Mac mini amd radeon hd 6630m windows driver

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View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Apr 8, AM in response to cirkutbendr In response to cirkutbendr So when the MM running win7 is conected via hdmi-hdmi "any version of hdmi cable it doesn't matter they all fail" to the NEC P LCD touchscreen it will blue screen during boot. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Apr 8, AM in response to cirkutbendr In response to cirkutbendr I finally found a fix that worked for the above Mac Mini 5,2 running Windows 7 64bit bootcamp.

I shall enquire further.

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From my previous post "As far as the Easy PIX, we Eizo make the software that allows for calibration directly into our chipset Hardware calibration. For editing I like a computer with room for at least three drives, one for the OS and applications and two mirrored drives for data. With the Mac and now Windows 7 it is easy to duplicate the primary drive OS and applications to another internal drive and then select the backup as the boot drive at startup. Why do this? If the primary drive crashes I can be up and running off the internal backup drive in less than a minute.

The Mac Mini is fine for people who only want to surf the Web and do email and never travel with their computer but it is a very poor choice for photo editing with its lack of expansion, lack of ports, and its extremely high price tag. Expensive - I bought a HP tower with a i7 3.

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That HP will probably need the warranty. People forget about the quality of internal components. The i7 in the mini can also ramp up to 3. With the thunderbolt port and even just USB there isn't any need for multiple internal drives. You can easily add a second drive into the mini if you really want to tinker but you can easily use an external USB drive or external thunderbolt. Also, one of the fantastic features of having a MAC is you get time machine. You can easily have time machine backup your main disk to a USB drive.

Also, if you want more than 8GB of ram you should probably be looking at different hardware.

How to Download & Install AMD Radeon Graphic Driver for Laptop & PC (Official)

The PC crowd can chime in about how much cheaper you can buy a cheap PC which is true, but you'll be getting mostly cheap components. This is a classic quality versus quantity debate. I've tinkered with PC hardware for most of my life and it's great for hobbyists or for people on extreme budgets. One end or the other.

You can spend tons on building monster PC's and that's fun, or you can get crazy cheap stuff if you just can't afford a good computer. If you just love windows, I'd still buy a nicer machine than something like the HP. However if you're a professional, or serious about photography or any other use of your hardware as a hobby I'd stick with a Mac for the OS and the superior reliability and service.

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I don't care if that HP has a ten year warranty, enjoy working with them when you need something fixed. Once you've dealt with Apple Care you'll never want to deal with the terrible customer service everyone else in the industry provides ever again. I would suggest using one of the DisplayPort type inputs on the monitor, as the cables to connect to those MiniDisplayPort-to-whatever should be a lot less expensive than the alternative a MiniDisplayPort-to-dual-link-DVI adapter.

As far as features, I don't believe you're going to get bit-per-channel color out of the Mini. That requires application, OS, video chipset, and driver support, which is still a bit hard to find.


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Using vesa instead of radeon on Mac Mini 2011 i5 with AMD Radeon HD 6630M

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