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The website Pics4learning. This site is widely used by teachers and students specifically for projects, presentations, videos or any school project that needs free images.

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This website, cyclo. This aids the users in maximizing their efforts in finding the right images for their specific needs. This site tries to be able to provide one stop shop services for those people who use their engine. School Clip Art. They believe that using these images can help in motivating students in staying interested in their day to day lessons.

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They provide free clipart for teachers and students, having hundreds of copyright friendly clipart categories containing thousands of images which can be used by students and teachers for educational purposes. It has a multitude of free stock photos containing places, people, animals, establishments and the like.

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This site does not use only words to define their photos and other images; they use concepts, making it easier for users to find what they need and possibly more. All their images can be used for personal, educational and commercial purposes. Their images can be used for blogs, school projects, presentations, publications and other projects which require images.

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  4. When a user conducts a search, the related images are shown in thumbnails, making it easier for them to find the pictures they need. Login with another account Not a member?

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    Clip Art: How To Download Free iMac Clip Art

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    Opening a Word document and adding ClipArt on a Mac computer.

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    Why not take a 2 mins break and keep going later? Are you crazy with the limitation of 2 Free Downloads per day and you have to wait for tomorrow? Designed an amazing graphic, but worried about infringement and afraid to use it for commercial. Share an account with a friend, but it has been restricted by the login.

    The Team Premium. Do you think Pngtree makes your job easier? Contributor Project Go Upload. You have to agree to the service agreement to download any clips.

    Where is Clip Art in Word and PowerPoint 2016 for Mac?

    If you have lots of time or if you love legal gobbledygook, go ahead and read each word, and then accept the agreement. The same dialog that provided the Save option also lets you choose an Open With option. Apple Safari does it right, but you have to manually append a.