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Mojave let's you add apps and binaries to the "Full Disk Access" whitelist, so let's see which binary runs my cron jobs:. Select the cron file and click Open :.

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That's it! Warning: this is not a great idea security-wise, if a malicious actor can create cron jobs or edit the scripts ran as cron jobs, he or she would have Full Disk Access too. Monitor the system's installed cron jobs manually or with a tool such as KnockKnock and proceed with caution.

You have to tell the Mac launchd daemon to load it, using the launchctl command, like this:. After issuing the launchctl load command I started getting output from my date command.

I let it run for several minutes while I checked that everything was working, and then turned it off using this unload command:. To test this properly, I issued the Mac launchctl unload command, like this:.

Mac 10.6 OS X Tutorial - Cron Jobs Scheduling Actions

After logging into my Mac after the reboot and checking my output files, I found that my plist script had begun executing every minute. It's important to note that after a reboot you have to use a slightly different unload command than what I showed earlier. In my previous example you didn't need to include the full path to your plist file, but now that the system has started your job for you, you need to unload it by specifically the full path to the file, like this:.

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This means a couple of things:. Second, you'll need to use sudo before any of your launchctl commands, as shown here:.

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Because it's owned by root, you're not allowed to see it. I used the following MacOS launchd, launchctl, and plist resources while researching this tutorial:.

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  • I also wrote these additional posts after writing this article, when various problems and issues cropped up and I needed more details:. I believe you can enable crontab to work on MacOS, and I'll show how to do that in a future tutorial. As such, if you're going to be working a lot on MacOS systems, it behooves you to learn about this new approach.

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    This is great! I could not find these practical steps outlined in any other documentation, particularly around how to test your script with launchctl outside of the boot process. My problem is to be able to run a daemon as root - because I need to achieve a task only when a user is logged-in, but I also need super user privileges So, I have tested what you describe in your "important note about root and sudo access", and I think there is a little error.

    I checked it using "launchctl list" without and with sudo. If you get a chance to try this, do let me know. Thanks, this was a well-written introduction to this method of doing things. I couldn't figure it out until a brought my plist into a program that implied that my header was malformed Hi, Thanks for the tutorial. I ran into some problems having a "permission denied" message in the system log. I found out that it was because the shell script file I made couldn't be executed.

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    After that it worked. Mac crontab: Creating MacOS startup jobs with crontab, er, launchd. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: August 7 The MacOS launchd plist format.

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    Mac launchctl StartInterval not working. How to run a Unix shell script from the Mac Finder. Can snakes see?