Icloud mac calendar not syncing

How to Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing with Mac

As long as you have all client apps configured to sync with the same iCloud account, all your calendar data remain in sync. All calendars you want to sync between your Macs, iOS devices, and other users must be hosted on iCloud.

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If you have any existing calendars hosted elsewhere that you want to host on iCloud, you can move them to iCloud or merge them with an existing calendar in iCloud, as follows. Control-click the calendar that you want to move to iCloud and choose Move to iCloud from the contextual menu. If the Work calendar contains both events and to dos, it will be transformed into two calendars on iCloud—one for events and one for to dos.

iPhone Mac Calendar Not Syncing? Here Are Fixes - iMobie

The to do calendar will be indicated with a checkmark next to its name. Then delete the Work calendar from BusyCal by Control-clicking on it and choosing Delete from the contextual menu. Select Existing Calendar, and choose the Fred calendar which is hosted on iCloud. BusyCal adds the events from the Work calendar to the Fred calendar on iCloud.

Part 1: How to fix iPhone calendar not syncing with Mac in iOS 11

Note: iCloud stores events and to dos on separate calendars. Therefore, if you attempt to import a calendar that contains both events and to dos into a calendar on iCloud that only supports events, the to dos will be rejected. To import the to dos, you must repeat this step and import into an existing calendar on iCloud that supports to dos. BusyCal syncs all its data types events, to dos, journals, graphics, stickies, attachments, tags, etc. If you are syncing multiple Macs running BusyCal with the same iCloud account, all these data types should sync seamlessly.

However, there are some limitations to be aware of when syncing these data types with other apps such as Calendar for OS X or iOS through iCloud:. BusyCal Mac Previous Next. Share a Calendar with Other iCloud Users To share a calendar with other iCloud users: Control-click the calendar in the left sidebar and choose Get Info from the contextual menu.

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Share an iCloud Calendar with Everyone You can also share an iCloud calendar as read-only public calendar, available to anyone who uses an app or web service that accepts webcal URLs. Connecting to iCloud wth an App-Specific Password Apple requires all third-party apps that sync with iCloud like BusyCal to use app-specific passwords.

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Quota Limitations iCloud limits the amount of data you can sync with BusyCal, as follows: Total number of calendars, events, and reminders: 25, Maximum combined number of calendars and reminder lists you can have: Maximum size of all calendar and reminder data not including attachments : 24 MB Maximum size of all event attachments: MB Maximum size of a calendar event including attachments: 20 MB Maximum number of attachments per event: 20 Maximum number of attendees you can invite to an event: Maximum number of people with whom you can share a private calendar: Maximum number of characters in a reminder title: For more information, see iCloud: Limits for Contacts, Calendars and Reminders.

My calendars on both Mac and iPhone worked fine. But somehow they stopped syncing. How to fix this problem?

Part 2: How to sync data from iPhone to Mac when iCloud syncing not working

Generally speaking, if you logged in the same iCloud account on both your Mac and iPhone, the calendars should be kept synced. However, issues like iPhone calendar not syncing with Mac or Mac calendar not syncing with iPhone do occur from time to time. If this what you are encountering, here in this post, we will show you several solutions for this.

Before trying the troubleshooting steps below, please make sure your Mac computer and iPhone meet the system requirements to use iCloud and the date and time settings on iPhone and Mac are correct.

How to Sync the Calendar From iPad to iPhone

You can also try to some simple methods like restart the Calendar app, restart iPhone or your Mac. When you can see no changes, maybe there is nothing wrong with your iPhone and Mac, it is just iCloud has its own schedules to do sync. Why not try to turn off iCloud Contacts, Calendar or Reminders and turn it back later? It might be helpful for you to see the changes as soon as possible. If you are using third party calendar service like Google, for sure that these iPhone calendars would not sync to your Mac.

How to Sync Calendar on iPhone - Mac Basics

You need to change default account to iCloud. To set an iCloud calendar as the default calendar on iPhone.

That is one of the biggest reasons why iPhone calendars not syncing with Mac or any other iOS devices. To check your app settings, you can open the Calendars app and tap Groups in the upper-left corner, see if All iCloud is selected. Basically, the solutions for Mac Calendar not syncing with iPhone is pretty much similar with the fixes for iPhone Calendar not syncing with Mac.

What slightly differ are the operation steps.