Annies mac and cheese recipes

I adore the classic combo of broccoli and cheddar, so this one is a favorite. Just add in some Green Giant broccoli When looking to add flavor, I can always count on fire-roasted tomatoes. And some basil and cream just seemed like the natural thing to do next.

And oh, was it good! I love this one! Goddess perfection!

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With summer practically here, I cannot get enough caprese in my life… caprese mac and cheese is like a whole new level of deliciousness! You make me soo hungry when I come to your blog.

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I love seeing real food not just desserts here. Mac n cheese has always been comfort food to me, along with hot dogs. Parents owned businesses so they needed something quick to whip up so I could totally see myself as a very happy kid in your home. Beautiful photos too! Yummy that looks so good!

Annie's Vegan Mac and Cheese Taste Test

Thanks for the opportunity! I love the Annies all star spaghetti rings! They are so good…and good for you. My kids will eat any of their products!!! Your email address will not be published.

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Amped-Up Annie's Shells & Cheese

Servings: 4. Author: Hip Foodie Mom. Instructions Using a medium to large sized pot, bring a pot of water to a boil. Cook pasta shells according to box instructions. During the last minutes of cooking, add the broccoli florets and hot dogs. Drain the water, rinse and place everything back into the pot.

To help, I drafted the biggest mac-and-cheese fans I know: my children.

Recipes - Annie's Homegrown

We made four boxes over the course of a Sunday night and then waddled around helplessly like a family of Weebles. My daughter said the experience might have cured her of her mac-and-cheese obsession.

For journalism! Let me tell you why I prefer this box mac-and-cheese primarily from a preparation standout: It does not have a powder. You simply squeeze a pouch of Velveeta a. And a damn fine one, I might add.


My co-tasters did not agree. Ingrates, I tell ya. This is the batch that prompted the above desperation.

Velveeta Shells & Cheese

It was not that cooperative. Even my co-tasters, who would prefer a diet solely made of mac-and-cheese, turned up their cute noses at this one. Their ketchup is pretty good, though.