How to type in chinese on mac pages

The circumflex gets around. Unlike the cedilla which is utterly loyal to the letter c, under which it appears.

Introducing Keyman for macOS

Spanish has its own special additions. So for the tilde that appears above the letter n, you need to type option-n and then n again.

As if by magic a giant tilde appears which shrinks to fit the n when you type the second n. Simply press and hold the letter you want to accent and a pop-over menu will appear showing the options. So, e yields seven options and a has eight alternative versions.

Using Japanese on a Mac

So, long-press o and eight options appear. This means more accents can be accommodated.

How to enable the Arabic keyboard on Mac

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Mac OS comes installed with support for reading and editing Japanese--in documents, in email, and on the web. If you receive Japanese email in Apple's Mail application or go to a Japanese web page in Safari, the Japanese will probably display correctly without your doing anything special or reading any further on this page.

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If this does not work smoothly, if you want to enable additional features in these programs, or if you want to input Japanese text to create documents, do web searches, or send email in Japanese, for example , you'll need to take some extra steps. These are described below, and on the other pages of this site.

Click on the button marked with a plus sign in the lower left to add a new language, then select Japanese from the menu and click the Add button.

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You will be asked you if you would like to use Japanese as your primary language; for now choose "Use English," unless you want the menus and dialogs in the finder and other applications to switch to Japanese. If you have a trackpad, you may also want to repeat this process to add "Traditional Chinese" or "Simplified Chinese," which will bring up a second window allowing you to choose the "Trackpad Handwriting" option. This will let you enter kanji characters by drawing them on the trackpad.

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The next step is to set the options for Japanese input. From the menu on the left, choose "Japanese. You'll see the different Japanese input preference options. Set them as follows to start out:.

Easy: How To Type Chinese Characters On a Mac

If you now look at the menu bar at the very top of the screen, you should see the icon for the input menu--it probably looks like a little flag. You can now select Hiragana or Katakana from that menu to enter Japanese text in almost any application. For more on how to enter Japanese text, see the page on Typing in Japanese elsewhere on this site. If Hiragana or Katakana is already selected as the input method when you click on the input menu, you'll get a longer menu with options specific to Japanese input, including a help option.

Most users including native speakers enter Japanese by typing the pronunciation in roman characters, so you do not need a special Japanese keyboard.

MacOS - El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave, OSX - How to type Chinese Characters with Pinyin Input

If you have a Japanese a keyboard, it has a few extra keys you can take advantage of, as well as the option of dispensing with roman character input and having each key map to a specific kana character. The online Apple store now has an option that lets you select a Japanese keyboard as an option when you buy a new Mac. Add Japanese to the list of languages as described above, if it does not appear there already. If you drag Japanese above English in the list, the finder and many other applications will open next time with Japanese menus.