Mac external hard drive trash wont empty

Trash directory for that account. The remaining steps result in recreating the affected account's Trash, with proper ownership and permissions. Mac OS X Locked files display a lock badge in the lower-left corner of their icons. Under Mac OS X Use one or more of the following methods if you receive a message indicating that a file can neither be moved to the Trash, nor emptied from the Trash, because it is "in use" by another application.

Warning : If Mac OS X informs you that you have insufficient privileges to delete a file, this may be because you are attempting to delete a System-related file. You should not delete System-related files unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. Deleting System-related files could render your system unusable. If you are informed that you have either insufficient privileges or insufficient permissions to trash a file or folder, you may be able to trash the object in question using the following procedure.

Downloads which fail to complete can sometimes leave you with files which can neither be moved to the Trash nor emptied from the Trash. When dragging files to the Trash from removable media or a shared network volume, it is common for Trash to inform you that the files will be deleted immediately. This appears to have been a design choice due to every writable volume having its own hidden Trash folder.

How to Empty the Trash When Files Are Locked

If you ejected the removable media or shared network volume before emptying the Trash, the files you thought were deleted would still be in. Trashes folder at the root top level of that volume.

Trash Won't Empty When HDD plugged in?!

Hence Mac OS X immediately deletes files moved to the Trash from removable media and shared network volumes. This also depends upon the firmware of the device informing Mac OS X that it is a removable media device. Some removable storage devices identify themselves as hard drives, meaning that items remain in the. Trashes folder if the removable storage device is ejected before the Trash is emptied and will reappear in the Trash when the device is again connected to your Mac. If you are not dragging files from removable media or shared network volumes to the Trash and are informed that files dragged to the Trash "will be deleted immediately," there are three possible causes:.

There are rare issues which can inhibit emptying the Trash. Also, check the "Permissions" section of the "Get Info" window Put the files you want to delete in the trash. Then open the trash folder, hold Option while you click file, empty trash. This by passes the "you can not delete this because it is hidden or locked" stuff.

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JSlusser said:. Kees Buijs Registered. It might work but it will defiantly delete all of your info on the WD drive. I would say do it on the Mac but I do not know how, I haven't seen that option.. No, you couldn't even do that on Windows with that drive You'd have to go under "Computer Manangement" to be able to format the drive that way They don't want to erase their entire hard drive, they simply want to rid themselves of one file that is locked and in the Trash.

How to Empty the Trash on Mac When Files Are in Use

Erasing everything to get rid of one thing would probably rank as "the silliest thing to do. Did you try my shredder idea? Trash the file you thats read only. Error code " im at the point where I just get so angry at it that I gave up I looked at Apple support and they gave me a bunch of things that didnt help me I just need some mac expert to help me cuz this is just frustrating me.

Mac Tip: Empty Trash vs Secure Empty Trash

DeltaMac Tech. Have you tried repairing your hard drive with your Disk Utility app.

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Try that 2 or three times. Before we start, we need to know how to store and delete the file on mac. Typically, each computer file and folder is stored at a known block address on the Mac disk, and each file object have an unique object identifier for its physical address.

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  6. If there are no read and write in this storage area, and there are no other resource links to this identifier. Then the file system will delete the object identifier.

    How Mac Trash Handles External Drive Files

    Going back to our familiar UI interface, MacOS uses the Finder as a file manager to organize all your files and folders and manage the storage on your Mac. If the macOS file system finds that the storage area is in use, or if other resource is linked to an object identifier, then the Finder cannot remove them from the Trash. The file storage area is in use. It means that some application, background process or service is reading or writing the file storage area.

    Activity Monitor shows the processes that are running on your Mac, so we can view each processes to read and write data. If we may know which process or service may use the trash file, we can choose the process and force quit it. Some application will create the symbolic links in macOS, it point one location or file to another location or file.

    When the Finder starts to delete the file or folder contains the symbolic link, it will failed. If you're not certain that the symbolic link, you can use the following command ls -l [filepath] to check. Whether the symbolic link is to a file or a link to a directory, we can use unlink to delete it.