Trisha yearwood mac and cheese recipe

I never knew she was a cookbook girl, LOL. Love the sounds of the mac and cheese, wish I could eat pasta:. I tried this recipe with pre-cooked noodles and skipped the crockpot and used the oven! I got rave reviews and its perfect each time and cheaper than using velveeta, sourcream and other cheeses.. Bake it covered in buttered dish for 55 minutes and uncovered for ten mins! Peace out Pages Home Recipes. First - grate your cheese - I decided to use one brick of mild and one brick of sharp - whoo hoo, good arm exercise and boy is that a lot of cheese. Sprinkle the reserved cheese over the top of the mixture and then sprinkle with paprika.

Notice that it didn't say to pre-cook the macaroni so I didn't and it all was done and tender when I took it out. However, when I watched her cooking show, she pre-cooked it and added it - I might try that next time but it cooked just fine adding in dried pasta. Cover and cook on low heat for 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Here’s your ingredient list for Trisha Yearwood’s Chili Mac and Cheese:

Turn off the crockpot, stir the mixture and serve hot. The finished dish was not as thick as I like mac and cheese to be If I make this again, I will leave out half of the milk, I would add a little bit of dry mustard and I would use all sharp cheddar. Posted by Disneypal at AM. Labels: Recipes , Trisha Yearwood. Stove-top Mac and Cheese with Cheese Crisps. Best Southern Cookbooks.

Does anyone have tips for reheating this?

Trisha Yearwood's Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I think the microwave tends to dry it out a bit…. I have a question. Having said that, the recipe calls for 8oz cooked pasta. Thank you and thanks for the wonderful recipe! I have been making this recipe for years. I undercook the noodles and I use a ton of cheese. More than the recipe calls for, and an assortment. I never have any leftover when I take it somewhere. I once had someone tell me she hates mac and cheese and she had just eaten her 3rd bowl of mine. I tried this for the first time today. It is absolutely amazing! I used the wickedly sharp cheese and it turned out great!

I am taking it for dinner tonight with my day but I had the girls in my office try it too. They all agree is is delicious!!!! We will all be making this again. That is exactly the way I want it. It turned into a mixture that resembled cheese grits with macaroni. And the taste of it reminded me of an egg casserole rather than mac n cheese. I put everything in the crockpot and stirred it up, put it on low, and went to church.

But not creamy at all. And even though I sprayed the sides with the cooking spray, the sides had burned. This was my first time to make it and for Easter dinner no less. Very disappointing!!! If I had made this once and it turned out like everyone else says, and this happened the second time I made it, then I would suspect something went wrong, but for a first time attempt, it was very disappointing.

If that truly is the issue, I wish the recipe would have had a warning about that and we would have known to steer clear of using that kind of cheese. The amount of cheese seemed a bit overboard so I used 16 oz sharp cheddar and about 12 oz pasta, still turned out delicious! For some reason the cheese did not melt the way I had hoped and it came out very strange.

The cheese ended up melting into little tiny pieces that make the texture awful. It did not turn into the cheesy sauce-like texture that I remembered from the first time I made it. I definitely did not leave out any ingredients but not sure if I messed something up when putting everything in the crockpot. Perhaps because I put everything else in first and then the cheese last?

I went and watched Trisha on youtube and she puts the cheese in right after the macaroni. I did definitely stir everything together though before adding the topping cheese and closing the lid. I am going to try it again soon because I think something just went wrong.

Lastly, I shredded my own cheese ahead of time while the pasta was cooking so it definitely warmed up a bit. Should I have put the cheese in the fridge to keep it cold? Any help is appreciated! Sometimes extra-sharp cheese does not do weel in a crock pot. Did you maybe use that instead of sharp? Mine turned out the same way unfortunately. So disappointing. I followed the recipe except used 8oz of extra sharp cheese and 12oz reg sharp.

Could this small substitution make the recipe gritty? Very good flavor Exactly three hours on low with uncooked elbows Then left pot on warm for about an hour. All regular milk worked fine, and also did not use the butter Five minutes prep! Is it going to expand when cook it with the other ingredients?

I make this every time for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Other than that I use what the recipe calls for! I cook the noodles very little because the hotness will finish the job in the crockpot! Delicious and my Mac always get cleaned out first…everytime! Thanks for the recipe! Do you know what I should do.

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It was wonderful and my daughter and grandchildren loved it! Best mac and cheese I have ever eaten. Getting ready to make it for a pot luck and want to double it. The hardest part was mixing everything together. This seems like a lot of trouble for a mac and cheese recipe. And a long wait! But I am going to try it. Would lacto free milk work? Has anyone tried it with lacto free products? Do not put water in with this Mac and Cheese…. Look online for recipes using the noodles uncooked — they are very similar, taste better and are easier.

Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese | Cooking With Libby

You do not need to add water. Please do not add water. Yes, it will ruin the recipe. The pasta will cook in the milk and cheese. No need for water. I make lasagna and baked ziti in the crockpot using just the ingredients called for and raw pasta and it is great. Allow room for pasta to expand as it cooks. It turns out great every time. Do you happen to know how much water to add to the crock pot if I were to use uncooked pasta? I am so confused. Only 1 ounce of macaroni noodles?

How will this make enough for 8. What am I missing here. I have made this in the crock pot and oven, both were out of this world delicious!!! I prefer the oven baked one because I am old school cook like my mom and grandmothers before me. Such a delicious recipe! Thank you Trisha!! I make this all the time and it is our favorite recipe! Quick question though, we will be gone all day and I wanted it to be done when we got home. What are your thoughts about keeping the crockpot on Keep Warm for about 6 hrs?

I know my crock pot stays pretty hot on warm. I made 5xs the recipe and it turned out amazing. I cooked it in a large roaster. Everyone loved it and several asked for the recipe.

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I have now been asked to make it every year. So easy to make and turned out perfectly! Smells amazing. I ran out of cheddar so I topped it with velveeta and it worked perfectly. Successful dish and a crowd pleaser for sure. I made the Mac n chz tonite for dinner the flavor was great but the chz was in little gritty clumps and not creamy. Anybody else have this problem and found a way to fix it??? I would love to make it again with more success. Cheese tends to separate pretty easily under high heat.