How do i stop the color wheel on my mac

Note that this may result in lost data; for example, the spreadsheet you were working on might not have your latest changes. You might still need to close apps or upgrade your memory to resolve the underlying problem. If, during your busy workday, the spinning ball comes up a lot on your Mac, it may be a symptom that your computer has insufficient RAM memory.

In many cases, the answer is to check your Mac model to see if you can add memory; if it can take more, add more. If your model has soldered-in memory, consider replacing the Mac with another model that has more RAM.

How to Stop the Spinning Wheel on Mac

An active business user may have many apps running on the Mac at the same time: multiple browser tabs, email, spreadsheet documents, contacts, notes and more. Each open app takes up memory, which can lead to a slowdown and the spinning ball. Doing so lightens the memory load on the Mac. In the next section, take a closer look at the possible ways to fix problems associated with the beach ball. Are you stuck on Apple logo and spinning wheel?

Below you can find a list of the possible ways to fix problems that could lead to the never-ending turning spinning beach ball on your screen. Method 1: Uninstall useless apps and extensions. You can do that by simply dragging and dropping them to Trash. Preferably, you also should clear out app-related stuff that may stay on your Mac even after you remove unneeded software. Usually, it lurks in the Library folder and contains the name or the acronym of the app or its developer in the title.

To speed up the process, you can make use of specially designed cleaning apps that will do the job in your place.

Force Quit: Fast Relief

Many ways to free up the disk space on Mac exist. With the help of Activity Monitor, search for the largest and outdated files on your Apple computer. You may also look for the duplicates with the help of the third-party cleaner of your choice. Other types of junk include temporary files, login items, startup items, cache, cookies, downloads, etc. Spotlight is something that allows searching for the files you store on your Mac. The utility creates and maintains the index.

Sometimes, it appears to be corrupted. Thus, take the recommended steps to fix it:.

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Working with utilities like Terminal may be risky for the newbies, so it is better to decide on the special cleaning tool. However, if you decide to buy extra RAM, be ready that only advanced users can install it properly. As far as Safari is the most popular browser among Mac owners being set by default, it would be useful to dedicate a separate block to solving the problem with its spinning wheel. After the upgrade to macOS Sierra or High Sierra, you may notice that the browser is hanging up too often.

There is nothing left except for the Force Quit option. Force Quit is not the best decision as the browser may finally fail. We hope, this article will help you resolve your issues, and you will be seeing the rainbow-colored ball on a sunny beach but not on the screen of your Mac!

Repair your Drive

Try MacFly Pro. Main Menu. A plug-in is incompatible with the content it is attempting to display, the plug-in is out-of-date, or there is a problem with the content itself.

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Last updated: April 30, Solution: Run fewer applications concurrently. In particular, quit unnecessary applications when not in use and open fewer applications as Login Items. If the application crashes, examine it's crash log for clues. If the application fails to respond, do one of the following: Force the application to quit. Terminate the application in Activity Monitor. Control—Command—Media Eject If all else fails, press and hold the power button on your Mac until your computer turns off.

Restart your Mac, preferably in Safe Mode.

How to speed up your Mac and stop the spinning beach ball.