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Added Oct 31, If the examples on the webpage are representative, then this is the most astonishingly good image regularization filter that I have ever seen. It is based on a non-linear diffusion technique. It can be used for noise and artifact removal, resizing, and inpainting which means filling in missing image regions. It works on color photographs and cartoons. Added Feb 2, Here are some case studies by people who have used Potrace to do interesting things.

I particularly love projects that use Potrace to create objects in the physical world, such as C. Scott Ananian's article on how to make stained glass windows from color scans, and Matt Parsons's project on creating a model airplane from old scanned blueprints.

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Automatic generation of stained glass from scanned photos by C. Scott Ananian. This is an article about how to create vectorized map data using Potrace. Matt Parsons's model airplane project. Constructing model airplanes from old scanned schematics. Fragmented , an art project by Toby Skinner. Here are some web articles, listings, blogs, and books that cover Potrace and its applications. Trying Potrace [ English ] by Exocert. Potrace, rad image vectorizer by Will Benton. Converting images from bitmap to vector format [ English ] by Mike Vargas. How to create your own font [ English ] by B.

The little things by daveg dorja. Open Source Alternatives by Anders Rasmussen. How to make slides from handwritten notes using Potrace by Vince Vatter. Scott Horne, O'Reilly, This is a reference book on fonts, and also contains a brief section on Potrace. This article introduces a new vector graphics primitive for representing color images, with very impressive results.

Some small part of the algorithm is inspired by Potrace. A very nice article about creating stencils for spray-painting. While the article does not mention tracing directly, it would be useful for this sort of application. Potrace alphamax 1. A blog post about Potrace's alphamax parameter.

Describes a new technique to simplify sketch drawings that comes close to artists' "inking". After cleaning up the image using a neural network, Potrace is used to perform the final vectorization.


A blog post in which the author describes how she used Potrace in her computerized sewing machine software. Important notice about ports. If you are planning to modify Potrace, including making a port of Potrace to another programming language, please be aware of the following. While the source code of Potrace is licensed under the GNU General Public License, the name "Potrace" is my trademark, and may only be used with my permission. In practice, I will permit the use of the name "Potrace" in connection with a port of Potrace to another programming language, provided that the port complies with the term of the GNU General Public License and produces the same high quality vectorized output as the original Potrace.

Ports that are buggy or do not produce high quality output are not permitted to use the name "Potrace". To ensure compliance with this policy, please run your port by me before making it public. Also, if you use the "Potrace" name or any derivative, such as "MyPotrace" , you must provide a name and email address where I can reach you.

Derivatives of Potrace that are posted anonymously or where the authors cannot be reached or do not reply to email or bug reports are not permitted to use the name "Potrace". Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, I do not warrant the quality of any third-part ports; any ports that are posted here are provided "as is", without any warranty.

Potracer , by Kenny Parnell. Ruby bindings for Potrace.

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Added October 16, A port of Potrace 1. Added May 1, PotrAs , by Nitoyon. Another port of Potrace 1. Vectorization , by Wolfgang Nagl. Added Aug 23, , updated Feb 23, PyPotrace , by Eternalsquire. Python bindings for Potrace. Added Apr 12, Python bindings for Potrace, also available here. Graphics::Potrace , by Flavio Poletti. Perl bindings for Potrace, also available here.

Added Dec 26, Scale it up and you start to see the individual pixels. A vector graphic, however, defines just the relationship of arcs and lines, which can be colored or filled with tints or patterns, and can be scaled to any size large or small.

Raster to Vector Conversion using Free Software

Text included in vector files are almost always made of vectors themselves! Why render an SVG when you could just include it on a webpage? SVGs take processing power and have other limitations relative to bitmaps. Vector art also sweeps in PDF files, which may combine type, vector, and bitmap images.

I tried several other applications including file converters, CAD programs, and image processing programs without success for various reasons.

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I also tried Super Vectorizer, which proved useless for me as it provided double traces of all the artwork with a number of defects in each trace. I wasted much time trying to correct and scale the results. Finally as a last resort I decided to try Image Vectorizer despite its poor rating. I have been very pleased with the results which have been very clean, accurate, compatible, and scalable. I very much recommend this App for bitmap to dxf conversions. I hunted and scoured and tried pretty much all the other free online and downloadable apps to do this job, and the only one that is actually is any good on a professional level is this app.

7 Best Raster To Vector Converters

So I got rid of Adobe Illustrator and now use Affinity Designer brilliant choice, such a better experience, I totally recommend you switch too. The only problem with this upgraded vector experience is that Affinity Designer does not currently have a raster-to-vector engine in it but it is in their up coming features list, FYI.

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I work with customers that send me grainy low-res images for engraving and working in Illustrator with the trace program is a hassle for that small task and resource hungry. It takes less than a second and I can very quickly determine if the blurry jpeg I was handed will work without opening a large vector graphics program.