Java se 6 runtime mac os x 10.8.5

Everything you said sounds to me as though Legacy Java was installed on your computer at some stage. It is possible to have both installed, which is likely what you have. You are correct that no legacy installs would be present unless you installed them, but everything you wrote indicates that you or someone using your computer installed it. It is potentially dangerous and can cause instability with the operating system.

The same applies when deleting files and folders in system locations. Someone on the Apple support thread suggested I pose my questions to you as the very helpful and patient expert :. So here they are. I recently did a clean install of Yosemite and am in the process of trying to get Adobe CS6 largely for Illustrator up and running for my husband. We are aware of the Java issue and I want to install the correct Java and ideally only once. I have enough comfort with our computer to take on a clean install and perform some basic terminal edits e.

I would appreciate if you could tell me if I have this right. Based on my reading throughout the support thread, I understand perhaps erroneously the following instructions. Downside: old software so you will likely never get updates if they are needed and you may need Java 8 anyway for other things. Install Java 8 since it is the most recent, should be the most secure, and is likely to be updated automatically or is that a pipe dream?

Point applications that need Java to 8 instead of SE6. Disable website access in system preferences. Downside: have to be comfortable enough with terminal edits to do it correctly. Growl a little at the company of your choice for not playing nicely together in the first place. As I had seen a warning somewhere else in the forum to make sure to use the JDK version for this work around to be successful, my courage vanished and that the terminal edits scare me a little. What do you suggest? Are there assumptions in your directions of which it seems I would be ignorant?

Would your route work with JRE?

Upgrade to Java 8 on Mac OS X

The JRE includes an updater that checks for new versions automatically, or you can manually check for updates through the Java preference pane in System Preferences. The Oracle JRE installer dmg download option does not install everything required. A manual install of the JRE tar. However, my solution contains instructions with commands that are for the latest JDK, which would be a little different for just the JRE.

I have removed the reference to JRE from my post until I am able to do test that setup and advise what the differences are. If you need a confirmed working solution as soon as possible, then my suggestion is to install the JDK and create the two folders mentioned in the Jan update. I will be figuring out what the commands are as soon as I get to test, which will hopefully be in the next few days. Manual installation is required, but is trickier to get it all working. This thread has been quite helpful.

I followed the first few steps, but changing the plist file did not remove my warning. Running Illustrator from the terminal DID work however, with no logged errors. For now, I just added an alias to my bash profile. Then quit Terminal. You might be able to save yourself having to open Terminal whenever you want to launch Illustrator by creating an Automator script and putting it in your dock. I assume you still get the alert when opening Illustrator documents directly. They are all above my pay grade knowledge base. If you attempt the solution and run into issues or need clarification, add another comment and I will try and help.

If you feel that the solution is too complicated, you might want to consider just installing the legacy version of Java. Hello Oliver! Thank you for this post! I have been trying to make my two java-based applications work in my Mac After following your steps, the alert is gone now and I was able to install the applications. This post really saved me! However, when I try to launch the applications, Their icons would just appear on my Dock for awhile and then disappear.

One application, Gephi, could load halfway and then disappear. Do you have any idea how I could resolve this? Thank you very much! Can you tell me what the error is? It sounds as though there might be a typo in the Info. This is actually my fault, when I last edited my post, I accidentally removed the wrong lines from the JVMCapabilities section.

I would like to uninstall it, how can I do that? I managed to download the latest JRE tar. Do I really need to drag the entire folder over — it has license and other useless looking files in it. Can you help me proceed, please?

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I would recommend using the JDK installer. Terminal is an application supplied with OS X. There are many resources on the Internet that do a better job at explaining Terminal and how to use it than I would be able to provide in a comment. Do you got a solution for OSX None of the above solutions seems to work. You can disable it by opening Terminal and typing:. Risking that someone already outlined this, but i didnt have time to go through all the comments:. It said that it needs Java 6 and that it is not supported by my OS. Which is odd as i never had Java 6 installed in the first place….

Followed the guide multiple times without any luck. I can confirm jdk 1. Strange thing is, the symlink is in place but still not being able to load the library.

Installing JSim on Mac OS X

I just installed Mac OS X I tried adding the libserver. I just downloaded the Arduino software version 1. Thanks for the informative tutorial. Would it possible for you to try and see if you get similar results? I could not get The Story Workbench to run. The program does sound interesting, especially because some of the software I develop is related to language and linguistics. Hello i need help, sorry im beginner, please how open Mucommander. It looks like you might be using an old version of Java. You need to give me a bit more to go on than that. Did you update from Yosemite, or from the last Developer Preview?

What version of Java were you previously running? Im still getting the java error that I need to install legacy version? I did do a restart after. I have to say their Mac friendliness is if anything going down hill. Virtualbox another Oracle product still does not have any Mac guest additions. As others have pointed out Apple have now issued grudgingly a new version of their Java 1.

This is another more user friendly means to getting Java apps working including now also under El Capitan. It is high time Oracle dealt with this issue properly themselves so that Java applications can run as expected with just their JRE installed. As Oliver has shown it would not take Oracle much effort to do their installation properly. Knopflerfish OSGi framework, version 4. All Rights Reserved. NullPointerException at sun.

Thanks for your help already and I would appreciate hearing from you! Sounds like a problem with Docear being incompatible with the latest Java version. From this page on the Docear website :. Mac OS X Some users use Docear successfully on Yosemite However, it seems that many users experience problems.

Compatibility relative to:

There is a version of that library that is compatible with OS This worked for me in Sierra Click Java icon in bottom row. You can see a 'Path' there also, which you can sub into the commands below in case they are different than mine. Worked for me too, I also tried the other explanation but with Maverix there is no panel where you can select a version number and also changing the.

Eclipse is not seeing 1. Worked for me!. Thanks for the help! Nothing else worked except this. In you. Derek Derek 3 3 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. The directory is empty.

Improves Java security, performance and compatibility on the Mac

You probably have an issue with where you installed java 7. Please go to oracle's website. Click on the "Java SE Development Kit 7u11" link, accept the license agreement, and download "jdk-7umacosx-x Use the dmg to install Java 7 and this should put it in your JavaVirtualMachines directory.

This is one solution on Mojave Now the latest version is used, when you use java in the shell. TabeaKischka TabeaKischka 4 4 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. This particular solution worked for me on my mac os x el capitan. I did not bypass the the security set up on el capitan, but installed java version 1.

Please note 1. I had to create a. I ran java -version and shazzam! The ONLY thing that worked for me. Thank you so much!!! I so wanted this to work as I'm on El Capitan and can't get any other solution to function.

Full Specifications

I created a '. Anything I might have overlooked? Worked for me. I added the line to. Then java -version gave me the latest one. Bernhardt Scherer Bernhardt Scherer 1, 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Simple and clean solution!. Worked like a charm. This is the only solution that updated both java and javac. The Java window opens.

Click on Java tab at the top. Click on 'View' button. In this step, we are going to point symbolic link, ln -s command the system java binary to the latest one, which we discovered in the previous step. Aswin Kumar Aswin Kumar 4, 4 4 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. Works for me, except that I had to add -f to ln command.

Install Java (JRE) | Mac OS and later

I am getting "operation not permitted". Obtaining the path in this manner is ideal. I then was able to export it and reload bashrc to resolve the version issue. In my case I was migrating from version 7 to 8 on Mojave Amulya Kashyap Amulya Kashyap 1, 7 7 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. It sounds like a decent product although I not sure exactly if it replaces workbench From the site it would seem that it is only available for Windows XP, Vista Win7 and Win8.

Based on the frustration I have experienced this evening, it looks like the best route is to abandon the Mac and did out an old PC and start trying that. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Templates and tones from L6 Tone Made Easy classes. Warning about downloaded tones, patches and presets. Certain Line 6 devices not detected on macOS Recommended Posts. Posted October 28, However, it will not run on my system and keeps throwing the following error dialog.

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