Mac host file permission denied

Hosts file is not editable, even as root user Ask Question. Any tips? Alexis King Alexis King 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. The user append-only flag is set. Kyle Jones Kyle Jones 5, 2 2 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges.

Newbie Problem: Stuck at /etc/hosts. "Permission Denied".

And for that matter, why are the nodump and opaque flags set? Do not change any permissions to hosts. Gaff That won't work. The uappend flag only allows the file to be appended to. Even root cannot overwrite the file when this flag is set. Make sure to use the -i option of sed.

Editing Mac hosts file: What does this mean?

This assumes that the That is probably correct in many cases, but it bears mentioning. Any ideas? Alex2php Make sure you have root access to modify that file. Note that on Mac, you need to specify -i '' such as sed -i '' '2i The Mac version of sed requires the extension parameter for -i , even if it's empty. If your in mac or you need sudo permission to this try this: sudo -- sh -c -e "echo ' Jirapong Jsonras Jsonras 9 9 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges.

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You can also use tee : echo ' This seems to be the case for ubuntu 16 too. Perfect, just what I was looking for. I'd love to know what exactly -- sh -c -e does though?

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The sh is the shell command interpreter used with the flag -c which causes the commands to be read from the string operand instead of from the standard input. The -e flag is unnecessary for our use case, but it causes the interpreted command to exit immediately if any untested command fails in non-interactive mode.

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The data can then be read out from the network. Otherwise it can lead to increased loading times on weak systems.

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In order to protect your privacy, the video will not load until you click on it. Unfortunately, the hosts file is also a popular target for malware , which infiltrates the system and can change the file by itself. This can lead to users being directed to dangerous sites as well as certain addresses being blocked e.

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However, with a good firewall and an active virus scanner, you can usually prevent unauthorized access to the file. It can also do no harm to check the file for unwanted entries from time to time. If you define the hosts file as read-only , you will be protecting it from unauthorized access.

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What do you need a localhost for? Sometimes it can be useful to communicate with yourself.

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This is known as a loopback in network technology: instead of feeding a request to the network — e. We will explain how the connection to The hostname is part of the fully qualified domain name, which can be used for example to find and access websites on the internet. A fully qualified domain name FQDN is a domain name that specifies the unique and complete address of a website.

It consists of several name parts called labels, each separated by a dot. The mandatory parts of an FQDN are the host name, domain name, and top level domain of the internet presence. Here's a comparison of the best online cloud based file storage providers on the market We explain the difference between top-level, second-level, and third-level domains From SEM, to display and mobile, we show you the most important online marketing methods Our easy guide will lead you step-by-step through the website making process What is the hosts file? Structure and function of the hosts file The hosts file on Windows 7 and Windows 10 in the editor.

The functionality of the hosts file is simple, but quite powerful: The hosts file enables the unique assignment of IP addresses to hosts, even if they have the same name.