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Choose X from the dropdown menu next to Values , like I did in the image below:. I chose to show a short date, remove the time, and have the labels placed in the center. Now, to make the labels clearly visible on the timeline, you will want to tweak their font size and color.

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In my case, I decreased the text size from 50 to 30 and set black as the font color. What I wanted to do next is remove the Axis Y labels because they overlapped some of my milestone descriptions and didn't really add much meaning to my timeline. While still in the Value Y tab, I also want to remove the horizontal lines that cut across the graphic to improve legibility.

To do so, simply select None from the menu under Major Gridlines.


You may also want to add some vertical gridlines to show the relative distance between milestones more clearly. Choose the type of Major and Minor Gridlines you want to add to your graphic from the corresponding sections. In my example, I opted to use a straight 0. Add more intermediary vertical gridlines by increasing the number of Minor Steps under Axis Scale.

In my example, I also wanted to fully include the uppermost milestone in the gridline area. After completing all the steps above, the resulting timeline should look like the one below:.

Poll Everywhere for Mac works with PowerPoint and Keynote

With your bubble chart properly formatted, you can now personalize it by applying a few styling choices. Change milestone colors. If you want to change the default colors generated by Keynote, you need to select the chart area, click on the bubble you want to recolor and use the Fill color indicator under the Style tab. This is a great opportunity to categorize your milestones by setting a color code that shows their status, for instance. Add effects. While on the Style tab, you may also choose to apply some effects to the chart bubbles such as strokes or shadows.

However, in order to avoid burdening the visual too much, it is recommended that you keep these to a minimum. I opted for adding a simple gray outline to all my milestones using the Stroke feature. Add a title : Select the chart area, and tick the Title box under the Chart Options section of the Chart tab. To change the type, size, color and alignment of your title, double-click on it and use the options in the pane on the right. After all the steps above have been completed, my final timeline in Keynote looks like this:.

Manually creating a timeline in Keynote is relatively easy, if the visual relies on simple project data. In the following section, I will show you how to use the web-based timeline generator called Office Timeline Online to automatically make a timeline, which can be then customized and updated with only a few clicks. Anker's popular, already affordable car chargers and dash cams are even Pay what you want for a Humble Book Bundle on programmable boards!

In the window that automatically opens when you launch the app, navigate to the location of your PowerPoint file.

Replacing missing fonts

You can also click on the File menu and select Open, then navigate to your presentation. IDG A window may appear, explaining any changes that were made during the import process. The more complicate your PowerPoint presentation formatting, fonts, images, etc. The simpler the document, the more your file will resemble what you created in PowerPoint. Lastly, another benefit to using LibreOffice is it has a global community of talented developers behind it. The software is updated frequently which is really great for its price tag!

Basically, what you do with this app is you upload your media files to it and then rearrange it accordingly, sort of like making a mini-movie. You can then add some text and subtitles to your slideshow, add a voiceover, or just have your favorite tune play in the background while your slideshow is playing.

How to Save a Mac PowerPoint Into Keynote

You can spice up your slideshow by using various themes, filters and effects. Saving your slideshow is a breeze and you can save it into a number of different video formats. One really cool feature of Focusky is the ability to zoom and pan from one part of your presentation to another. Focusky is actually a bit similar to how Prezi works, so again, if you do decide to use this software, I urge you not to get trigger-happy with using all the animations available at your fingertips.

Otherwise, you may induce motion sickness on your audience! Think about it — do you truly value your time?

How to Open Powerpoint File in Keynote

If you say yes, then Slidebean just might be the answer to your presentation woes. The software was designed to make the creation process as simple as possible. You can finally focus on getting your message out into the world and let Slidebean automatically handle the design for you! With just a few clicks you can change the appearance of your slides. You can insert a variety of elements to spice up your presentation — images, videos, icons, and even charts and graphs.

Haiku Deck has been reaping tons of good reviews on the web. With Haiku Deck, all you have to do is type in a few key points on your slide and it will automatically search millions of royalty-free images that match the keywords on your slide.

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  4. Give it a try — you can create a free account which gives you the ability to create one presentation. Google Slides is one of the more commonly known PowerPoint alternatives. As with any software, there are pros and cons to using Slides. Third, collaborating with someone on your team is simple. You just need to share the file, assign their roles, and watch them edit your document in real time! Google has an excellent track record when it comes to their products. For sales teams, hitting sales targets is a must. Spending hours creating presentation slides takes you away from what you really ought to be doing — making sure those sales targets are met!

    For on the go presentations, you never want to worry about losing your Internet connection, or worse, your presentation file.

    Poll Everywhere for Mac works with PowerPoint and Keynote | Poll Everywhere

    With Custom Show, you can present online or offline, on a laptop or even your iPad. Knowing these numbers can make a lot of difference to help you improve your presentations and close big business deals! Swipe is the second app on this list that supports the use of Markdown language the other one is 5 — Deckset.

    But the similarities end there.