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How to Format your External Hard Drive in macOS Mojave - Set Up to work on Mac

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How to Read a Mac-Formatted Drive on a Windows PC

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How to Format an External Drive in OS X

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Dorothy Swayne says:. October 31, at pm. Margaret F Sadler says:. December 4, at pm. December 21, at pm. December 22, at am. Keith says:. December 17, at am. Jared says:. July 6, at am. July 6, at pm. Sayna says:. All your work, files and photos gone poof! No need to worry. We've got the steps right here. In a few simple steps you are ready to go and can save your back-up files to the external drive, keeping your information safe and giving you peace of mind. Keep in mind that a MAC can generally read other file formats, but for the best performance and to create a bootable disk, formatting exclusively for MAC is required.

Follow these steps to ensure you have a proper space to enjoy your files for a long time to come. Step 3. And click Erase button.

Step 4. Formatting a drive erases all information and all partitions on the disk, leaving it ready for you to save and store information on. Partitioning your disk is a good idea when you have a need to run two operating systems at once on the same MAC. But, this solution is slower relatively. And the automatically mounting NTFS partitions in read-write mode can be a security risk for your Mac computer. Usually, it is disabled by default and needs some messing around in the Mac terminal to enable it.

For example, it had corrupted data before.

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Here, we recommend using the paid third-party tools since they are easy-to-use and can do good work for you. Click to tweet. It offers a day free trial. If you want to use it all the time, you need to pay for it. Additionally, it can mount partitions automatically and safely. More importantly, it can code with the potential corruption. Thus, your Mac is in danger when using this driver. However, you can use it to manually mount NTFS partitions in read-write mode if you never mind using the Terminal. This will be safer, but you need to do more work.

You can go to google the steps and see how complex they are. It is just for educational purposes, and it is available on Mac OS Perhaps, it will be unstable forever. Then, the drive can be used on both Mac and PC. There should be some important data on the drive. If you are a personal user, you can try its Professional Edition. Buy Now. Download this software to your computer. Then, you can open the software and input the license key to the pop-out window to get its Professional Edition.

If there is more than one NTFS partition, convert all of them one by one. By this way, you can easily format an external hard drive for Mac and PC without losing any data. Then, you can share external hard drive between Mac and PC. You can choose to copy and paste those files to other external devices or internal hard disk of Windows, but it will cost much time. Instead, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to create a copy for your external drive, which is faster.