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Files to Convert. File Name File Size Progress. You're in good company: Zamzar has converted over million files since File extension. It is a very powerful tool that you can use to create presentations that include pictures, graphs, text and many other objects. Many businesses and students that have to present something will almost always do their presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Entrance, emphasis, and exit of elements on a slide itself are controlled by what PowerPoint calls Custom Animations Transitions.

These can be animated in a variety of ways. For example you can customise the animation to create small story boards by animating pictures to enter, exit or move. Verify the image resolution of the generated file again and you will see that the export image now has a resolution of by pixels. This is a high-resolution exported image from your PowerPoint design and it much better looking that the original or default PowerPoint settings.

From now on, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to generate high quality images from your presentation! Does PowerPoint Compress Images? Slide design of A3 and then A4. Both exported to JPG.

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When I check the files, they both have a perfect dpi according to the properties. How are you checking? Maybe you can help with this mystery! My registry is edited to export at — when I save a deck as. However, when I use Powerpoints Save As, Picture Presentation, the images on the decks save at low resolution and look terrible. Hi Eileen, Frustrating when your high-quality images get destroyed when saving.

Most people would not care, but professionals do. Let me know.

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Great tip — I use PowerPoint — and this worked just fine for me. One suggestion, for those users who are unsure using the registry editor, you might add a step telling them how to exit the editor…there is no save or anything like that — but some might be hesitant just closing the editor after making the change — but that is all that is required.

Again — thank you. Thanks John, correct remark. Thanks for this great set of instructions — I have used them previously and they worked perfectly. This time however, not so much… the new DWORD does not seem to have any impact and the files are still exporting as low resolution images. Hi Dayna, Would it be possible to export the specific registry setting to a file and post its content here? Open the registry and go to that same folder that you used.

At the left pane, right click the Options folder and choose to export from the popup menu. Set its filename and save it to e. Optionally you can change the default file type of. Afterwards, you open the file with a text editor like notepad and copy the content and paste it in here. Hello, I followed your instructions and notice that when I close BitMapResolution for DWord 32 bit and reopen to ensure it was saved, that it reverts to hexadecimal and 12c, but when I click on decimal it is set to When I load the new jpeg on to a web site, reducing the size to a U.

Are you able to see the error of my ways and help me find the solution? Steve, 2 comments. No need to start the slide show and then take a print screen. There is an easier option. With your presentation open, click File, Save as, and set the type of e. JPG and then export one or all slides.

Depending on your needs and output monitor, that is considered as high-quality already, definitely good quality. So when you insert this on your website and it shows low-quality or blurry afterwards, then there is probably nothing wrong with the image itself and then you have to look into the website specific information. Do you have something compressing images on that side? Save the image again from the web browser and check out its resolution.

How to get publication quality figures (300dpi) in PowerPoint - tutorial

Is it? Hello, Thanks for the prompt and thorough response. I am experiencing a new problem. Today before I attempted your suggestion 1, I checked the previously saved image properties and found it was now at pixels x pixels, so I attempted to follow your suggestion to save the image from one slide. Could any of these settings be impacting my final product? Regarding your suggestion 2, I am using a 3rd party infographics web site see link below where I am wanting to import an image and adjust it to fit into provided templates.

Once the image is sized down to about an inch, it loses recognition, becoming just a blur. Thanks in advance for any guidance that you may provide. I apologize for the long winded description but I wanted to be thorough and not waste any of your time. Best, Steve. Steve, one step back to the correct save as process. You are almost there. After that, it will ask you if you want to export the current slide only, or all slides of a presentation. When you choose all slides, then it will create a new folder at your location, with files named slide1, slide2 etc. Try to do that first, so that we have a good and clean start.

Maybe try to get the save as done correctly and then retry. Maybe you can send in the picture as well, or a link to it, so that we can confirm that the outputted image is correct. Note that px is way to small for a full screen image or poster. But maybe you are using a smaller medium….

Hello, Thanks for your continued support on this matter. What am I missing? I am using Windows 10 Home with Office on a 64 bit operating system, if that helps?

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My ultimate goal is to be able to quickly save each of my original art works from Powerpoint in jpeg and have the professional quality resolution that you have described in your article. I often need to adhere to various web site requirements and the need to reduce or increase the art work size in appearance depending on the desired project while retaining the highest quality resolution.

I am determined to solve this riddle and am hoping that you are able and willing to guide me in the right direction. I have reached a point of frustration but I must conquer the beast. That does not seem to be true. That is the only way to export high-quality images! Try that and check out the resolution of the saved image. Thanks for your patients in helping me address this challenge of mine. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. That resolution sounds much better indeed. That is what people call high-resolution pictures. Great to read that it is working now for you. Have a nice weekend too, what rests of it.

Great explanation! For once a positive experience of following instructions step by step and not running into a problem! Thank you, it helped a lot!

Save PPT Slides as High Resolution Images for Publications

I have a problem when using your way. Could you please give me advice? Thank you. Thank you for the great article! Maybe you need this. You can enter an explicit pixels value as slide size in PowerPoint. I managed to get from 96 to dbi. What is your version of PowerPoint? Can you export your registry settings just that part and paste it here? I see that you have used value instead of But that should work too.

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  • Tell me: what is your slide size? So when you have e. There seems to be a maximum on the pixels, being Are you hitting that? What is your slide size? It is the same with and dpi. I did so and exported with dpi. Then I lowered to dpi.

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    • No, scaling is something different. You need to start with a proper slide size. That reflects how big the slide, and later on the image is. Hi Joe. Thought as much. Select Export and click on Create a Video to access the video export menu. Changing the dpi setting in PowerPoint The trick to changing PowerPoint's dpi setting, is that you do not actually change it in PowerPoint.

      How to Export High-Resolution Images from PowerPoint

      Select Run from the Start menu. Type regedit into the Run box, and then click OK. Once the Registry Editor has opened, navigate your way to the registry key for PowerPoint. This will depend on which version of PowerPoint you are using. In the Value data box, type your desired resolution value: , then click Decimal the value will change to , and then click OK.

      Exit the Registry Editor. Saving a high resolution image in PowerPoint To save an image, you simply export a PowerPoint slide as a picture. Have the slide that you want to export open. Select Save As from the File menu. In the Save as dialog, select the type of file that you want to export your slide as. Why use PowerPoint to create images at all? As I've, a lot of people have Office installed on their computers, and universities often provide Office for their research students and staff. Because of its large user base, researchers often crunch their numbers and create their figures in Excel.