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How to Get Default Gateway Address in Mac OS X

Page content loaded. I'm having this exact same problem only started occurring a few days ago. Does anyone know where the configuration used to update the default route internet sharing might be hiding? Jul 3, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

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Mac OSX Tutorial: How to Delete Default Mac Applications

Question: Q: Question: Q: Reset the default route to make Internet Sharing work again in Lion I've experienced a failure of internet sharing and attempted all the solutions in these forums without success. Finally, after long investigating the problem, I've foud the culprit and a solution. First of all, before activating the sharing, note your default route, type netstat -nr grep default and take a note of the IP address reported after "default" in the line returned, say it is Then activate the sharing and issue the following two commands route delete default route add default Hope this helps, Massmo.

Very useful indeed! Thank you! Get your apostrophes fixed will you!

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How can I take this site seriously? John, can you stay on topic? This has nothing to do with Microsoft, whatever your frustration is with Microsoft it does not matter because it has nothing to do with this!

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The only subnet sizes in which. Not only that, but the very first IP address in a network is the network address. Routers are often on the first usable host IP address. Your gateway address is the hardware of whatever you use to access the internet, it could be a modem, or an iPhone, or an Android, it does not have to be a router! Questions: 1.

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Macos adding route

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Macos adding route

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