Oh hi my names mac

From me and Lauren!

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Oh hi! My name's Mac, ecstasy, cocaine and crack, none of that I just smoke green while Chinese people eat your cat.

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Roll by on a low-ride Huffy Simpsons on and my beer is Duff see, cuff rolled up to my cap, cash out the ass cuz I wrote a couple raps with Puffy. Give me vodka now and start sucking on my balls!

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Gonna kill it til it's dead, I'mma try to hit'em in the head, corn-fed, Midwestern whore bred. She looks so thick and juicy give it to me in the booty shorts then you gotta get up in the morning n get out Let's speed it up — big breath Never been a counterfeit of nothing I am just an elevated entity I'm coming and giving it back then pumping dump on every instrument with increments of sentiments and syllables I lunge I'm livid again I'm sticking it in their muffins make a couple million I'm hoping to I'm going to so gimme another reason I should sit around an not experience benefits of getting down when all the drivel that they're spitting is so hideous Godzilla fear the viciousness!

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Let's Practice! Pale Kid Raps Fast - Mac Lethal

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