How to download a minecraft map on mac 1.6.4

After doing some research, I came across a few epic additions that bring the world of Game of Thrones to life right in your Minecraft game. By combining the creative efforts of the team at WesterosCraft and a young modder named LeonardohJ4, you too can have this amazing world available at your fingertips. Thankfully the hard work has already been taken care of.


Luckily, I started the game in Creative Mode so I was able to fly around and give my full appreciation to the architecture that went into creating this map. After some flying around and after allowing this very detailed map a minute to finish loading in my game browser, I was able to find the infamous castle myself and boy, does it look good. Not only is the exterior detailed exactly like it is in the show, but the interior is phenomenal as well. I spent a good 20 minutes exploring all the nooks and crannies of the castle, finding myself lost more than once.

The Best Game of Thrones Mod Collection for Minecraft

I even let him sit in it for a bit Shhhh. One noticeable thing about the more common buildings in these maps is that while the exterior looks amazing, many of them lack any sort of interior.

LabyMod Installer

This leaves plenty to do for the ambitious and completionist among us. This map will work fine with the vanilla Minecraft default Resource Pack, but if you want to experience it the way the map creators intended, downloading the Resource Pack from their site is the way to go. This Resource Pack was created and customized by the team at WesterosCraft to pair perfectly with their maps.

How to install Minecraft Mods for Mac ONLY (2018)

But what if you want to take your Minecraft game to the next level, with characters, factions and weapons from the series itself? To truly experience Game of Thrones in Minecraft, one player has taken it a step further and has created the ultimate Game of Thrones mod for Minecraft. This mod includes characters and weapons from the universe, as well as dimensions like Essos and Beyond the Wall and biome-specific features. I went ahead and downloaded this mod to my computer as well and was blown away by all the features.

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Besides Factions, there are over 60 mobs specific to the mod as well. After sifting through some of the new characters in creative mode, I was amazed to find that this mod includes such character-types as Unsullied Soldiers, Children of the Forest and Faceless Men, as well as more well-known character-types like men of the Knights Watch, Dothraki, and Wildlings. The mod even includes mobs such as Direwolves, Giants and Mammoths, all of which are enormous!

Avid Fans of the series may recognize some of the weapons and armor added to this mod as well. Creator: Eivisxp MC Version: 1. Explore a old destroyed City.. The city is now perfect, and it starts to expand Creator: Luke MC Version: 1. Creator: Nohman MC Version: 1.

Creation Maps

Welcome to Megapolis City! Important Links. Map Guides. Desktop Version. City Tunnel Parkour v1. Metroid Bounty Hunter v1. Fight The Zombies: Endgame v2.

Captive Minecraft I — The Farlanders

Page 1 of 4 Minecraft City Maps City maps are epic builds that either recreate real world cities or create entirely new and unique ones. Ruins of Corpium. Dubai Landmarks. Maidan Nezalezhnosti Kiev, Ukraine. Oshode City.

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