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There are also two modes: History and Favorites. Switch smoothly between them with horizontal swiping or clicking on a respective icon. Our handy clipper app automatically records everything you copy in clipboard history in the chronological order. Its vault keeps up to 50 latest copied elements which stay there even after Unclutter relaunch or system reboot.

Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac

After all, you can always simply check what is currently copied in the system clipboard. And to avoid awkward situations — like sending something inappropriate to your boss or else. Clipboard Favorites is a separate list for keeping the clips you use most often. To add an item to this list, you click on its star icon in Clipboard History. The item stays in Favorites unless you unstar it. This is quite similar to what we have in Unclutter Files panel where you can store your most frequently used files and folders.

When you choose an element from the list, it opens to show itself in full and immediately gets copied in your Mac clipboard again. Click on it and make some edits.

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After you finish, the updated text is ready for paste. Well, in our case, it includes your passwords, ID numbers, personal and private info, etc.

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Unclutter Clipboard recognizes such sensitive data and disguises it with dots. Besides, in settings, you can specify those apps the data of which is to be considered as the secret one.

The invitation took me back to a time "pre- CC" when I didn't have the ability to see any history of my clipboard, let alone the power to go back and paste a clipboard item that I copied to the clipboard but have copied 79 items since. No kidding! My copy clip is set to temember the last 80 items I copied to clipboard.

Copy and Paste on a Mac like a pro

It is like I no longer write, create or design in fear of losing stuff. My astoundment stems from my totally forgetting about thse college days when in a matter of seconds, a twety-nine page research paper could be gone with no chance of retrieval all because I copied to clipboard, deleted one graphic from the paper, accidentally copied a second graphic to the clipboard and POOF!! I mean if you're readng this and you do not yet have copy clip installled, please do it now.

And for those who are thinking, "How stupidi of that guy to not have a back up of those 29 pages!!

How to cut & paste folders and files, on Mac OS Sierra

I have Copy Clip and you don't! Me stupid? What took YOU so long to finally get here? I cannot even begin to guess how many exasperating hours of re-typing this would have saved me when I was completing my degree a few years ago. Whether you use the copy and paste keyboard shortcuts or the menu items is entirely up to the user preference, though generally speaking if you can master the keyboard shortcuts for copy and the keystroke for paste, you can often navigate faster than using the menu options.

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