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Give me vodka now and start sucking on my balls!

The Problem With Mac Lethal’s Pancake Rap Video

Gonna kill it til it's dead, I'mma try to hit'em in the head, corn-fed, Midwestern whore bred. She looks so thick and juicy give it to me in the booty shorts then you gotta get up in the morning n get out Let's speed it up — big breath Never been a counterfeit of nothing I am just an elevated entity I'm coming and giving it back then pumping dump on every instrument with increments of sentiments and syllables I lunge I'm livid again I'm sticking it in their muffins make a couple million I'm hoping to I'm going to so gimme another reason I should sit around an not experience benefits of getting down when all the drivel that they're spitting is so hideous Godzilla fear the viciousness!

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Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal. The closest to the traditional rap scene on this list, I'm including Joyner because of one song.

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Ross Capicchioni tells the real life story of a young man in Detroit tricked into being a victim of attempted murder. The way Lucas sets up the story, both in the song and video, are stunning. I do recommend his other music if you enjoy rap , but I hope anyone reading this list watched this powerful video.

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  3. Interpolation (Replayed Sample) of Vocals / Lyrics!
  4. Another comedy rapper, Spose blew up in with his single "I'm Awesome. Spose still performs and makes music from the small town of Wells Maine. While I'm going to be linking "I'm Awesome" it is his hit , I would also recommend checking out his song "Knocking on Wood.

    Mac lethal fastest rapper lyrics

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    Rapping For 90 Seconds Straight... Without Breathing

    Lil Dicky, aka The Original Pancake Dave Burd was a white, Jewish boy from the suburbs that grew up to be a lyrically gifted and hilarious rapper. Atmosphere I don't have a lot to say about Atmosphere.

    Single White Female lyrics by Mac Lethal |

    Joyner Lucas The closest to the traditional rap scene on this list, I'm including Joyner because of one song. I don't see enough rap on imgur, so I wanted to share some artists that people who don't like traditional rap may enjoy. Share your favorite off-beat rapper! Javascript is required to view comments normally.

    Pale Kid Raps Faster

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