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I did a lot of research trying to get my own Mac mini running 32GB However I am told that currently there is a fundamental non-fixable issue on all Intel processors except Avoton and Rangeley, other Silvermont BayTrail is affected that means that these dies are not recognised. Have fun! Another excerpt: " With a 4 Gbit package, to access the row, all 16 are used A0 to A15 , whereas a column uses 10 A0 to A9.

They simply didn't implement the DDR3 specification entirely until too late. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement. Related 5. One year, a new smartphone or laptop may be the easiest thing in the world to upgrade, while the next model can end up being very unfriendly to do-it-yourself fixes and tweaks. Making matters worse, once you dig a little deeper iFixit found that there were no pop-out RAM slots at all.

Instead, the RAM is soldered directly onto the logic board. But where Apple taketh away, Apple also giveth If the new Mac Pro doesn't have Xeons inside, it'll get laughed off stage. Wouldn't the new iMac be a better comparison?

Yes, it's possible to upgrade a 2018 Mac Mini's RAM. No, it's not easy

The Mac mini has always been hamstrung by its small form factor. What a bummer. I still have the Mac Mini powering my house We were seriously hoping this might be useful - but it fails to meet our needs. Given that we have no Mac specific needs but need a Unix , I'm just sad.

Mac mini (Late 2012) - RAM Upgrade/Installation Tutorial

I know it has been too long and the price is upped. But I am going to buy this. For an always on server at home nothing beats the Mac mini. Excellent os, excellent build quality, modest power usage, silent. I'm interested to know what you run on this server I have a small Intel NUC running windows that runs always-on and does some of these things just fine, but I'm always looking for some excuses to upgrade a gadget. AnonC 8 months ago. I would like to use this as a file server and a torrent client.

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I tend to use such machines for a decade or longer for as long as it doesn't break down completely , and considering that right now using Linux on these with access to these SSDs is difficult, I fear I might be out of up-to-date options in the future. That is seriously seriously over-specced for a fileserver.

Truly worth every cent. Me too - I have one of the first intel models - it is still running - the only thing that kills them is that they eventually become obsolete. Same here - The only thing that kills them is Apple. It's not for me but I'm happy that this little machine gets to continue with new iterations. I guess the only question is "who is it for" and "why is it for them"? I don't expect this product line to be the most popular mac product line, but it does have it's users. Possibly used in other cross platform mobile development workflows.

Who: People working in video, photography, and anyone that heavily uses a 10GB network. Who: companies with macos server programs running. Who: Everyday consumers. Why: Small footprint. It's the cheapest Mac for people that like MacOS but don't the need portability of a macbook or the monitor of an iMac. Put me down under number 1. I'm dreading buying anything from Apple, but I need to compile my React Native app. I keep waiting for old generation macs to enter the used market to drive down prices.

Hopefully I can snag a used one, compile once, and forget about the experience. Have you considered hosted options? Prices for the new hardware haven't yet been announced. Either way, if they keep their same pricing, there's a 12 month break even of buying your own hardware if you don't need to be on a data center backbone. Good points. Do you know anyone who offers a Digital Ocean type of service where you can quickly spin up a machine and pay by the hour?

May be useful for people who only need a machine occasionally to compile an app for iOS. Still absurdly expensive, but this might be a solution. I could use a friends unused mac Thank you for the idea, I seriously didnt consider that. I'm currently an MBP user and have been for several years. But I find myself not using the keyboard and screen that often, most of what I do is shuttle between home and office where I have better keyboards and larger screens. For those few times when I actually need a portable screen and keyboard, it may be possible to use an ipad pro for that, might be worth checking that out, or some other solution may be out there.

Likewise on the MBP, I seldom actually need a battery, so I feel like I'm paying a huge premium for the laptop form factor. That said, I can afford the MBP; as a professional, one shouldn't cheap out on tools that help you get your job done efficiently. It's for me! It's a new Mac, and it's the cheapest model. There's no big mystery.

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It's not the fastest, but all computers are fast enough now that it doesn't really matter to me. I've already got a pair of big displays and a keyboard and mouse and speakers that I like. It's smaller than my Mac Pro, so it will probably save me a bunch on my power bill.

It's pretty portable so I can take it with me, if I need to. It probably supports Linux better than a MacBook, so when Apple stops supporting it, I can still make good use of it. Those features seems to be on the way out with their professional models, anyway.

How to Upgrade Aluminum Mac mini RAM (Memory):

The only real downside is that the hardware isn't very upgradable, but that's basically the case with all Macs today, so until it gets so painful that I leave MacOS for Linux again, I'll just have to live with it. A new Mac Pro might be nice, but it could be a year before we see that, and nobody has any idea what it's going to be. My hunch is it'll be expensive.

SloopJon 8 months ago. We use the trashcan Mac Pros at work to host VMs, and it's kind of a pain in the tuchas: terrible form factor, wicked expensive, and really outdated. These maxed out Mac Minis will be better for us in almost every way. As a home user, I just might get this instead of building another hackintosh, but my guess is that it will be less interesting priced with a usable configuration.

If the memory and storage is user upgradable, on the other hand I definitely see us getting these at work. For home use, I like that I can upgrade the memory, but Apple is predictably marking up the storage big time. It's pretty offensive. It would have been for me if it were available a year ago.

I needed a family computer, to use in a shared space. I looked at the Mac Mini, but new ones had soldered RAM and didn't want to invest in a used model. I bought a 27 inch iMac because it was the only Mac with up-gradable memory.

Apple Mac mini review

Have already upgraded the memory to 32GB, so all four of us can be logged in at the same time. This Mini, with a 3rd party RAM upgrade, would have been perfect. Could have used the monitor, keyboard and mouse I already owned. The imac would also do, but I prefer buying the screen separately and the imac is still a lot more expensive euro more for an equally specced imac to the mini I want to get.

Yep, also considering one of these for music software. I'm a dev who's considering getting a Mac; currently running Ubuntu SteveNuts 8 months ago. We use them as servers around the office, mainly to store local caches of Apple updates so we don't saturate our internet bandwidth. Too bad the thunderbolt is not running over a fiber connection. That would have been a better upgrade and made the external devices, GPU etc. Not really; 40 Gbps fiber is the same speed as 40 Gbps copper and fiber can't carry power. I'm a fan on the Mac mini, as an iOS dev it makes the perfect CI build server and continuous deployment machine.

I'm curious, what CI tool s do you run on it? Thanks for the info! How so?

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These chips do a lot of other mundane things like wear leveling for NAND, clearing written cells, etc. If the T2 is taking the place of this controller and communicating directly with the NAND chips it would be at best duplicative of an external SSD controller and at worst completely incompatible. Thanks Alas no, it's basically soldered on. I'd love it with a pair of M. I'd advise getting the smallest flash drive option then just use an external NVMe drive via Thunderbolt.

At least you can upgrade that. Can you move parts of OS X to external storage? MacOS used to be very flexible in this regard - you could clone your drive to an external disk and boot off the external disk very easily - but this may have changed with the T2. Based on the marketing photos on the Apple site it sure looks like the NAND is soldered to the board and not socketed.

I used to be a big Apple fan but with the prices the way they are, I can't do it anymore. ThrowawayR2 8 months ago. Makes me wonder how much of this change is specifically because Apple knows there are people running racks full of Mac Minis doing mobile CI and builds for iOS apps, so they needed to bump up the density for datacenter applications a bit It's still almost impossible to find them aftermarket though.

They are based on the new 16Gbit DDR4 chips. That was in The 3 year old Mac Mini, now for significantly less than a new model! Who remembers when new computers used to come down in price despite inflation? That was the time they also got much faster MHz wise every year. Since when have computers gone up in the future? JustSomeNobody 8 months ago. Or just generally when savings were passed on to consumers.

They were also very, very outdated. Not at the time. I just retired it a couple months ago. So, a 7 year life span. It wasn't a bad investment. And I could still use it for stuff if I wanted. It just won't run the latest and greatest macOS. I'm kinda disappointed that there's only a single SSD option and no way to add another cheaper drive in it. That could've allowed someone to go with the lowest internal SSD drive. I understand Apple wanted to make and keep this one small, but the ability to an internal hard drive could've helped a lot on the cost front and also helped on the speed front compared to an external drive.

In the past, I've replaced the DVD drive with another internal hard drive though that was at a slightly lower speed. I've been waiting for a Mac desktop of some kind.

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I thought it was going to be an iMac, but maybe this is the ticket. If I can just find a decent monitor to pair with it here Thailand it might be a good option. Did anyone see if they said whether these machines are user-upgradable? I have two late models that I've been very happpy with one at home, one at work. Couldn't watch the keynote and haven't seen this said explicitly anywhere But as it has 4 thunderbolt ports, EGPU and external storage are possible.

Can anyone make a guess at whether you lose one of the Thunderbolt ports to have the 10gbE port?