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Might give it a shot, a good tool, and easy to use to synchronize 2 folders make copies of files from the target, to the destination. Try changing Group from staff to admin, and check r, w, and x, and Clear ACLs, and push apply to change the permissions. As long as you are logged in as an admin user as fudgie I assume , you should be able to now edit the file. One caveat may be the permissions of the enclosing folder, but lets just try this first. Removing ACLs cuts the problem down to size, and lets us work with visible permissions too. No harm, Even when I drag a folder or file into BatChmod the "Unlock" button is always greyed out.

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A stumper. Feels like a file system problem. Regardless, if you really cannot change permissions with BatchMod, I would suggest next moving to the File Sync option I mentioned before Get Backup. Tools like this can often do more than the Finder, and stuff it simply cannot in situations like this.

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If you can get the files moved, then permissions should be a minor affair. Oh, and forget about checking permissions with the Finder Missed that. Click on the tiny lock icon and see if you can authenticate. Like this. I doubt that my input here will be of any serious considerations to the subject.

But are all the drives ATA in the , Unclemac would that or the master slave setting make a difference some how? What OS is the running? Now I'll stop meddling:. Is it locked, or unlocked? If locked, click it.

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Does it unlock? OS is Yes, lock is locked and greyed out cannot be clicked. OK, and to confirm, you have run Repair permissions on the snarfed partition from Disk Utility While booted to Is so Don't change anything, just inspecting. Oh, and is the Apply button blue, like you can use it?

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Yes, the Apply button is good and when I have tried it I get a "Done" message. Here's the volume.. Might try renaming the drive to rule it out. No spaces, no dashes. All that should happen is that anybody with physical access can now open, use, or delete files.

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Can't change volume name. Tried checking all boxes for everyone. Doesn't work. I just created one called and tried to access files but that didn't work. The staff group is part of the OS, not something a user creates. There are quite a few built it And your sure you cannot click on the little lock icon?

If not, we are beyond any GUI tools I am aware of. So next, I would move on to either CLI commands to try and unlock the partition, of I wold try something like Get Backup to copy the data off the partition When I drop the volume in Batchmod and select unlock and make the other changes it instantly gives the "Done" message. I log out, log back in, check "Get Info' and nothing has changed. Get Backup is for Intel macs. I just can't understand why the volume will not recognise me as the owner. Is there any data from the computer hardware that tells the volume what the computer is?

I gave you a link to the older version for PPCs The permissions on the partition are whacked. Not a hardware issue Always has been permissions. As we have covered, permissions are quite complex, and intentionally opaque and even invisible to users. Usually no issues, but when something goes wrong, it is hard to diagnose. Harder to do remotely. If it were only files and folders, BatchMod or any other good permission tool would have had you back to happy pretty quickly with a little guidance. Since it appears to be at a root level to the volume So harder to resolve.

Work on moving files off to another volume. Or work with more obscure tools to fix the volume. CLI tools are not forgiving, and typos can be serious problems. File paths, even spaces are fraught with peril to the novice. But, I think we have tried everything else. I realize you are probably going full circle again Oh, one more variable.

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If you have it, run it. If you know any local Mac techs, they would likely have a copy and could run it on your drive for you. One last clue maybe? I ran repair permissions and the last two lines may be of interest but I don't know what they mean.. Good eye, but doubtful that is part of our issue. Two obsure files not related to user data or booting. Been thinking about other ways to safely and easily"reset" your system If you have another boot It will however, likely not change user data permissions If you have a Select your user, and and reset all permissions.

Easy and risk free, but will only solve user level permissions, which from our testing, I don't think is the issue. I would try both of these if possible. Additional check boxes are also available to modify other properties, but they are also poorly labeled and even less clear. If you want a quick way to change a file's permissions without using the Terminal, BatChmod for Mac can help you. However, if you never used Unix nor Linux and are not familiar with the chmod command you'll have to spend some time figuring out what those unnamed shortcuts mean.

While this isn't a bad app by all means, it's not the most intuitive one, either -- unless you are an advanced user and know exactly what you're doing. Ti 84 For Mac Download. It allows the manipulation of ownership as well as the privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others. uses cookies.

Here are some of the characteristics of BatChmod: it's simple and elegant, it allows one to change any specific privilege or ownership without affecting the others ie, changing the group without affecting the owner, or adding or removing a specific privilege without affecting all the others. It can recursively affect enclosed folders, it's basically a mix of the Unix commands chown, chgrp and chmod. Skip to content.