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You must register your copy for the software to run. Enter the serial number and your name, and if you are connected to the internet, you may click on Register now to finish registration. If you do not already have a serial number, you may request one by clicking on the link.

The Student Version license restricts use to a single machine by a single user. However, we permit a Student Version serial number one beginning with E90 to be used to register EViews on two machines. If you have exceptional circumstances which require registration on additional machines, please contact our office. The Lite Version featuring a serial num- ber beginning with L90 may be used to register a single machine.

Registering EViews9.

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Once registered on a given machine, EViews 9 Student Version will run for two 2 years from your first registration. The EViews 9 Lite Version will run for a single year. You should see a message indicating that regis- tration was completed successfully, along with the number of machines that have been regis- tered to the serial number. Note that there are some circumstances in which auto registration will fail. Obviously, auto regis- tration will not work if the computer is not con- nected to the Internet. If registration fails, you should first verify that you have Internet access. Second, your computer may be behind a firewall which does not allow the required communication between your computer and our servers.

Furthermore, while unlikely, it is possible that all of our registration servers are temporarily unresponsive.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Registration While the registration procedure should be straightforward, we understand that you may still have questions. The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions: How do I find my serial number and other information about my copy of EViews? Your copy of EViews contains information about your registration status, as well as the product version and build date of the program.

How do I change the name in which my copy is registered? Your copy of EViews contains the name in which it was first registered. This name cannot be changed. What if I have trouble registering?

EViews 8 Student Version Download

We do not anticipate that you will have problems registering your copy of EViews. Please feel free to contact our office if you encounter difficulties. Updating Your Copy of EViews EViews 9 offers an automatic updating feature that can check for new updates every day, and install an updated version if available.

Alternately, you may manually check for updates from within EViews at any time by select- ing Check now Updating the Mac version may require you to download a file manually. Please download the file and repeat the installation steps given above Mac Installation, on page 6. You may also visit the EViews website to check for updates to the EViews program and other components documentation, sample data, and sample programs.

Downloading updates will not require re-registration of EViews on any previously registered computer. Simply download the update, run the installer, and you will have the latest shipping copy of your software. Using EViews Student Version. EViews 9 is a very powerful program that places a wide range of statistical and graphical tech- niques at your fingertips. EViews offers an interface that is so easy to use that most users can jump right in and work productively. The discussion assumes that you have already installed and registered the pro- gram as described in Getting Started beginning on page 5.

Starting EViews On a Windows machine, you may launch EViews 9 in all of the usual ways: double-clicking on the executable icon or shortcut, double-clicking on an EViews associated file. EDB, etc. When you launch the program you should see the main EViews window. Depending on how you launched the program, you may see additional windows showing an open EViews work- file or database, or a dialog prompting you to import your external data file.

An EViews Primer While EViews is so easy-to-use that you can probably start by jumping right on in with both feet, it doesnt hurt to have a guide along to show you the ropes. To get you started, we have included a PDF of the book EViews Illustrated in your student version installation directory. EViews Illustrated is a primer to the EViews program, filled with examples, step-by-step instructions, and screen-shot images.

The guide walks you through each step from launching the program, to importing existing data and transforming the data, data analysis, regression estimation, forecasting, and much more. Manuals and Local Help System If you are new to EViews, we recommend that you take a look at the first three or so chap- ters, and follow along at home with the examples. All of the data from the book are provided in the form of EViews workfiles, organized by chapter.

If you ever run into trouble or need more info, simply click on Help in the main EViews menu to access all of the included help resources. The PDF files are fully indexed, and contain hypertext links to aid you in navigating through the material. Note that the PDF documentation describes the full version of EViews and includes descriptions of features that are not available in the Student and Lite Versions. You will find a set of PowerPoint tutorials teaching the basics of EViews, accompanied by data files so that you may follow along with your own copy of EViews.

The tutorials offer an excellent way of getting up-and-running with EViews and provide step-by-step examples of commonly performed operations. Lastly, we encourage you to visit the EViews Online Forum, where you can ask questions of and share information with other EViews users. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

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