Convert mp4 to mkv without recompression mac

Means that you can put multiple streams of data video, audio, subtitles with different codecs into a single MKV or MP4 file.

Convert MKV to MP4 on macOS

The streams themselves are encoded using their respective codecs like H. But there are some things to consider: Almost all video codecs are lossy. This means that every time you re-encode video, you will lose some information, normally ending up in worse quality.

So the key is to either always directly encode from the original material e. This is a lossless operation and only takes couple of seconds compared to actually re-encoding video or audio streams which often takes couple of minutes to hours, depending on your source material, desired quality and compute power.

Most of the high quality episodes of movies and other shows we downloaded from online sites are MKV format that may hold your favorite audio streams and subtitle languages, since the MKV isn't as widely supported as some, therefore, we often choose to convert MKV to MP4 which has the widest range of compatibility. Since it is very time consuming when you convert a movie from MKV to MP4, in addition, the conversion process will also bring in quality deterioration inevitably.

Bulk Convert MP4 to MKV Without Reencoding | Flynsarmy

However, I'd also like to preserve subtitles when possible. Subtitle support is important. I've been trying xmedia recode , however it appears unable to preserve subtitles in MKV during the conversion to MP4; it strips them out. Many programs I found do not allow AAC to be passthtough. Does anyone know of a GUI that can help me accomplish this?

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And it would be helpful if the program tagged the audio tracks with "English". I am having a hard time finding a similar program to do it on windows.

Want to convert MKV to MP4 on Mac?

I don't mind paying for the software just want to get something that will remux it. I tried using fffmpeg but didn't go well.

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Trying to see what others are using thanks. From above listed 2 problems, we can see that although there are many programs even include some free ones can assists users to do the MKV to MP4 remuxing work, however, what users really want is an application can meet the following standards: - Batch remux multiple MKV files to MP4 - Preserve wanted subtitle languages and audio tracks in original MKV files - Program with a simple GUI interface to simply accomplish the remuxing job - A remuxing program that's has versions for both Windows and Mac platform - Convert MKV to MP4 with simply swap containers but not re-encoding.

In addition, this powerful yet simple to use tool features a friendly and easy to navigate GUI interface, it is quite simple to use, anyone can learn to use it in minutes. What's more, the batch conversion load also allows you to process a number of files at one time to save your precious time.