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People are still buying an iPhone, whether they use Screen Time or some other app to monitor their use.

Use the Mac’s Parental Controls to Restrict Computer Use

So I believe Apple when it says that it pulled the apps in questions due to the potential for privacy abuses. However, Apple could make it easier for developers to offer their own spin on Screen Time. If not, developers have limited options. Both have their limitations, however. If MDM-based apps create the privacy and security issues that Apple describes, a solution like the API Fadell describes would be a win-win for Apple users and developers.

It would let developers create secure apps that build on Screen Time while offering more features and tools for users. Choice is as important as privacy, and Apple could give us both. You can usually find him with his nose buried in a screen. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. Got a tip for us?


Let us know a. Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. If you want to give your children or other people access to your Mac, then it's worth familiarizing yourself with the user account restrictions available to you as administrator when you enable parental controls. In macOS, Apple includes the ability to manage various levels of restrictions for individual user accounts.

Set Up Parental Controls on Your Mac

So if for example your children use your Mac, it's easy to control individual access based on their age. But while many of these settings are aimed at restricting what children can do, there are several options that may come in handy for limiting users of any age. For example, you can create a whitelist of allowed apps and websites, set time limits based on a schedule, and even prevent users from changing the settings of peripherals like printers and scanners. Follow the links to learn how to set up a guest account or set up a user account with parental controls enabled , and then meet us back here to learn how to manage the restrictions available to you.

Select the Parental Controls preferences pane. Click the lock in the lower left corner of the window. Enter your admin password if prompted and click Unlock.

Set up parental controls on Mac

Select the user account that you want to set restrictions for from the column on the left. Following the above steps brings you to a number of restriction options that you can manage by clicking the associated tab.

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A summary of the various options follows. Apps: This menu lets you control access to your Mac's built-in camera, restrict the ability to join multiplayer games in Game Center, restrict use of Mail to known contacts, and limit access to installed apps. Web: This tab lets you limit access to websites via any browser.

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Stores: Here you can manage use of the iTunes Store, and limit access to music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books. Time: Schedule time limits so the account can only be used on weekdays, weekends, and bedtime, for example. Privacy: This menu lets you control which apps and services can access user data. Other: Options in this menu include disabling use of Siri and Dictation, preventing access to printer and scanner settings, burning discs, hiding profanity in dictionaries and wikis, and preventing the Dock from being modified.

You can also opt from here to present a simplified view of the Mac desktop.

How to setup Parental Controls on Apple MacOS

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