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Thank you very much for all these details but I believe this is not the product that fits my needs. Wish you good and hope so many of your your customers will sound better soon.

Best, Jehan. Neither Bennor nor I work for WD. This forum is not WD Support, and we are not WD Support staff; we are customers, just like you, trying to help fellow customers. In this case, trying to help you get access to the files you need. You may be right. It is intended for home use, not business.

Frankly, if I needed to have access to images that were essential for my business, I would be using a secure commercial cloud service, or a portable hard drive. Maybe you need to research your purchases more carefully in future, to make sure they meet your needs. I thank you for your time trying to help me and make me understand better what I had bought and realize WD MyCloud was not at all the product I needed. I will indeed go with portable HardDrive instead. Thank you again Best to your forum.

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Running Mac OS Sierra. Please help. I have all the pictures of my 2 baby girls since born in that NAS bought it to backup everything before doing a hard reset on my Mac.

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If it is local to your network, simply map the MyCloud as a network drive download and read the MyCloud user manual to find out how to do this and access it with your regular file manager, just like any other disk. If you are trying to access remotely, go home or to wherever your MyCloud is located , connect to the network there, and do the above. Your pictures are probably still on the MyCloud.

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Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. My Cloud. Bennor April 21, , pm 2. Do you know what is going wrong? Bennor April 22, , pm 4. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. We've noticed that the zip files produced here fail to expand automatically when double-clicked on some Macs. Error 2 - No such file or directory. However, the zip file will unpack just fine on the command line with unzip. Most reports of this online are connected to too-large zip files GBs or corrupt files, but this happens with small files, and they open just fine on the command line.

A couple of possibly-relevant issues:. I've found that Python produces different zip files depending on whether the output file handle is streaming no seek method. It looks like OSX is happy with the non-streaming files, but can't deal with the streaming-produced ones. The easiest way of resolving this is to re-download or re-copy the zip file from it's original source and re-try opening it up again.

Without having more information, here's a list of possible things that could be happening:. All of these problems are non-intuitive and the fixes for them are equally non-intuitive and technical. I think your best bet is trying to re-acquire the file again. Welcome to tutel. Language Thread English.

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Toggle search. Home apple error opening a zip file no such file or directory. By user 8 Comments. Step 1: Repair disk permissions. Alternatively, it may not exit cleanly.

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If you're presented with Is this a single-disk archive? Mathias Henry Glendening Federico Pacerier Avery Chan Without having more information, here's a list of possible things that could be happening: The zip "folder" doesn't exist. You wrote folder, but I'm assuming you meant file.

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What could happen is that you marked a normal, non-zip, file as a zip file by accidentally adding. So your computer thinks it is a zip file but it's not actually a zip file. The destination doesn't exist.