem.

If that is your case then I don't remember if there was a proper fix for this; however if you have an SSD you definitely don't want to use your SSD as a scratch disk. So if this is your problem, then you can either go ahead and always run PS as an admin Or just disable UAC and run everything as admin!

How Do I Clear Full Scratch Disks on Mac

Gets rid of UAC pop-up not very safe, but convenient , or use a workaround I can think of off the top of my head. This is flawed though because it redirects your entire.. But the only way I can think of Photoshop places it's scratch file in that directory, and not a subdirectory ; normally we would just use a hard link here, but the photoshop scratch file names can vary, and the file is deleted when photoshop is closed.

First things first, you need to find out which drive is the scratch disk for the Photoshop on your computer.

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Run Photoshop, as soon as Photoshop starts, on your keyboard, press the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time to bring up the Scratch Disk Preference window. Note: If you use Mac, press the Command and Option keys instead. Make sure your scratch disk have at least 40 GB free space. If you want to keep Photoshop run fast on your computer, you can change its scratch disk allocation.

Make sure do not select your system drive , a network or removable drive as the scratch disk. Follow to open the Scratch Disk Preference window: Run Photoshop, as soon as Photoshop starts, on your keyboard, press the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time. If you use Mac, press the Command and Option keys instead. Then you can set a drive with much more free space as the scratch disk, and also, you can set a second, third or fourth scratch disk more.