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Help appreciated. Hi John, Thanks for checking out the blog.

External cd drive not working, advice please

I can confirm that it works with the nvram command. However, some Macs have have other boot-args set already, which would get overwritten this way. And in my case, this also led to the Mac losing its boot disk setting, so it would boot into the Recovery system. And the last comment pointed out in the article above explains that as well, as I realize now. Hi Stanislav. Did you copy the file out of the original location, to somewhere like the Desktop, first to edit it?

Thank you, thank you. Your tip solved it for me. The only thing I would add is the necessity to turn off SIP system integrity protection , otherwise one cannot modify the system file. However, I do wonder how people less technically inclined would manage. Did not work for me.

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Super-Multi Portable DVD Rewriter

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks to the Luz from the blog you can once again be illuminated… Apparently, Apple engineers had the need to test the Superdrive with non-MacBook Air computers themselves, so the driver already has an option built-in to work on officially unsupported machines! You may also like. Thanks for the help! Hi Isabeau The region encoding is set at a firmware level on the physical dvd device. It does not let me edit the file….

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MBP Early 13 inch. Any other thoughts or suggestions?


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The disk slot only opens if the cd drive is connected to a laptop, and once connected to my laptop I am able to insert and remove DVDs etc: it's just nor appearing in my desktop or anything. The drive does recognise the laptop as it powers up and am able to insert and remove CDs etc, but my Mac is not registering it.

Reading the reviews on Amazon, some other customers have used it with Mac perfectly fine Thanks Khafsa :. When in the finder, hit command comma to bring up the finder prefs and make sure that "CD's and DVD's" is checked to show on the desktop.

LG Super Multi Portable Slim DVD±RW 8X M-Disc USB GP50NB40 Win 7/8 PC / Mac | eBay

Another thing to check is to see if it's even showing up in the "Computer" folder of the finder. With a disk inserted, hit command, shift, C to go to the root of the computer. Here is where you'll see any drives that are connected and accessible. Check and see if the drive is there. If this doesn't work, head over to disk utility.

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From the finder, hit command, shift, U to bring up utilities and select "Disk Utility. Hopefully, this will show the drive. If this doesn't work, any diagnostics from here on out is far above my head. I hope someone can chime in and continue to point you in the right direction. Hopefully, this at least gives you a few beginning steps to try before moving on to the really geeky stuff. Good luck. I remembered that for some high power consuming devices, Mac OS requires the laptop is plugged in before it will provide enough power for the external device to run properly.

I disconnected the DVD drive, connected my laptop to the power adapter, rebooted just to be safe The famous tech support mantras prevail again, "Have you tried turning it on and off again? You probably have it solved by now but it's good to have this up here for reference since this thread was the first resource I found on google for the problem. I registered for this site specifically so that I could leave a reply saying how incredibly useful your post was.

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Like you I had the same problem and googled - the original question popped up and I checked the Finder settings etc. Then I read your reply. The external drive appeared to be working - the light came on and the file lists appeared in the Finder, but it wouldn't play the disc. I realise if I'd first tried it with the mains power plugged in then I'd never have understood why it didn't work another time without the power supply. When having some difficulty with an external drive, try using a different power cord.