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SuperDuper to rescue. So far, all FAIL. If you install rEFIt it will give you a boot option menu on every boot in which you can select any partition or external device to boot from. I wanted the multi-tool of USB drives.

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Two partitions: one bootable Mac partition and one that could be read from and written to by both Macs and Windows machines. I finally got it done and I don't know why it works, but it does. Here's the deal:.


Plug the drive into the Windows machine and agree to it formatting the drive MB only for some reason and label it something odd I use xxx. Plug the drive into a Mac, fire up Disk Utility, click on the USB drive, select partition tab, select the xxx partition and press the "delete" key. You are now back to having two partitions. When using Bootcamp the correct method of booting into Windows is to go into System Preferences - Startup Disk and select the partition to reboot from.

If your FireWire is seen as a listed drive then you can set it here and reboot.

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However this seems to break intermittently and therefore rEFit is the best solution I have found to do dual booting with on the Mac. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How to boot Windows XP on a Mac from an external drive? Ask Question. But that's not the issue. I use FireWire most of the time anyway. For anyone interested, check this out. There must be some files modified in the Windows installation, or it wouldn't boot from USB once installed. This sounds good, but I'm wondering if there's a way to do with with an off-the-shelf mac, since the whole point of having an external drive is to use it with different machines.

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In that regard, my question is more in the lines of "am I doing it wrong? You can also trying holding Alt or Cmd when booting but neither are good solutions and often fail. Hi, I installed rEFIt on a partition on the external drive, and wincloned my internal drive Windows installation to another partition on the external.

I'm able to load rEFIt and it shows the Windows partition, but once I choose it, I get a black screen with an error message which I now forget, something about unable to load OS. Gaff Smed Smed 11 1 1 bronze badge. From my earlier comment. Until then, your video card selection for the Mac Pro is going to be quite limited. Although Apple's Bootcamp beta now allows you to install Windows on a separate hard drive, you'll need to physically remove your OS X boot drive before beginning the install process otherwise you'll be greeted with the following error: Click to Enlarge Even with Apple's updated Bootcamp 1.

Interestingly enough, when we tried to use a Radeon X XT MB, we got a lot of display corruption as you can see from the screenshot below: We couldn't do anything to get rid of the corruption, and aren't sure why it happened only with the MB X XT.

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