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We hope you understand this. Ordering problems fixed afterwards by Support - thanks guys!. Avangate Support switched me to the right software - yay! I can't actually edit my earlier review, as far as I can tell, so I'm adding a new one. Pros: Support fixed the problem of the wrong software More. Deceptive - Beware of what you order. Look extremely carefully - there are both windows and mac versions, and, unlike other app lications, their download site does not identify your computer.

And they so far have refused to correct this Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Adobe Flash Player The Web's favorite video and animation player. VidMate An all-around media downloader. Windows Movie Maker The easiest way to create photo presentations. Free Download for Windows. More reviewed onJuly 9, Cons: Too slow reviewed onOctober 10, More reviewed onApril 18, Pros: Support fixed the problem of the wrong software More reviewed onJune 30, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. So far I have done almost 44 DVDs out of possibly and so far only one has given me questionable results - it may be a setting I need to check or change. I will not hold this against the company. I've had no need to contact them as yet for any form of technical support so cannot comment on the process. Those people that have slagged off the company need their head looking at with a microscope to see if they actually have a brain.

It is the easiest software I have used.

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I am not a novice by any means but nor an expert. Do not buy from these people. They offer a 30 day money back peace of mind guarantee on the DVD Ripper.

When I got it, it would not rip the whole of my DVDs, only the first few minutes. Their technical support made suggestions, all of which I tried and none of which worked. So I deleted the software and asked for my money back. They have simply argued and argued and don't want to make a refund. Update: immediately after I wrote this review, the company contacted me offering a refund provided I amended my review.

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I have now had the refund. And by adding this update, I am fulfilling my side of the arrangement - I have hereby amended the review. I uninstalled the product and contacted them 1 day after purchase. I have explained that the product does not do what I want it do to, but they continue to refuse to refund my money.

Their worry free money back guarantee is not true and misleading. After you purchase the product they will not accept your reasons or explanations. I will not do further business with this company and recommend that you don't either. This is the worst software I have ever used. The customer service is absolutely horrible, they are so incredibdly rude. Im still in the processing of trying to get a refund which seems impossible at this time.

I warn you, this product does not work and the customer service is the worst to deal with. I wish i could rate this company a 0 out of 5 stars. They false advertise the movies do not go into itunes. It generally works well but not always , and their support is fairly responsive, so far.

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My biggest annoyance is that it seems like about half the time I try and use it, it needs an update. About half of those seem to fail, and I am stuck waiting a day or too or them to send me a new code. My latest email from them includes an allegation that I have installed this on more than 1 computer. I think not, I just ran the friggin update they forced on me, and now it is broken. Perhaps they will respond tomorrow or Tuesday, and next weekend when I have time play, I can look at this again.

If it were not for the frequent upgrade challenges, I would easily rate them with 5 stars. Right now I feel overly generous giving them three. I guess I am optimistic that their support team will eventually come through for me. I have had the both the Ripper and the Convertor for years now and have had no problem with either. I have just purchased Videoproc and I have been using the convertor. The only problem I have is that I cannot find any instructions on how to use it.

I could do with a download, are there any? After downloading their "free gift version" I quickly noticed some major problems. Sound quality. You simply cannot get the sound up high enough to hear it. No matter what microphone and speaker drivers you use. The record webcam does not work. It works fine in OBS, webcam works fine on it's own. But not in your software 3. Try it. It is a joke because they don't work. You can change settings until your fingers get numb and everything stays the same. In conclusion I am so glad they released a free version so I could see how terrible this program was before I bought it.

I will stick with OBS until I find a functioning pay or subscription software with the ability to edit videos.

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OBS is free and it works. It does not have the cool swap between webcam and screen capture this has. OBS also does not have a video editor. But all of the functions they have does work.

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That said, the ability to have a face cam and be able to go from screen with facecam to facecam and screen is really good. But so far that is the only thing that works in this hot mess. Complete scam. Their stripped down test version works just fine. So, I bought the full version and was unable to make a single functioning rip. Asked for a refund in early December of and now, after nine letters, no refund.

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Three weeks later, silence. Not even half the refund! So, if you're looking for long term pen-pal to endlessly discuss why they won't give you your money back, then Digiarty and WinXdvd are the folks for you. Beware and avoid this company. Still waiting for a resolution nearly 3 months on. All you get us " we are dealing with it" then silence!

The best part is j have just received an email this morning as ," a valued customer" asking me to buy something!!! Joke of a company and in my experience clearly not be to be trusted. Their" lifetime licence, free upgrades and support " mean nothing. Ignore the negative crap written here, I'm guessing it's mainly coming from computer illiterate people who wouldn't know their browser from their search engine.

If you want the best, go with Digiarty. I am in no way associated with the company, just a very satisfied user. The application provides unclear or incomplete information of what takes place or will take place while syncing a device. The application requires iTunes to be present in your computer. For all of the above, the application is redundant and needless.

None of these type of apps ever warn in their descriptions that they are fully dependant on iTunes to function, since that is a fact that will defeat the purpose of purchase for many users. If you are someone looking for a way to completely avoid using iTunes to sync your devices, this app will not offer that way. I imagine requiring iTunes is a requisite for survival for I guess Apple corporation must come down hard on the creation of any app that bypasses completely the use of iTunes for diverse legal reasons within Apple and its dealings with the rights owners of the media it sells.

We all know that popular saying, "Hell hath no fury like a corporation scorned", so it is understandable. However, it should me mentioned prominently on the app's requirements. Having said all that, MediaTrans is bad all on its own. Downloaded on November 12, , from the MacXdvd website, that claims to be the official website. A free serial is provided with this version. THE TESTS: The "Giveaway" version has some feature-limitations, so all actions tested here are actions that are possible to perform with that version, you can check the version comparison table at their official website.

It also failed at renaming an already existing playlist in Music. The app took more than two minutes trying to add a single picture. And failed. The app took several minutes trying to add two music files one MP3 and one M4R. It failed in both cases. MediaTrans never gives any clear information of what is being done while it works. While the app synchornizes you are only told the name of the item being copied at the moment, in small grey letters under a spinning icon. Progress was in no other way signaled.

More worrying than that is the fact that it never provides any indication to what the app WILL do to the content of the connected device. I tried copying 2 ringtones, one MP3 and one in M4R. It failed both times.

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Dragging and dropping M4R files resulted in nothing. The items are not copied nor listed in the app's window and MediaTrans offers no explanation of what happened or why. When dragged into the main window the app worked briefly and then stopped. No files where successfully added using drag-and-drop. The app failed at importing a single JPG to be used as the device's wallpaper.

The MP3 file was not sychronized, though, only the created ringtone. Don't ask why, I have no clue. You noticed how I never use the word "Copy" here, but "Synchronize", well that is because you cannot just simply copy a file into your device using MediaTrans, regardless of what you do or the amount of files you want to dump into your "new USB drive", as the company claims it can basically turn your device into. Similar applications, copy files to the device without synchronizing it. This app has only one huge button after you are done adding manually your files, and that is "Synchronize", which of course means all the new data will supersede the old data if it is being copied from a computer that does not share the same iTunes.

So it is useless if you just want to add a few files from a different machine quickly. All the contents of the tested iPod's music library were deleted thusly. Apps and Books were left untouched. I want to remind you now that only ONE file was ever copied successfully. So I ended up with an iPod's empty library in exchange for a single 40 second ringtone. The final insult. After running these few and simple tests, while a single photo in JPG format was being synchronized, my computer warned me that all the virtual memory of my machine had been drained, MediaTrans was paused automatically by the OS and I was offered to Force Quit some of the applications running to aliviate the problem.

Only MediaTrans was running at the moment, and it managed, all by itself, to consume all the memory available from my iMac. With the subtracted benefit that with iTunes, regardless of any hate you may rightfully feel for it, you already know exactly what it will do to your device so you won't be taken by surprise with the effects. There's one point I must mention where the app worked. Not fully as intended by me but as inteded by the manufacturer, the app managed to create a ringtone from an MP3 file using its internal tools to do so.

The only file it successfully synchronized in all this lamentable display. I just went thoroughly over your website and there is NO mention of the minimum requirements for your software. Nothing but endless listings of the software's purported abilities but with zero clarity of what is needed to be able to use it. It demanded from me that iTunes be present and updated to function when I launched it. And this is iOS independent because it is working on my computer's MacOS with yet a device to be connected.

Instead of getting that, the site bombards the user with selling spiel while fully ignoring any substantial information of when the app would not be able to be used correctly. After all this, failure of usage is clearly not the costumer's fault, and not all shortcomings of your product can just be attributed to the iOS of my device, as your answer tries to iimply so simplistically. I too am baffled by the negative reviews here. Since then I have converted a couple hundred DVDs to load on to my media player. There was some learning curve as I have some DVDs with dubbed English tracks, and others where the primary audio is a commentary track, so it took a bit to figure out which video and audio file to rip.

And of course it has no idea if you do or don't want that "Making of…" featurette included on many DVDs.

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I usually open the DVD using player software and then skip around to figure out what I do and don't want to rip. It does have the annoying habit of taking you to a web page every time a Disney encrypted disk is ripped explaining the encryption kind of old after the 30th DVD. It also does not support BluRay, which is not a big deal for me.