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The best thing to do is post the issue on the Wineskin forum and they will be able to advise better. I have tried to use wine for various times over the past 8 months, but it always gets hung up at Step Security software on your computer may have interfered, or the servers that provide the download may be temporarily unavailable. I did disable my real time protection I use Avira on my Mac in case there really was a problem but no luck.

Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix? Thank you. I have installed My Money Free on my new Macbook. I am downloading bank statement in. Wineskin 2. Thank you for your reply, Artur. Could you please refer me to the web page you used to install MSMoney or outline the sequence of steps you used. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I followed all the instructions and was able to open Money but got no further. If I click not to send error report MS Money reopens but with the same blank white screen. I have much the same question as Paul. I am using Safari and get the same problem with I open Money.

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By the way, what directory is the data file supposed to be in. Hopefully you are still taking questions.

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Is there any guidelines for making Microsoft Money work with Sierra I have the latest wineskin wrapper version 2. I am also using IE6, and this would only work if I downloaded the Wine Gecko Installer which is not supposed to be necessary. The links to download IE6 and IE7 are no longer valid, so I have been downloading from the oldversion. Thanks in advance. Hope it helps. When I open MSMoney I just see a blank screen with menu bar at the top and the icon is the arrow and the hourglass.

Hi Allison, Apologies but the links went dead but they are now fixed. Let us know if you have any more problems. Neither seems to work. Wineskin Engine WS9Wine2. Hi, Make sure that the file path is correct. You must place the money. Also, what version of macOS are you using? Let us know if you have anymore problems. Unfortunately it seems the downloads are not working again. Some people have had better luck using Winebottler which includes IE7 in the installer. I was able to install this on my MacBook Air couple of years ago.

Can say it worked on it. All I get is it opens, with headers with bills and accounts, but bottom is blank white. Used WS9Wine2.

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Try using WineBottler which includes IE7 instead. Installed just fine and everything working good. Hope this helps. I also cant load my old files as they done really open up after I click them? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Email Address. Home How To. You will see various engines to choose from. You can choose the latest version which at the time of writing was WS9Wine 1. Click Download and Install. Make sure it is selected and click Create Blank Wrapper at the bottom. Note that there should be NO SPACE in the name of the wrapper ignore the example below — you should make the name either one word or add a hyphen in between Microsoft and Money. Click Install. You should then see a message saying that the Microsoft Money Wrapper Creation is complete. Quit the Wineskin Winery App.

Then double click on the Microsoft Money Wineskin icon that was created and the Microsoft Money Wineskin installer will launch. While this software works for basic money management tasks, it does not include tech support or any features that require internet services. If you're looking for more features and flexibility, here are three options for replacing Microsoft Money software. There are many desktop software alternatives to Microsoft Money, and most of them come with a free trial, so it will cost nothing to experiment to find what works best for you.

Here are some examples:. You could switch to online personal finance software, which has benefits like never having to install the software or wait for updates.

The security in online financial software is generally as secure as your bank's online banking site and uses data encryption and other methods of keeping data safe. If you can do without automatic transaction downloads and a few other features that require Internet access, Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is still a good option. This version of Money is free, and although it doesn't have all the features that you enjoyed in MS Money when it was sold as retail software, Sunset Deluxe is free.

Quicken is often the first option considered for those replacing Microsoft Money. It is a very robust personal finance software that works well.

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However, Quicken is relatively expensive, has no free trial, and has had its share of issues. Merging data from Money and Quicken: Quicken is not able to merge data from a Money file into a Quicken file. It can only create a new Quicken file and then import your Microsoft Money data into it. Review your account and payee names to ensure they converted properly. Because of the slight differences between the two programs in maximum character length and permitted characters, you may need to change the names of some of your payees or accounts.

Any instructions you had in Money may need to be reset in Quicken. Set your recurring payments. Check your accounts' balances. There are some differences between how the two programs record information. As an example, Quicken separates the cash portion of your investing account into a banking account, while Money included this linked cash account in the investing total.

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