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The Minimoog synth is back, with plenty of new additions. PCM software synthesizer module. Free Granular Synthesis for Mac. SynthMaster 2. Semi-modular software synthesizer and multi-FX plug-in.

Pianoteq v5. Modelled piano.

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  • Oxe FM Synth.
  • 1. Synth1 AU/ VST.
  • Sound Canvas VA.
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Software synthesizer based on an new high-resolution audio engine. Wireless modular synthesizer. Tonewheel organ combo, capturing the sound of the classic B3 organ.

Best Free Synth VST AU plugins for MAC OS X

Produces instant audio harmonization. The semi-modular software synth - from rhythmic madness to vintage sounds. Audio sequencer and Software Drum Machine with sound synth and drumkits. HALion Sonic 1. Polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer. FluidSynth v1. A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications. SampleMoog 1.

  • About the Korg PS-3300.
  • Free Soft Synth for Mac - Based on Korg PS-3300 Polyphonic Synthesizer?
  • Live Setup.

Diva 1. Diva is a virtual synthesizer plugin. TruePianos v1. Virtual piano instrument. KickMaker 2.

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Synthesizer designed specifically to create good kick drum sounds. ProTrekkr 2. ProTrekkr is a Tracker software with built in software synthesizer. The instrument includes 50 free presets and is a complex wavetable synth capable of producing many and varied sounds compared to your bog standard virtual analogue of which it is one.

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You might have to work with it to get the best from it but the potential is certainly there including a fantastic Delay Matrix. It came out a decade ago but runs like a dream on modern DAWs as U-He has kept it well up to date, the last big revision being in Originally released in , its developer has kept it up to date, so it runs in more modern DAW setups. It looks a little dated now, but still sounds pretty fresh and vibrant, even next to a lot of our paid-for plug-ins.

There are rumours that post-nuclear war, only rats will survive. A lot of these synths have been around for a while to almost attain classic freeware status but Helm is a newer kid on the block, certainly in terms of its looks anyway. Synth1 is another freeware synth classic that we have to include every year, or people will march on the MT offices with virtual pitchforks.

We managed to get it working in the latest Logic pretty much straight away, although issues are creeping in, like odd mouse movements.

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Worth persevering with for the sound, but possibly its last inclusion sound of protest march starts — oh dear. The Yamaha DX7 was one of the most popular synths of the 80s. Trouble is, it was a pig to program, and the restrictions of hardware made it even harder. Dexed tries to make the process easier within software and succeeds, bringing real-time control to many parameters. There are 32 typical FM presets — chimes, fast-attack sounds and keys — making this a distinctive synth in a sea of virtual- analogue wannabes.

Thursday, July 11, Waves brings Abbey Road Studio 3 acoustics to your headphones. Erica Synths releases three new Pico modules.