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And with a blade similar to the one in your photograph. Guidelines will be updated soon, until then use the Guidelines v0. If you are one of those hardcore fans and you want to try out more games like Blade and Soul, you should check out the list of titles below and find out which one is the best replacement of Blade and Soul. Also I too am infatuated by the art. All three are PlayOnMac will allow you to play your favorite games on Mac easily. Recipe Add the wine, beef broth, water, bay leaf, thyme, and sugar.

Select the island. For that, please visit our official support pages. Our list of games like Blade and Soul features high quality MMOs with a focus on martial arts, vast worlds and combo orientated combat that shines in PvP. Bring the liquid to a simmer, cover, and place in the oven. The Two Types of Coffee Grinders. Find the hidden objects and three stamps. They are not intended to be used for official CodeWeavers Support. Soguns Lament is the hideout of Asura and is currently one of the most difficult dungeons. It is a powerful tool for pr Watch Blade and Soul channels streaming live on Twitch.

Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Four bosses have to be fought in this dungeon. Explore 7 games like Blade and Soul, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. Blade and Soul has its roots in Korea eventually coming to a Western audience 4 years after the move was announced. G: A: Linux gaming refers to playing and developing video games for the Linux operating system,. Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfycat. Of course answer is absolutely not. Software and hardware options for Mac are lame, or slim at best.

This is not an overstatement. Mac Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, Quicktime, and the rest of the bundled Mac software mostly just sucks, or is extremely limited in what it can do. Luckily some programs like VLC and CuteFTP have recently started to offer Mac versions of their software, but good luck trying to find Mac versions of most popular freeware. Thus, if someone needed Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Macs. Macs are not flexible or customizable. This is a vague way to end things, but mostly because its the only way to sum up all the things that are wrong with Macs.

But hey, as long as the only thing you want to do is change your desktop wallpaper to be the photo you took at the latest indie rock show you attended, then by all means, buy a Mac. It just makes you a reasonable person. Leave your intelligent feedback down below or consider following CollegeTimes on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated or to get in touch!

My parents decided to buy me a Mac. They said it was for studying. I am really a gamer and i play alot of games. I may play games like world of tanks and war thunder. If you parents want to buy you a computer. Please tell them to buy you a windows. You may not use it for studying. But you are gona have a good time gaming. Getting into the BIOS utility is difficult especially if you want to use something like safe mode or choose a temporary startup device like an external hard drive with an operating system already installed.

I even find windows better at the moment. Fuck Apple. The built quality is definitely the top notch. I will return it tomorrow. Well, I use a MacBook Pro about 2 months now. What can I say considering that my 2nd machine is Asus with Ubuntu onboard and attempting to be fair : Mac is more polished in all departments — the design, the Mac OS, Apple infrastructure, etc. But the question occurs: does it much better than any other design, OS, etc? Macs are for those spoilt little stuck up brats who think that gaming can be successful on a frickin right click only PC.

Wait Mac isnt even a pc. Whhat a retarded pos. My Late Dad and I both bought Macs because we were sick of all the malware. I find that, other than browser hijacks like searchbenny and searchmoose, viruses have not been an issue. My PCs had Multiple viruses and worms, and the antivirus software slowed them down, without blocking anything. Of course, Linux is even safer than a Mac. The spinning beach ball of Death, however, IS a constant problem! WORSE-reliability is a serious issue. Every tucking day the app asked me for permission to access my phonebook I disabled this function when setting up my account.

Finally, the app stopped to work: the banner practically switched off application for min. What the heck is that? Ok, I gave up finally and closed my Facebook account and after that I sold my iPhone. The second problem is my iPod Touch 6 battery. Just 2,5 hours of internet no streams, music, etc and I need to recharge it again. There are no games, apps and ofher shit installed. The bottom line: think twice before you buy any especially Apple gadget. Ok, a little update. It turns out that everything is ok with the battery.

My iPod perfectly works about 5 hrs in red zone. So as I see it was a software bug. Gone to Apple store for MacBook Pro just kidding. I agree with all of this. Macs are good for people who want to use computers bu do not want to know too much about them my wife. Trouble is, some of them at some point upgrade themselves to the level when they start understanding few things about computers my wife. Then there are these poor sods like me trying to explain that there are trade-offs …you cannot look under the hood … so if the car does not start..

You can try to keep your system stable, then Apple announces the new spanking shining system upgrade.. They are bust stealing ideas from Linux but they are not bust enough …. Good stuff. Been working as a computer engineer for decades now and this is only the tip of the iceberg as to why all mac stuff sucks. Fuck all people who use these fucking toys. Sick of my Mac! My Macbook Pro is full of glitches and viruses.

I thought Apple was a safe buy? But that was years ago! Spend money on tech support and things just get worse! Has this guy actually done any research at all into this before publishing this article? I ask this seriously because it is so factually inaccurate it it beggars belief!! That they crash and freeze all the time and get viruses. As for crashing and freezing, again totally and completely wrong. Back in the old days of OS9 it could occasionally crash but in those days so could any PC!! I know this because I used them also.

But now, it is very very different story. OSX has been rock solid for me, it never ever crashes or freezes and in my line of work it is quite typical to have many apps open simultaneously. About being overpriced. I have to seriously doubt this. The initial outlay may look expensive but I have realised how long they actually last.

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Get over it. Worry about something worth worrying about. The reason I use Macs is because I was introduced to them when I was studying. Macs were what the college had when I was studying graphics over 25 years ago. I had never used one prior to this. So there was no devotion or fanboy crap, they were simply the tools that were there. They were easy enough to use and I found them to be reliable, I had no particular reason to avoid them so just continued to use them. So why would I change when my overall experience has been good, and absolutely nothing like this retarded article?

Why the hell would I want to throw away a stress free and productive workflow just because some PC nerd is trying to convince himself that Macs are no good? Oop, let me take a screenie of that and send it to all of my friends so we can laugh at your stupidity and autism. Oh no! Oh, did I misspell that word? Any rational man would not hover over the Apple Label because it looks like a harmless label! Oh well…. I am currently in a position where I have no choice but to use a Mac. It has crashed multiple times when using PS or playing even the most basic games. It is stunning that such a large company can get things like this so badly wrong.

Thing that I have used is broken in some way, from the pathetic mouse where the right click does not work like any other mouse that exists, to the childish Dock junk that takes up the bottom of the desktop and is about as helpful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

Mac OS vs Linux - Which is better for you?

Iv never been a fan of Apple because they always seem to be overpriced, pretentious, self serving garbage, but having actually spent time with a Mac I now actively loath the company and the broken OS they have created. Is it usable? Thankfully I will return to my glorious Linux kit soon enough, and I will be able to play games on Windows. I bought a mac for animation, and in my free time i like to game. But i now see that games suck on the mac fortnite freezes a lot and no cool games are available to the mac OS sofware.

I do travel around a lot, and it is light. The keyboards unimaginably small. I mean I have an iPhone but a computer? This is totally true and is the best way to describe it… also you can block programs in google but not so well with Firefox. One the graphic processor constantly dies and shuts down the entire computer. This happens like 20 times a day, making the mac a boat anchor in less than 5yrs.

Be smart, macs R nothing but hype…. I have many other programs on my mac and PC and they always crash on the Mac. Even though the PC is older….. Other shortcuts, different keyboard layout and what happens if you try to write an on a Mac but are used to work with AltGr, should be known by everyone. But with some time I got used to it and experienced many interesting applications from third-party developers who allowed me to change and optimize the OS like I want.

Because of that I found applications who boosted my workflow like a rocket and also begun to understand the architecture from MacOS and why many stuff you think it is annyoing is just really clever. And this comes from a heavy power-user of all three OS of them. I develope most of the times web-applications and web-sites, support some open-source projects and optimize workflows and automatisms.

Who seeks a gaming or power-machine, should buy a PC. But who hast to develope or manage data, should think twice before giving up on such a smart OS. But the other stuff like mentioned in the article like viruses, freezes, problems and errors because of the lag of knowledge from the author are just bullshit. On a Late iMac I never had any issue with it. Well, good for you! Just folks who appreciate a useable computer! Watched its downhill slifes! Bye, Bye Apple! Are you serious? If you think so read this.

So true. Apple is literally fucking all of their fanboys in the ass. Most of you have used Windows from the beginning, which makes you feel Mac is uncomfortable. Mac has right click, and you do not need and extra 2-button mouse just to right click. Just 2-finger click on the trackpad. Of course there is an exception. When using an OS that is either not OS X or Windows, you may need to click at the right bottom of your trackpad instead of multi-touch. Mac and macOS are not for gaming. Did you say mac has lots of evil viruses?

You are pretty unlucky if you get a virus on a mac because it is pretty hard to find viruses for mac OS. There is even a built-in protection module just to protect you. So do not complain about the look of macOS. If you think it does, just get other software from the web or the app store! Yeah, why have a reliable, foolproof button for right click, when you can use a software solution that decides when it works, which is only most of the time? On the track pad, and on the terribly designed mice they make nowadays?

Yeah, Steve Jobs was a genius. Macs are overpriced, underdesigned trash. We computer techs were laughing at one scene in particular… When Jeff Goldblum fives the alien ship a virus from his Mac laptop. All art departments use Apple so I figured that I better learn how to use one otherwise I might look like a fool trying to teach Adobe programs and not know how they work on an Apple.

After 3 weeks with this new machine and many freeze ups. I have been using it as a paperweight. Screw Apple. I knew they had issues but at the level of power it should not freeze up ever. I almost threw it out the window but I decided that ebay would net some money back. But I need something that can handle 5 gig files and not freeze.

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This is blatant lie my old MacBook Pro handles photoshop perfectly. No it uses Apples weird color space. It has issues with large files in the 5gig range. My Lenovo desktop is connected to a high end Eizo monitor. Run a colorimeter on your screen and see what you get. I need everything wysiwyg. Doubt you know much about that. It runs PS fine just not massive 5 g files. Doubt you know anything about that.

Cannot agree more. In all possible ways, Mac sucks! It only promotes snobbery and narcissism. Never will I buy anything Apple again!!! Their hardware might be okayish, but the software, the keyboard and the ego- all sucks BIG time…. I just want to say for the record that yes indeed mac sucks and is just a locked down version of free bsd linux.

How did something free and open source for humanity get locked down and sold to the dumbed down masses as the greatest computer system of all time. People say Steve Jobs is resting in peace but i think otherwise.

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More likely he is in karma hell……. Free BSD is Unix idiot. There is a difference. Unis uses the Unix kernel. The factory is at fault. We should thank him actually chances to meet a bona fide Apple supporter are pretty rare. FYI the sign see, I typed it? Ooooh look. Your mouse is moving quickly across the screen. Macs are okay for design purposes , more powerful than a windows machine but…… the moment u start having problems like system restore or having issues with permissions….

Macs dont like that, they turn against you. Tried once on a windows machine …. Its utter utter utter utter rubbish. How is a MAC, better for designers, well.. The same programs are on PC way more in fact and run much faster. Arrrrrrrrrgh, the only reason why some artists tell you MACS are better is because they dont know how to use a pc, or they are trying to justify blowing a huge lump of cash on a lump of marketed tosh they have been TOLD is better, probably by another idiot who had been told the same thing. We are not talking about 30 years ago, when their were certain niche creative things you could do on a MAC, we are talking today, dont get ripped off kiddies.

To NoSheep: Absolutely agree. Nothing more. And idiots are always be the idiots. Guess what? I lost the lot. No undo. I just pressed fn. Then I pressed Ctrl. Then I pressed Alt. I have to use this and I am extremely ashamed of doing so. This ridiculous piece of trash I have to use is just… Stupid. No blade and soul, No overwatch, Nothing. Yes Macbook has cheap hardware enclosed in expensive-looking cases. But Apple knows it will sell very well, because there will always be people wasting their money on things they think are prestigious.

Apple are targeting these type of people who are not yet extinct. In fact their population is increasing. The new niche market consist of the pretentious Asians who love wasting space at Starbucks with their Mac to look cool and pretending that they are doing important stuffs on it when in fact they are just browsing nonsense or doing other meaningless online stuffs.

So, read this. Very informative. Their laptops should be listed as the worst, BELOW used and refurbished laptops that come pre-loaded with viruses. How can you write a Macs-suck page without ever mentioning the absolute nightmare thats is Launchd? Also, launchd replaces crond too and probably also displays the system clock for good measure. Now I know what they were copying, and Systemd is nowhere near as awful as Launchd!

Remember when you could power off your Unix box and Postgresql would come right back up? Neither does Apple. So it just kept trying to start Postgres over and over again, logging only that it failed each time. Holy shit on rye. I cannot believe you people are college-attending students and older … with a smattering of high schoolers. Your grammer, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, and overall grasp of writing is putrid.

You people better get your act together. Nobody wants stupid assinine ignoramuses. Please improve your stinking self … or gently put down the keyboard and turn youself in to The Stupid Police. Thamnkgs,, amnd halve a nyce daayye … shit for brains. I think climbing Mt Everest is an easier option. Who the F……. Mac …. Wow people are stupid. Who buys this crap?!

Just look at the OS market share. I bought a Mac last year and it is the worst money I have ever spent. So, I am going to have it repaired and then I am putting it into the closet where it will stay until I can give it to a friend who is visiting this summer. I will never buy Mac anything again. I agree. I am seriously going to get rid of mine. Hey, very small percentage of Americans use Mac! Wonder why?? The world would be a much better place without the bloody macs. The shitiest pc with Windows can be better than mac.. God how I hate this shit.

Your comments are making me realise that I will sell my Mac laptop asap and get something that is fun, easy and gets the job done! I will put all of my heart and soul into this comment, hopefully I can counter as many fanboys as I can. Albeit Macs may last, a well-kept Windows or Linux can last just as long, if not longer. Mac fanboys will say it takes effort to keep a PC alive, but really all it takes is common sense and care. Mac fanboys also say Windows is hard to use, when OSX is no better, just in some different ways.

It will keep Windows, and it will run better than any actual Mac. Spoiler Alert: the PC will win. Now, to build a defense. I kinda like OSX. I greatly perfer Windows and Linux for reasons hopefully obvious. Hell, I use an Apple keyboard on my gaming PC. I am familiar with OSX in and out too. Lastly, I need to touch on the sheer lack of stability in modern Apple products. But an iMac crashing twice a week is not a rare occurrence.

They will not more likely. Since Windows 7 came along, PCs have been easy to use. Before that, Mac won hands down. I only reboot every few weeks to clear out the system and speed things up a bit. My mac works perfectly fine and none of the reasons you posted are true. What about the viruses what about the overpriced trash? Unix is older than you are. How many people do? Besides, the iMessage of course let alone AirPlay, etc. All you folks are right.

No arguing there. I read them all and I have worked with them all and they all have pluses and minuses. Get a life and get on with it. Software and hardware both. For the average person, Apple computers are easier to use. Yes they are pricey, but as IBM just announced, Macs cost far less to own in the long run.

These are hard facts, not opinions. I myself have worked on, repaired, and supported both for many years. Windows is more configurable, but with features comes complexity. Mac OS much simpler. IMO, Apple fan boys are some of the most arrogant, annoying people on the planet.

But for average people, I always recommend Apple products. This may now change however. Apple seems to no longer focus on customer experience. After founder Steve Jobs died, Apple seems to have lost focus. I certainly would not recommend them. Build your own PC desktop and compare it with the most expensive Mac Desktop.

See who wins. I agree with your last point. I use a iMac running Mavericks and I dread the day I have to get a newer one. Lost focus? But they will find it again. Soon, I hope. Ok, I gave up on Windows. Got 10 installed on my Asus and man it was a nightmar! Finally I gave up. I changed 10 to Ubuntu Great OS, absolutely love it. Simple, reliable, etc. Most of all I like that sudo apt-get thing. I do backend work that never touches a phone and in production it runs on Linux , yet here I am, stuck in the CrApple Gulag.

I agree with your points but you have one misconception. OSX is not a linux distro and therefore should not have the things that all linux distros have. OSX is a unix fork. Really i cant stand apple cause they make their products so over priced. Timcock has changed everything in mac os, now mac is not the same as before, timcock killed all production program like aperture, iphoto, imovie, final cut pro, rosetta, now with a mac you are forced to only buy apps, gems based games in app store, buy songs movies in itune, all for entertainment purepose.

You live in the loop, you keep installing all the feature hoarder update which make your mac slower and slower at a point you cant stand the slow speed and buy a new mac, after You can install older OS! This guy is correct on 1 pt. High Price. LOL not able to afford one???? Did you just say that???

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Why buy junk like a MAC when you can own the latest and greatest hardware. Fuck of Frederick shithead honestly mac is just an overpriced garbage only dumpster divers buy shit like this hell I bet even a dumpster diver would regret wasting his time on this fuckin trash. Macs are only like Linux to a certain extent. They have more in common with pre-Unix Macs. OSX worked well and the interface was user friendly. But after Snow Leopard, OSX has descended into buggy bloatware — a mechanism for intentional obsolescence.

I was an apple, worked on apple IIe and macintosh during the 80s and, about 20 years ago, on powermac and g3, they were not cheap at all, yet definitely more stable and fast than win95 on a pentium II : I still own both machines. Its great hardware mostly but Mac OS X is a bucket of sh1t. I am more fond of OS X. What clean interface? Except on a Mac you can experience the pleasure of accidentally hitting Cmd-w which crashes Emacs instead of M-w.

Their drone supporters and their unlogical ramblings make sense. All the reasons why somebody might attempt to justify their overpriced versache bullshit are exatlty the same self-absorbed, piss poor arguments that mac drones lub to use. The thing that drives me nuts is the awful keyboard. You barely ever use the super Windows key. In Mac the super command key is essential. Reading this on a macbook. After buying my windows computer half a year ago, I was really pleased with what it could do.

It was pretty expensive, but better than any Mac of the same price. Now, my school has Mac policy. Our library is getting the front desk computers as Mac El Capitan. I use PC, and I know how to do some stuff with it, actually. An App is basically a shortcut to a program. Yea, ummm… I can make a shortcut to a program. With a PC, I can run exe files, along with more common file extensions. Opening your Flash Drive. Nope, not easy. Seems something handy like that would have a quick and easy shortcut right on the desktop, along with the MyComputer equivalent.

Nope, both of them are well-hidden in a icon near the trashcan. Making shortcuts for stuff like drives since everything is hidden? Not easy either. First, you have to edit the mouse settings to have a right click, and then go to the dock the MyComputer sorta thing , and kinda drag it over.

When I tried this, it perma-moved this thing from the dock to the desktop. I wanted a copy not a move, thankyouverymuch. I try everything from unpinning to moving to sending to. Broke this up since one was too long. I want a phone that does calendar, calculator, and a few simple tools. Repeat, I said tools.

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Not Apps. My dumbphone still has power 3 days later, and can set a calendar during an internet outage. My smartphone is draining itself dead within a day, and needs to be constantly tethered to a power cord. Programs in Windows 8 are size efficient. Apps in Windows 10 slow everything to a crawl, and Windows 10 frequently fails to load apps. Tell me again which of these is the smartphone? All of this stuff was offline before! Now it needs me to be on a 3G or 4G connection for the up-to-date exchange rate on my currency converter. Maybe I just need an estimate. I agree percent. I use my Alienware for both games work and leisure and it is smoking fast.

For example when you go buy a car do you only care about how it looks? Anton you should try super hard to convince them that 2 devices is the way to go get something ultra cheap for mobility like a chromebook or android tablet and save you money for a desktop computer if you talk to your parents rational and explain to them your intentions you might be able to convince them that firstly with the same amount of money i can get 2 systems that will cover all my needs that you can game on and use for other more demanding things like high resolution viewing or basic video editing.

For example this producted would be perfect for school. Word document and web browsing:. For the same price as a Mac, you could get a PC running Window or Linux, that is fully customizable, and at least twice as powerful as the Mac. He upgraded it to Windows 10 and it works fairly well from what I see. If I knew what I was doing, shopping on NewEgg would basically get me an awesome gaming computer I had some issues with assembling my own computer when it got to CPU and OS time, between glue melt and not having any OS.

And throw it out the window. I like how this was posted in , and since then most, if not all of the points stated are now irrelevant. Yet, people still agree and say it is accurate being Apple haters. I can disprove all points made here easily. Actually I have the new dollar MacBook Pro. I had to go into administrator settings just to see my own user directory. We are mac haters? Maybe there is a reason why they hate macs. All above points are correct.

I am currently using one, because why not get a free laptop to write this Reply. I do agree that the alternative Windows 10 has a lot of bugs too, but it is easier to control. Sorry though you said MAC was better. We have a new El Capitan Mac. It still has many of these problems. It is tolerable, but very much garbage when looking side by side against even a Windows XP. In fact, Windows copied the design of Mac for Windows 8 making it more like one of the iPhones. It sucked. Desktop works, stick with it. God, why are you idiots still debating over this? I have a ipad air 2, I won from work.

I have been using android since the dawn of the dinosaurs. Where do you go to delete the history? Unlike android where you go to the play store and download apps. Apple wants your credit card information, PHI protected health information , a blood sample and your first born child. All I wanted to do was download a free app for netflix and I had to go through this rigamarole.

I can figure out a great many things but apple products are not my forte. With apple there is really only one way to do things, where as my android has multiple dimensions. Maybe it will take me some time to get used to it but for now it seems like a one track pony. Apple maps sucks. Youre pretty fucking stupid if you cant figure out that you can control click to right click. But Macs do suck. Although I was a PC user for whole life and developing in. From my personal experience I can say that both have pros and cons. So I will put my opinion here based on my experience:.

To do so you have to know what to buy and still pay much money. PC pros: -Trying high end laptop was great experience with Visual Studio and nice to work on it. You know the ingredients you use. You can make an amazing machine that fits your needs and budget and sometime have many years of warranty for every part and can perform very highly. You buy it you are stuck with it.

If you need it for photos movies and stuff external drive is necessary. Mac pros: -It is pleasant experience to use a macbook. Keyboard, Force Touch trackpad and screen are high quality. It is light and case also seems good quality. Everything starts and runs very fast and smoothly. Even Xcode, Photoshop and demanding software. Is not the same for most PC laptops. My verdict: If someone use his laptop for professional reasons macbook pro is a good option in my opinion. You can use it anywhere, is light and the battery will last enough. This is all prety much true I asked some Mac fan boys about the firewire and they just changed the topic and babbled on about something else.

Yes I was told it is thaw most user friendly. Not even close. Granted Im not all that good it things like this but I did not run into problems that should not even happen. I am having a problem with my iPhoto,The iPhoto Library is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have permission to make changes to it. Now this is the second time this happened and I am looking on line for the fix.

I did take it to the apple store and the gent fixed in about two minutes. I see this happens a lot with others. How is it so hard to put the two min fix out here so we can get on with life. Reall is a piece. Also I picked up a mac passport to back up everything. I was told to plug it in and it will lack up everything just that easy i said they said yes.

Well there not there lost them all.!!! The interior ans screen are smashed soon enough. First apple product to call my own and works like a charm! Omg you are literally retarted. You could even get a windows pc that looks exactly like a freaking mac. Hahaha, just wait for a year ot two. Your favorite piece of aluminum is going to fall apart. First OS, second hardware. Then you will return to PC. Mac is Mac and always will be. Expensive overrated and overpriced toy. No, my friend.

I owned that white plastic laptop and it started to fall apart weeks after I got it. Almost every time when I listened to music, opened PDF files, etc. Never again. But if you love it, please go on. Windows does, OSX does, Linux does. But not a PC because it is just hardware. Boy are u stupid? I work in software. I will tell you why I will never pay for an apple computer. None of them, at any price, can run hard core video games! PCs, just watch a youtube video, order a twenty dollar part from amazon, done. How to express my thoughts on my macbook pro.

Utter total shit. By the 2nd year it began to fail on me, by the 3rd year its a slow ass mess that cant open shit. So done with Macs for good. I now have a Macbook Pro. It cost about the same as a high end Del. I used to own Dell precisions.. It does feel nice to touch, and feel solid. It is no better than the dell Precision for the same price, not is it worse. Who you kidding. But they tell me, that windows and linux are bad, why they use this special shortcut? Man, i really want to dump my apple mac. But ive been caught in the trap.

One recall they didnt tell me up front then the HD packed up. But make it good, cos my samsung may get upset!!!! Mr Jobs, im on your case!!! In ten years I have never gotten one virus on a mac…just saying. Also if you click anything with two fingers on the touchpad it works just like right click,…idk why people keep saying there is no way to right click.

But the viruses they do are significantly nastier than other normal ones. I loaned my friend some money to buy a macbook pro because his got stolen some time ago, and quite honestly the only reason he is getting it is because he wants to seem more trendy and cool, and yeah he is under the idea that macs get less viruses….

The fact is MAC exploited the market. They convinced hoopleheads that the MAC was a better system by putting money into advertising. Now I have a boss with no understanding of managing IT infrastructure, but wants the easy votes by buying supposedly flash hardware for our users. Guess who gets stuck with managing these shitbag laptops that dont integrate properly with windows? Guess who gets stuck with the bill for parrallels software to run the goddam windows systems we need?

What a joke. Fuck John Lennon for coming up with the name. Fuck Steve Jobs for his carpet-bagging. Oh, and fuck the Taliban. I have an apple mac pro here for repair. It has a flashing folder on a white screen. Took the hard disk out of this very expensive machine and find its the cheapest Seagate drive available, seen this in a few apple computers. Took a look at the ram and thats from a cheap manufacturer also. Any how, the drive is goosed but worse than that the sata cable connecting hte drive is also goosed.

The case is a fine piece of work and has to be the most expensive part of the machine. Truely, and not to offend, The people I know that did shell out for the prime Mac Pro 10 years ago, Live in denial. In the same time span, you could have replaced your PC at least every 2 years. If you could upgrade OS-X, then your old Graphics choice was probably now unsupported.

AND honest to god, this guy is still right. Mention OS-X is just Linux and they will start talking about who knows what. And a broken XNU linux too, :p. The reason Mac sells so well is because the average office user is a dumbass. Because it runs on alien file extensions. Not because it is more secure. The number one thing about apple products I dont understand is the price, the pricing is just ridiculous and for something that has no compatibility. I dont see how the company is doing so well, would figure people would avoid them like the plague due to cost alone.

Much easier to have to learn an entire vocabulary of commands. Screw Apple and screw OS X. I agree the other problem with mac a new program comes out sorry it only works on Everything Jerry describes in the article I experienced.