Best 3rd party keyboard for mac

It comes in Space Gray, along with a full numeric pad. The Matias keyboard pairs with up to four devices and you can easily switch between them. Unlike some of the cheaper keyboards from Logitech, Matias provides dedicated buttons for device switching instead of doubling them up with function keys.

The keyboard lasts for a year on a full charge and comes with a rechargeable battery. Das Keyboard means business. And if you type all day on your Mac, we recommend a mechanical keyboard. The tactile keys make it easy to type for longer periods of time. Das is one of the few companies that make mechanical keyboards with full macOS support.

The best wireless keyboards you can buy for your Mac

Just like a Magic Keyboard, it works reliably every time. Blue switches are more clicky and thus make a louder noise, while Brown switches are softer and quieter. Both give you the same tactile feeling when pressing them. The board comes with a 6. In all, the Das Professional 4 Keyboard is the best option for Mac users who want a reliable, high-end mechanical keyboard.

The 7 Best Alternatives to Apple's Official Magic Keyboard

This options is designed with minimalism in mind. It comes with a six-foot detachable USB cable with five channel cable management built-in. You can switch to Mac layout, disable the function keys, or even try an alternative ergonomic typing layout like Dvorak. This keyboard comes in many layouts, from 61 keys to a full key layout. It comes with a brushed aluminum face plate that gives it the 80s look.

This mechanical keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown switches. Azio MK makes both wired and wireless versions.

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The wired version comes with a branded USB cable and is backlit. It will help you deal with fatigue, pain, and RSI issues.

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  6. Need one that is comfortable and reliable, or just cheap? Here's how to choose a new keyboard. Read More is highly subjective. If you need something portable that you can use with multiple devices, buy the Logitech K But if you plan to use your MacBook as a desktop, buying an ergonomic or a mechanical keyboard makes a lot more sense.

    If you need something more suite for gaming, check out the best gaming keyboards The 7 Best Gaming Keyboards of The 7 Best Gaming Keyboards of A dedicated gaming keyboard could transform your enjoyment and experience. Which is the best gaming keyboard for you? Read More around. And remember, whichever keyboard you end up buying, you can use that one keyboard to control multiple computers!

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    Wired or wireless

    I am glad to see it join the mac keyboard alternatives. Sculpt doesn't work well with the new touchbar Macbook Pros unfortunately. We have had ongoing problems with the Apple keyboard and mice failing Bluetooth connections. I had two Magic Mice in a row that wouldn't connect consistently and my partner has a keyboard and mouse with same problems. Might one of these be better in that respect? I talked to Apple for hours about one of the mice and the person I worked with ended up turning my Mac Mini into a brick for me.

    SO, no, not going back there. While I kind of like the Apple keyboard, what I really detest on it is the caps lock key. I usually hit it at the start of a sentence then hit it again to go to lower case but what happens is that my initial hit on the key does nothing then my second hit turns caps lock with the result that any sentence I type starts with a lower case letter and the rest in capitals.

    It doesn't help that the caps lock light is on the actual key as the way I type my fingers conceal it. I just wish the caps lock light was at the top of the keyboard. I tried out my brother's Razor mechanical gaming keyboard just to give it a try.

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    I was considering getting a mechanical keyboard. Honestly, I did not feel as comfortable and I was not able type as fast on it as I am able to do on the Apple. Maybe it is low key-travel and stuff. Certainly would take a bit more getting used to. I really like my Apple keyboards, too. I haven't yet tried a mechanical one, though I've been meaning to do that for quite a while now.

    It took me a while to get used to it, but I'm a big fan now. I recently switched from the USB keyboard to the Bluetooth one, and I'm not digging the smaller space—it feels a bit cramped on the shift keys. But other than that, I'm also a big fan. That's strange. Do you use the spacebar more than most people? The space bar and one other key, I forget which now, but I think it was number 8 key simultaneously died on my previous bluetooth mac keyboard.

    Keychron K1 Ultra-Slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    So I had to fork out for a new one. The new KB has been fine for about two years. They worked last night, yet both didn't work the next morning. Needless to say, that's how I ended up on your blog post, in my search for a better cheaper and more reliable external keyboard for my Mac. It seems to me the only thing "magic" about them is how two seemingly unrelated keys can simultaneously and spontaneously die on their own accord.

    I have razer mouse and razer mechanical keyboard and I feel that using magic mouse and magic keyboard is more suitable for both.

    Windows Keyboard on a Mac

    Magic keyboard: the magic keyboard has the same layout with my macbook's keyboard so I have better muscle memory using it than the mechanical keyboard with the thick key caps and the difference of the layout. I am changing keyboards almost every weeks but still i don't deny that I really like the magic keyboard. Subscribe now. We get it — you love your Apple device, especially the iconic minimalist design. Using the included keyboard with your Mac or the built-in keyboard of your MacBook just seems like the logical thing to do.

    Not only can you sit back and work how and where you want, but many 3rd party brands have also injected in some seriously convenient features. Complete with self-contained switches, this device makes it easier to type in the Magic Keyboard style. The Keychron K1 combines minimalist design with the tactile sensation of a mechanical keyboard. Designed for productivity, it requires less force and finger travel, meaning the keyboard lessens finger fatigue for comfortable typing.

    Additionally, the Aluminum Slim Wireless Keyboard offers a range of up to 10 meters, allowing your keyboard to move wherever you do. With its sleek, streamlined design, the keyboard also complements your Mac devices and other accessories. Likewise, the Azio keyboard supports both Mac and Windows layouts. Designed to upgrade your computing experience, Azio combines high-quality material, classic appearance, and natural usability.

    Each mechanical switch features a backlit LED, lighting up the center of each key to provide an even and beautiful glow. With an incredible 16mm thickness, this device makes typing on your Mac more enjoyable than ever. The cross-device function enables you to switch between the different operating systems on your devices by sliding the button on the side. Minimalist yet capable, this modern keyboard is complete with a creative input dial.

    In the upper left corner is a smooth moving dial that you can adjust in small increments. In addition, it also works in Microsoft Office including Excel. The Modern Keyboard connects to your computer via the included cable or you can go wireless with Bluetooth. While seemingly standard, the Modern Keyboard has one key futuristic feature. To the right of the keyboard is a fingerprint ID sensor. Simply place your registered finger on the ID key and the Modern Keyboard unlocks your device. The numeric keypad makes it suitable for spreadsheets, financial applications and more.

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