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This is one of the simplest tool presents for screencasting and edits the recorded video to perfection.

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The videos recorded through the tool can be a minimum of seconds and maximum of seconds. You can record over and over then edit the video to make a big video. Recordit allows you to make a quick video of yourself doing something interesting on your Mac.

5 Best Free Screen Recording Software for Mac

You can easily turn the recorded video into a GIF and share them instantly without any trouble encountered. Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a great professional tool for screen recording. The program is quite rich in features and gives more control to the user during the screen recording process. Create a vivid tutorial that includes your feelings along with the recording. Record in the best possible manner with the three recording modes as well as use different audio inputs for recording.

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Configure the mouse style for recording the screen in the manner that you find suitable for yourself. Download from Mac App Store. Record it is a good and professional tool that allows you to record your screen for displaying the software as well as giving video tutorials. Access the custom recorder feature of the tool to capture the videos at full screen or any size.

You can easily export the screen video to other online sharing platforms and also export it as a GIF.

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  • The one-click feature of the tool makes the screen recording process quite simple for the beginners. The interface is smooth allowing the people to have more control over the screen recording process. As you know, the paid Mac screen recorder apps are good for customer support and packed with a lot of features as well as no restriction for maximum recording time.

    Combining some of the best editing features; it is an easy to use software to record desktop. The recorded video is saved in MP4 format and comes with a large 1 GB file limit. After doing the recording, you can send the video to any suitable application service offering a great level of reliability. With the extensive layout, the user can make smooth editing and mix on the recorded video.

    Add titles, annotations, transitions and panning animations on the recorded movie to increase the effect of the video. The tools of the software are huge time savers for the people who record screen regularly. Screen Record Studio supplies some good text and image logos along with screen recording feature.

    The people can mix two audio sources and add mouse click animation along with the click count. You can record for a particular time by setting a timer for recording. The software can only record for only seconds. It offers a max resolution of by for recording video. Make gameplay tutorial with its perfect FPS option and auto stop recording at a fixed time.

    Comparison Form between the 10 best screen recorders for Mac

    If you want to shorten the recording then you can trim the video easily from the software. Jing includes the option to use the mic when recording, so you can narrate through your steps if that is necessary. It is the perfect tool for creating video tutorials of up to 5 minutes.

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    7. The Best Screen Recording Software for PC and Mac ().

    But did you know that you could use Quick Time Player to do screen recording too? You can choose to record your entire screen or just drag your mouse to only select and record a certain area. Best of all, the recording limit is only limited by the available space in your hard drive.

    This is a simple app that you can get from the Apple App Store.

    Just as one would expect, it lets you select any part of your screen to have it recorded. The video recording only lasts for seconds on the lite version of this app. The only slight issue that I ran into when using Flashback was when using the Window recording mode. I found that it was actually too capable of selecting various sections of the Photoshop window, and I had to do a bit of experimenting, waving my cursor around the screen to find the right spot to highlight the entire program and not just one toolbar panel. There was a bright red selector area to let me know when I found the right spot, but it was still a bit too sensitive.

    You can do basic edits such as trimming off unwanted sections of your recording, but you can also add a wide range of callouts, arrows, buttons and other images to any point in your video.

    The Best and Free Screen Recorder Apps for Mac & PC

    You may not be able to see too clearly in the screenshot above, but your cursor is highlighted and all your clicks are tracked, which is a huge help for instructional videos and tutorials. You can customize the cursor highlight style, and even increase the size of the cursor itself for extra clarity.

    Best Screen recorders for Mac OS X

    The red circles represent clicks in each frame, and there are even hotkeys to jump around the timeline between them. There are a number of helpful features that make working with video simple, the sort of little design tweaks that you only find in well-designed software. The sharing process is quite simple, and allows you to upload directly to a Youtube account or an FTP server. You have to allow Flashback to access your Youtube account by signing into your Google account, but you only have to go through the process once and it remembers everything for you.

    Stay tuned for a full length in-depth review, but in the meantime you can download a free trial version to test it out yourself before buying. The only restriction is that any videos you create will be watermarked in the top right corner, as you can see in the earlier screenshots. Despite the fact that there is no information available on the site about Jim, the software itself is anything but vague.

    The OBS Studio interface features a clean, clutter-free modern design that is missing from most free and open source projects. Recording video at 60 FPS is a nice touch, and shows incredibly smooth motion. OBS Studio offers a wide range of options from recording a specific program window to recording your entire display, and also allows you to capture full-screen video sources such as games.

    Eat your heart out, M. You can also combine multiple content sources together to create a picture-in-picture effect. This is perfect for combining a tutorial or game stream with a webcam video, a browser, or any other combination of inputs. Unfortunately, this is a part of the program that still could use some development work, as your degree of control is fairly limited. Snagit nearly won the best paid screen recorder category, but its lack of a video editor knocked it out of the running. The only exception is that the Video tab gives you the option to record directly from your webcam, as well as a couple of options about whether you want to capture system audio, microphone audio or both.

    I like that you can edit the destinations menu to add or remove features you need. When it comes to saving your final capture, you can save it to your computer, an FTP site, or any of several online storage services.